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    Quote from greenmajesti»
    I just think the maximum amount of gateways you can get is 20.

    I don't actually know, and I can't find the info anywhere on the Minecraft Wiki :/

    Quote from greenmajesti»
    Yeah, mobs would already be easy to kill one on one. But since this golem uses potions, it's an AOE mob, so it would help if you're being swarmed.

    Yeah, that is a good point. But I think the point of you being so powerful still stands, cause hopefully the reason you survived this long is because you know how to take out groups.

    Quote from greenmajesti»
    You just have to make your own.

    The main issue being that if there ARE a limited amount of Lingering Potions, the other Golems they make will be useless :/

    Quote from greenmajesti»
    I don't think so, this golem isn't that complex. And it would fit well with the theme of the other golems, and its not like a diamond golem ripoff, so i think its still a substantial idea.[/b]

    Mostly that part is opinion based, and I AM glad its not a ripoff. :D
    I still think its fairly complicated to be a Golem, but thats just me.

    If this makes it, I'll be surprised, but not disappointed :D
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    Quote from SpookCraft»

    Correction, you don't need enchantments, you need a potion of water breathing. I meant boss for Elder Guardian as like a decorated mob, not a true boss. I'm not even sure of his exact health. But the eye thing, that is kind of already taken by the guardians. so You would have two then. I'm suggesting maybe a pointed head, like the Kraken, because that would be very cool. If there was a boat mod, like you could build boats then sail them, the kraken could sink it if it could come out of its cave. another useful item is scuba gear. You see, In 1.9 there is a lot of ocean. so this might be an appropriate "Ocean update" as a title. there could be sunken ships and chests in them, and the chest is fully underwater as signs and stairs also are. Along with the Kraken. But Mostly the Kraken, or giant squid. I like this idea.
    I Support ...Partially wait, no, wholly. as in, I support.
    Not exactly the most organized of thoughts, but lots of good ideas! The Giant Squid should be able to wander from its cave, but I think it should stay nearby, just so its not unexpectedly anywhere in the ocean. Sinking boats is also a good quirk. I'm going to add that.
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    I like this!
    Unfortunately, my computer is broken and I can't see the design and stuff, which is REALLY disappointing cause I like good artwork, and everyone seems to love it. I didn't have quite enough time to read through all the comments either, so If I bring something up that is already said, feel free to give a quoted answer :D

    I have just a few issues.
    First, this Golem pretty difficult to utilize. I can't see how you make it, but I'm assuming its got obsidian :D But past that fairly simple creation, It needs a potion that you have to go into constant danger to get. Since the dragon will be respawnable, it isn't a truly limited source, but you can only get a certain amount from each dragon, and you have to go through the whole battle again. I don't know if the Portal home stays open when you resummon the dragon, but if it closes, you will have to beat the Ender Dragon every time to get more resources for your Golem. And I seem to remember hearing that you can only respawn 20 dragons total, which would limit the amount of potions you can get.

    So you can get an attacking servant, that costs an enormous amount of effort. Since you have already defeated the EnderDragon, I'm assuming you are already practically invincible. So it gives you another boost, to defeat mobs you could kill with practically a glance. :/ This is made to fill a supporting role, but it comes at a time when support is practically useless.
    The only time it would be useful is against other players, who have the same diamond armor/ sword/ enchantments/ tools that you do. And even then, its a Lingering potion, right? So they can just walk into the support as well if they want the buff. :/
    Plus the fact that in multiplayer, only a few people would be able to use it. Which makes it one of those things that only select players can use, which I think is avoided, for the most part.

    If this was used in a multiplayer world, or a custom map, I think they would be best kept for the OPs to do whatever they want with, as special supports for this or that, or a custom boss thing, or an automatic healing judge for a series of arenas :D

    All this stems from the fact that it uses lingering potions. That is my main problem.


    And this Golem is also kind of complicated. Not that I don't appreciate the complication, but it goes from "Throwing snowballs or hitting zombies" to "Needing Lingering potions and an inventory and can only do this and has two modes" Golems are generally very simple creatures, in most myths and legends and books, a being made from a material (mud, straw, stone, Iron) that is made to protect and pummel enemies.
    This one is very intelligent for being a Golem, and I think if it was going to be in the game, it would need to be something else.
    I love the idea, but I don't think it really quite fits. I love the thought and the details that went into it, and you two did a really good job. I
    Minimal Support

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    Quote from SpookCraft»

    You're going to say that the eye is the weakest point, so in reality, the squid would have two hitboxes. Or, the eye would be a seperate entity. I believe most of what you said can be created as a plugin, and already has. we already have three bosses. And Ocean Monuments aren't very rare.

