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    So something that has always bugged me is that bats are... pretty pointless. They exist for looks and so redstoners can make blocks fly.
    Every other entity in the game has some sort of use, whether its for food, transportation, quick armor switching, drops, or something to fight.
    Except bats. They just look cute.
    Vampire Bat
    With this, the small, cute, and not very useful bat has chance to be something in game that you watch out for.

    The Vampire bat does not spawn in peaceful.
    In easy, a normal bat has a 20% chance to turn into a Vampire bat.
    A bat that gets within 5 blocks of a witch has a 20% chance to turn into a Vampire bat.
    A bat that spawns on Stone bricks, has a 50% chance to turn into a Vampire bat (Meaning there will be lots of Vampire bats in Strongholds)

    During the day, the Vampire bat acts much like normal bats, only waking and moving when disturbed by a Player.
    At night, the Vampire bat wakes and leaves its cave, searching for cows, sheep, or Players to attack.
    Right before dawn, the Vampire bat stops attacking and tries to find a cave to hide in.
    Vampire Bats will follow Witches.
    The Vampire bat becomes hostile at light levels of 7 or less. At light levels of 8 or more, the bat stops being hostile and searches for stone with a light level of 7 or less.
    A hostile Vampire Bat will attack Cows and Sheep, reducing them to one heart.
    At light levels of 13 or more, the Vampire bat starts to burn.
    If a Vampire Bat gets within 5 blocks of a Witch, it will start to follow it. If it gets more than 15 blocks away, or the light levels rise above 7, the bat will stop following the Witch and do its own thing.

    The Vampire bat has 8 health, or four hearts, meaning it takes two hits from all swords to kill, except diamond, which can kill it in one hit. (and stone axes, in the 1.9 upcoming update.)
    It does one heart of damage.
    It regains a half a heart of life for every successful attack.
    Also, a Vampire Bat is an Undead Mob, meaning it takes more damage from Smite and takes damage from Potions of Healing.

    The Vampire bat looks similar to a normal bat in size and movement, but instead of being brown with black eyes, it is a darker color, grey or black, with white spots on its face, and purple pupils.(Actually I can't decide between traditional red eyes and something different like purple eyes or white eyes. I figure since this part is purely aesthetic, its safe to ask the audience. What do you think?)

    On death, the Vampire Bat drops Bat Wings. They have a couple uses.

    To Brew a Potion of Lightness, brew Bat wings into an Awkward potion.
    Drinking a Potion of Lightness causes you to move slower, jump a little higher, and drift when you move. It Negates all fall damage, and you fall slower. Makes it so you cannot sink. (Maybe makes it so you can actually fly with Elytra? Since you are lighter, your wings can flap, and not just glide? Would be one reason why the potion only lasts for 30 seconds)
    Potions of Lightness last for 30 seconds.
    Potion of Lightness+ lasts for 45 seconds
    Splash Potion of Lightness lasts for 15 seconds
    Splash Potion of Lightness+ lasts for 25 seconds
    A potion of Lightness can be corrupted with a Fermented Spider eye to make a Potion of Weight.
    Drinking a Potion of Weight causes you to not be able to jump. You will fall faster, and you cannot swim. (Maybe when used while gliding with Elytra, you cannot glide upwards, so you fall faster?) This would be better in a splash form, obviously.

    To fully Repair Elytra (which take four leather to fix normally)

    Thank you for reading! Comment any suggestions or questions or flaws you see! Just please do more than "Cool good" or "This is bad". Give a reason why.
    And you can thank my friend Dragonoids for teaching me to format! :D

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    So, I'm still new here, but I finally found a way to install the shaders mod on Minecraft, and when I bring up the version for it, and then click play, it "loads", and then nothing happens. The launcher just sits there. I can click play over and over, and it will just load (The little blue bar loads up) and then just stop. No crash screen or anything.
    Does anyone know what could be wrong?
    I am terrible at this, and I don't know what to do.....

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    Sooo, I'm brand new here.... I'm not sure if this is where I am supposed to post this....

    I've been looking around at all the amazing rigs and creations, and that reminded me of my main problem I am having....

    Does anyone here know how to make dynamic hair and clothes for a minecraft character? I've made 3-D hair, using the "copy head, delete face, extend hair" method but this makes it hollow, and when I try and give it a cloth modifier, it just bounces off of my characters head....

    And, after you make a beard, or handkerchief, or cape, how do you attach it to the character by just one edge?
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