    Yeah, whatever, as long as it would work. :) If the "weak point giant eyeball" is too cliche, then it could be changed, of course.
    Its not really a "boss" (wait, three Bosses? Wither. Ender Dragon... are you counting an Elder Guardian?)
    If it had to be classified as anything more than a really tough mob (I think that the Iron Golem is more tough to beat, or at least more recourse consuming, and that is not a "boss") then it would need to be classified as a Mini Boss. It doesn't have a HUGE advantage, health wise, and it doesn't give off the best drops.
    I don't really see what Ocean Monuments being more common has to do with it... :/
    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    Well hello again, Endergirl :D
    You have some great points. I'm gonna need to change stuff (but thats always expected, right?)

    Quote from Endergirl00»

    For starters, I wouldn't say implementing this would add more life, variety and the experience players longed in the Oceans, as this would be rare, and the mob, much more rare.

    This one doesn't matter as much cause its pretty much solely opinion, but I do think it would add more to do. And while it might only be one life form, it is a BIG one, therefor adding a lot more life! (mostly joking)
    This isn't what I really wanna talk about though.

    Quote from Endergirl00»

    As for the mob, it has some potential, but I have doubts. For a mob, it has quite powerful attacks, forcing players into an area where they are most vulnerable, Players can't move fast in the water, and having this mob have the ability to drag, knockback, and pull into the water counts for a quick death. What's harder is trying to do damage to it while it's either trying to drown you or kill you. Basically saying, it needs more balancing. Allow more damage to be dealt and give it defence instead of having it take 1 heart of damage, lower it's health (if possible), and it's attack.

    Hmm. Good point. Its not supposed to be a boss, as much, more like a really difficult mob.
    I think that reducing the health and attack each a little will help quite a bit. 20 hearts, or 40 health? and how about reducing each attack by 1 heart, making the surface drag attack simply to get you closer again, without doing any damage.
    I did want this creature to be a different experience, less about being hard to hit, (Endermen, Ender Dragon, Cave Spiders, ect) or that it does lots of damage, (Zombie Pigmen, Wither) but that it can throw you around like a rag doll, making it hard to keep your orientation. I want to keep that, even if it makes it weaker overall.

    Quote from Endergirl00»
    The Giant Eyeball also has some potential, and is quite powerful. But as a drop from this kind of mob, it doesn't really sound worthwhile. My suggestion, balance the health, and give it weakness, perhaps make it stray away from light, which contradicts the behaviour of normal Squids.

    Do you like the ideas for the Eyeball? Any preference for which ones it would do, or a new idea, without making it unbalanced or too weak?

    Quote from Endergirl00»

    Minimal support.

    I'm gonna work on changing that ;D Thanks for the criticism!

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    So, I haven't actually had nearly enough underwater experience, but I do think that the oceans could use some more action. I'm fairly sure most people do. And while we have the Ocean monument, its not exactly the most fulfilling experience to fight your way past all these giant pufferfish with laser eyes... and get a bunch of gold blocks.
    And I feel like there is so much more we could get out of that endless expanse of ocean.
    So, introducing the Octopus!

    The Octopus looks quite a bit like a squid, with a couple key differences
    -The Octopus has a red tint to its whole body
    -The Octopus has much longer tentacles.
    -The Octopus has two enormous eyeballs, sorta like the Guardians, that follows you around.
    -The Octopus is Giant. 6 Blocks long and 6 Blocks wide, with tentacles reaching another 20 blocks. The tentacles are prehensile, unlike the stick like limbs of its smaller compatriot, the squid.

    The Octopus only lives on the bottom of the ocean, in the deepest of trenches.
    On the bottom of the ocean, there can be found an enormous tunnel dug into the sandy bottom. It is at least 30 blocks wide around, and can travel for more than 300 blocks, twisting and turning. It has no branches, save for caves it may have intercepted, and there are spires of rock jutting out from the top and the bottom of the underwater cave. It has patches of cobblestone, and chunks of mossy cobble all over.
    Following this tunnel will lead you to an even bigger cave (50 blocks across). The bottom is layered with sand and Coarse dirt, while the top of this Octopus Garden has a small pocket of air, with a small shelf around the edge. This underwater lake is where you can find the Octopus .
    Growing on the sand and dirt is a small forest of new blocks, called Kelp.
    Kelp grows like reeds, except underwater, and they can grow to be 10 blocks high. The texture sways a little in the current, but that is strictly for appearances. It takes a half of a second to break with your fist, and can be broken instantly with a sword. Each Kelp block broken has a 88% drop a piece of Kelp, a 10% chance to drop a Clown Fish, and a 2% chance to drop a Pufferfish.
    The really special thing about kelp is that it gives anything swimming within it the invisibility buff. It does not last outside of the Kelp.
    Be very careful though, as the Octopus can wander from its cave occasionally, though it will never stray too far. (at max 50 blocks away)


    The Octopus is comparatively weak, having a mere 30 health. But it makes up for this with a rather annoying and large attack.
    Health: 30, or 15 hearts.
    Attack: When you are below water, the Octopus will flail at you with its tentacles. The attacks will come every five seconds. A hit will do 4 damage, or two hearts, and a large amount of knockback.
    If you are IN the water, but not underwater, just floating on top, the Octopus will attempt to drag you underwater. A connecting attack will do no damage,but lots of knockback downward.
    If you are out of the water, the Octopus will float on top of the water and attempt to knock you back in the water, sweeping its tentacles along the shore. Any tentacles that hit you will deal 2 hearts and a large amount of knockback in a random direction.
    When finally killed, the Octopus has a few useful drops.
    4-7 Ink Sacs
    5-10 Raw Fish
    50% chance of a Giant Eyeball

    A Giant Eyeball can be used as a decoration (just click and place, and poof! A giant eyeball is the perfect centerpiece.) It emits a weak light, with a light level of 10 (7 is the base, right?)
    Crafting the Eyeball with a Dye will dye the iris (or the pupil if there is no iris) No other effect, unless they really want it to change the color of the light :/

    The Giant eyeball would have one of these effects (or multiple. I can't decide which one is best, thats why I made the poll!)
    -Placing a torch under the eyeball will cause it to emit a "spotlight" effect, a bright beam of light (light level 15) that travels for 30 blocks before slowly fading.

    -Making it a redstone torch will cause the Eye to follow mobs or players, at the cost of only traveling 15 blocks.

    -The light has the same effect as sunlight, burning undead, and making spiders neutral.

    -When a mob or player walks into the view of the Eye, it gives off a weak redstone signal

    -Brewing it into a potion of Night Vision will make a potion of True Seeing. A PoTS causes all mobs and players to have the Glowing effect, and any potion particles are multiplied to be more visible. (but only for you. Its client side) You retain the Night Vision.

    The Octopus can respawn multiple times in the Octopus Garden, but there is only a .05% chance that two will spawn at the same time.
    The Octopus requires a light level of less then 7 to spawn.

    The Octopus will attempt to sink any boats it can get its tentacles on.
    The Octopus can wander from its Octopus Garden, but it will always stay close by, and will return to the main cave occasionally, to keep up pretenses.

    Thank you for reading! If you see any flaws, or have any ideas, please tell me! I'll talk about it if I think you are wrong, but I will always take your opinion into account.

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    I love the Idea! Just a few questions. I read through it, and it works very well with Snow Golems, cause it doesn't throw very far, correct? But it DOES to damage?
    And when you say it never attacks the Player, does that mean the player that created it, or all players? I don't know how that is supposed to work out, but I would think it would be a good idea to attack other players.
    Or, with the new update coming out, with the spectral arrow that gives Glowing, which will tell teams apart as well (which means that a teams thing is much more likely) would it attack only other teams and not teammates?
    Just wondering.
    And, If I could give a suggestion for what it should look like :D
    I would make is sort of large around the middle, like a big belly, with arms that reach forward, just past the edge of the belly, and hold whatever thing it throws.(Bricks?)
    I had some time, so I made a picture.
    Oh and Support!

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    Quote from coolcat430»

    While this is an awesome idea, it will never be added. It's just way too complicated, and would wreck havoc on the game's memory.

    Also, until the very end, I thought the suggestion was about things degrading over time. Only the very last paragraph says what the actual suggestion is.

    Hmm. I thought I made it clear that it was a portal or machine that sent you through time, but maybe not.
    Quote from layman9»

    If you've already done it then nvm. Link me!

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    Do I delete the other post I have in modding? Or do I just get this one locked?

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    Quote from Endergirl00»

    The Edit button helps.

    well yeah but then I don't know how to tag them or quote them or something......

    Quote from Endergirl00»

    Not sure what to make of this...

    Quote from Endergirl00»

    Oh hmm. Now I'm confused. You seem to have more experience than him, "blaze extinguisher" but now I have no clue.
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    So this is an idea I had for vanilla, but its kinda complicated, so some people told me to try a Mod first. But I can't code at all, so this is where I have gone!
    Yes, it would be hard to code.
    But would it be worth it?

    This idea took a long time of thinking in twisted and different ways, starting with wondering what other biomes could be available, while still being completely original, going to a city thing and moving forward and onward to THIS. Its really complicated, and might be a better idea for a Mod, but this is it.

    The Beginning
    You have taken down the Ender Dragon, you've enchanted all your armor, you have a sword that can one-shot EVERYTHING, you've left your mark in every dimension and you've created, then subsequently defeated, the Wither.
    What now?
    Why, create a Beacon, of course.
    You place your beacon underneath your house, with a block of Glass letting the beam shine though your living room, illuminating everything and marking your house for miles around. But this pyramid of ore, with your hard earned Wither Star on top, seems to be rather... underwhelming, for an end game. Yes, its pretty. Yes it gives you strength and speed.
    But what for? Why, when you have nothing to do? What challenge is next, to utilize this strange power? Sure, you could let another Wither loose in your house, but that just seems desperate for action.
    There must be something more to this beacon.

    The Game
    This is going to be a fairly complicated thing to explain, and I'm not always the best at getting my point across, but I'll do my best.
    The Time Machine is a box of Iron Blocks above the beacon, with Glass in the top and bottom. The Clock above the doorway would control the destination in time.

    Blocks and Stages

    As you move forward in time, objects rot and disappear, or crack and break. Things change, in stages.

    Wooden Planks -> Old Planks -> Disappears

    Stone Bricks -> Cracked Stone Bricks -> Mossy stone brick -> Cobblestone -> Mossy Cobblestone -> Disappears

    Wooden Fences, Buttons, Pressure plates etc. -> Disappears

    Glass - Cracked Glass -> Disappears

    Hardened Clay -> Cracked Clay -> Disappears

    Farmland, Coarse Dirt, Dirt path -> Dirt -> Grass

    Nether Bricks -> Cracked Nether Bricks - Disappears

    Wooden Door -> Old door -> Disappears

    Iron objects -> Rusted iron -> Disappears (chance of transitioning is halved)

    Redstone -> Disappears (Chance of transitioning is halved)

    Bookshelves -> Old Bookshelves -> Disappears

    Trapped Chest -> Chest -> Old Chest -> Disappears

    Dragon Egg -> Broken Egg

    Heads -> Skeleton Skull -> disappears

    Cake, pumpkin, melon, etc -> disappears (chance of transitioning is tripled)

    Items in storage:

    Diamond tools -> Durability fourthed-> Durabilty fourthed -> Durabilty fourthed -> disappears

    Gold items -> Disappear

    Iron items -> Rusted (or durability halved) -> Disappears

    Stone tools-> durability halved -> Disappears

    Wooden items -> Disappear

    Food -> Rotten flesh -> disappears

    Other objects -> gunpowder, String, coal -> disappears

    Grass has a 80% chance to grow a tree and a 20% chance to grow wildgrass (if it is under open sky, and in some type of a forest biome)

    Saplings -> Trees -> 90% Disappear, 8% Fallen Tree, 2% Giant Tree. (The chances of it transitioning is quadrupled)

    If a Dragon Egg Hatches, then the area around where it hatched will have swathes of objects that have been destroyed, to signify the Dragon destroying things. The dragon will also be roaming the world, somewhere distant.

    All blocks except dirt and stone will "fall" if there is no block underneath them (directly and around underneath) when the future is initially put together from the last world.

    When a block disappears, there is a 50% chance that vines or mushrooms will grow on the blocks next to it.

    Villages: a village can either be replaced with a bigger village, or it can turn into a ruin, and things will decay like normal.

    Empty Plains -> 30% chance that it will spawn a Village -> 10% ruins, 90% town -> 30% ruins, 70% fort -> 50% ruins 50% castle -> 80% ruins, 20% Kingdom

    A town will have more huts, and one bigger building in the center. It will be surrounded by a simple wall, with occasional openings. Farms will be outside the wall, with a couple huts nearby.

    Contains Old villagers, which tend to sell more valuable things, but in a limited amount.

    Buildings include: Farms with huts, huts, libraries, blacksmiths, large huts, a church (one of those stone tower things) and one Town Hall

    A Fort will have a bigger wall all around, with doorways instead of openings. It will have more buildings, and more big buildings. Farms are outside

    Forts will have Old villagers, which tend to sell more valuable things, but in a limited amount, and Guard villagers, which do not trade, but will assist the Iron Golems in defending the Village

    Buildings include: Farms with huts, large buildings, libraries, blacksmiths, mine, stables, a church, and one Fort,

    A castle will have one very large building made of stone in the center (a castle) and is surrounded by normal buildings, and surrounding these all is a large, two block wall. Farms are still outside.

    Castles have Old villagers, which tend to sell more valuable things, but in a limited amount, and Guard villagers, which do not trade, but will assist the Iron Golems in defending the Village, and a King, which will trade many objects in mass amounts.

    Buildings include: Farms with huts, Large buildings, blacksmiths, large library, guardhouse, Mine, large church, stables, and one Castle.

    A Kingdom will have an enormous castle in the center, surrounded by large buildings, which are surrounded by a wall, with several towns surrounding the wall.

    a Kingdom has Old villagers, which tend to sell more valuable things, but in a limited amount, and Guard villagers, which do not trade, but will assist the Iron Golems in defending the Village, and a King, which will trade many objects in mass amounts.

    Buildings include: Farms with large buildings, large buildings, large libraries, large blacksmiths, large mine, large church, stables, guardhouse, towns all around, And one very large castle.


    Clock Position N

    This is the present! Everything will stay the same here, and you can come back anytime!
    (Note: Things might change some if you do big things in the past)

    Near Future
    Clock Position: NE
    One twist, to the right, would send you just to the near future. (Just like described in the story.) Your house would slightly ruined, with some wood rotted away, stones cracked, stuff happened. But not exceedingly. Just enough to be visible.
    10% chance of objects moving forward 1 phase, 5% chance of objects moving forward 2 phases.


    Clock Position: E

    20% chance of objects moving forward 1 phase, 10% chance of objects moving forward 2 phases

    Two twists, to the right, would send you farther on the timeline, out to where your house is falling apart, and the nearby towns have grown and prospered.

    Far Future

    Clock Position: SE

    50% chance of objects moving forward 1 phase, 25% chance of objects moving forward 2 phases

    Three twists sends you faaar from your starting point, to where your home is crumbling into nothingness, and the world around has changed and morphed.

    Distant Future

    Clock Position S

    100% chance of objects moving forward 1 phase, 50% chance of objects moving forward 2 phases

    Nothing is recognisable. Your home is gone and the town has turned into a Kingdom.


    Clock Position NW

    The wheel of time is spinning in the other direction now, and you go back to when the world was simpler.

    The world is the same as when it first spawned. Be very careful here, as placing or breaking things can damage your future.

    Long Past

    Clock Position W

    You've gone back to before you were spawned, to when everything was different.

    All grass is turned to coarse dirt, and dirt is turned to stone. There are strange trees and no grass. Small and large lizards roam the land. Nothing you do here will affect the future.

    The Beginning

    Clock Position SW

    The world is fresh and dangerous. Ore is readily available, but the monsters are deadly.

    All dirt is gone, replaced with stone, and rivers of lava cut through the land. Extreme hills boimes are replaced with Volcanoes, and clumps of ore and Obsidian litter the surface.

    Weaker Ender Dragons roam the land. They guard their nests, which are made of Obsidian and contain 3 or 4 Ender Dragon Eggs

    Important note: When traveling through time, each time in between the two destinations is calculated, to give all blocks and items and things the chance to be recorded for the next Time. Tim imagine it will be easier to move through each time for the first time, to reduce lag.

    I put a lot of thought into this, but its still not complete. Any questions or ideas or flaws that you see are welcome!

    ... Just imagine (You don't need to read this, its just for fun)
    The Secret
    After ages of experimenting, and testing, and building and doing and dying and trapping and starving and fishing and waiting and more, you find the secret of the beacon.
    And its surprisingly simple. There are no giant structures, no complicated rituals.
    Just a simple iron box, with a doorway

    You surrounded the beam with Iron Blocks. The iron was one block away from the beam in all places (similar to the bookshelves around an enchanting table) You placed Glass underneath and in the top, allowing the beam to pass through. Mining a two-block opening in the box, you could see the beam.
    You placed a Item frame above the opening... and placed a Clock in the frame. Twisting the clock once or twice, you left it slightly skewed.
    You empty your inventory, just in case, then turn back to the box.
    You walk inside the box, and wait a moment. Nothing seems to happen... and you sigh. Another failure.
    You turn to leave... and then you notice that the beam seems to be... brighter.
    Turning, you watch it glow brighter, and brighter... and then you are blinded by a flash of light.
    The light dies down... And you look around...
    And the box is the same.
    Nothing is different.
    Something happened, but you aren't sure what.
    So you walk out the doorway... and stop in shock. Your house, your land... is in ruins. At first you are baffled. Is this the power of the beacon? Does it destroy everything around it? But then you notice that there is no sign of an explosion. Everything left is in its place. It just seems to be falling apart. Rotting wood and cracked stone, vines growing everywhere and mushrooms underfoot. What could have caused this in the few seconds you were in the box?
    Wandering from the crumbling remains of your house, you trek toward the nearby village. Maybe they saw something. A flash of light, or a loud noise, something that can give you a hint of where you are.
    You climb the hill that overlook the village, and when you reach the crest... You don't see a tiny village, with rudimentary huts or simple farms. In its place is a thriving town. You stop, and it all falls into place.
    You've traveled to the future.

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    Its OK to have it in both Suggestions and Mod suggestions, right?

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    Quote from Endergirl00»

    If Minecraft is a game that never ends and has limited possibilities, what's the point of calling it a sandbox game in the first place? If you completed all that, then perhaps build an automatic farm. Done that? Try travelling to the edge of the world. That as well? Make more challenges for yourself. Don't know any? Perhaps even download a mod to satisfy your need for "more more more!".

    Also, try the multiquote feature, simply click on the multiquote where you want to quote a user, then multiquote another person and however many you'd like as well, then just reply to 'em.

    I suppose that is a good point. I do like Mods sometimes.
    I guess right now, to me personally, it feels like creating a beacon is "The End." Any more challenges I make for myself are.. ones I made for myself, trying to stretch out the world.
    You can never add enough stuff to make it infinite, that is true. I guess it just seems like to me that the option of Time Travel to the the future and the past of more of an open ended question than "I defeated the Wither, the final (usually) boss, now what goal can I make for myself)
    Or maybe even like an Epilogue. I love books that give an extra hint of what happened next, instead of just ending with "They lived happily ever after". It shows that they still have trials and challenges, and that life continues. And seeing the future of what you do seems like a good way to do that for me, at least.
    Oh and I mean when I post an answer to something and then someone else posted while I was writing so I need to answer them now. :/

    Quote from layman9»

    I think this would be better as a mod...

    That might be true... and probably a good idea to start with. I just have no clue how to make one, or how to ask someone to make one. I just don't know how to say "Hey can you put large amounts of your life into this idea?" Unless I was paying them.
    But I'm quite, quite broke. So.

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    That's not exactly how I expect it to work. But it would certainly be cool if that happened.
    Trees would change often, but I imagine that things as detailed as mining ore you mined in the present would not affect the other world. Maybe we would even go as far as to re randomly spawn ore, as if it changes position over time, and so stuff like ores and trees would be explained that it was a different thing.
    I figure there will be a few significant ways to change the Present by doing something in the past, but they will be something like 'If you kill the enderdragon in the past, the items that you enchanted with that experience lose the enchantments" Though it would be very complicated.
    The Past affecting the present issue would be a big thing, but I think the best way to do it would be that anything you build in the past, if it coincides with the present, will just get bulldozed, like you found this creation and build your house on top of it.
    Or if you dig a pit where your house would have gone, under all the blocks and stuff you placed would be lots of fences, like you decided to build your house over a pit and just supended it on fence.

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    Quote from Endergirl00»
    Basically, it's running on two ends of the seesaw, while being surrounded by boiling hot lava.

    That was an avid description. :D
    Kinda funny that we are having another "Does it fit minecraft" thing. I suppose thats life.
    It is supposed to be a big thing. Its kinda one of those things thats been on the sidelines in my head for a long time, and I've finally taken it out and made it better than just a vague idea. It would make creating a beacon more than something to do just because its the last achievement, and while yes, Minecraft is a game that never ends, theres not much to do once you've done all that now. This would add lots of experiementation and creating and expanding into the game, both before and after you got the beacon, to create and do and show others.
    And the idea of seeing my creation in natural ruins just fascinates me.
    (Hey is there a better way to edit my other answer to answer yours as well, instead of creating lots of posts?)
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