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    Hmm. I'm thinking that the idea NSupport gave me, to have different AI's in different difficulties would be better for some of these.

    Quote from Scorpionius»

    It does in fact seem like they only pick up natural blocks. That's why I proposed to allow them to pick up wool and wood as well, considering that those are 'less sturdy' blocks. However, that would possibly limit people in their creativity...

    Yeah. I guess it depends on what kind of game you are going for, creativity or survival.
    Quote from Cerroz»

    Zombies: No thanks. I don't want potential-to-breed animals killed off because they were injured earlier by a creeper explosion. You could just fence them in...

    Skeletons: Sensible, I like it. Cool. I thought it was good too.

    Spiders: I thought they already climbed and hid in places to drop on you. I see cave spiders do it all the time. Regardless, I still support it.

    Creepers: I don't think the most annoying mob needs any buffs... I wouldn't complain if them hiding was added, but if I had to choose, I'd say no to this idea. Ok

    Endermen: Why in god's name would you want that..? No, no and an infinite no. Endermen don't seem to really have a use for picking up blocks, cause all they can pick up are lame and useless blocks, or decoration blocks.

    Mostly you seem to not like how the mobs would be that much harder to defend agaisnt, which I guess I can understand.
    Overall, for the Mobs, I think its kind of weird that they literally just sit around and wait for a player. Its like if there weren't any Players, the whole world would just be a waiting room for monsters. I thought they needed something to do that didn't involve the player.
    Plus I rather think that most of these mobs are literally just a distraction after the first few days. You have great armor and you can kill basically anything without breaking a sweat. I wanted to have more of a challenge, more things to prepare for. So, the idea of making different AI's for different Difficulty modes actually compliments that perfectly. The harder the game, the smarter and more destructive the monsters.
    I think I'm going to revamp the thread.
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    Well, currently Endermen can only actually pick up a certain few blocks (which would be nice if it were changed. I mean seriously. All they can do now it break a dirt house, or ruin your flower garden.)
    Here is a list of what they can pick up.

    • Allium
    • Azure Bluet
    • Blue Orchid
    • Dandelion
    • Orange Tulip
    • Red Tulip
    • Pink Tulip
    • White Tulip
    • Oxeye Daisy
    • Poppy
    • Cactus
    • Clay
    • Coarse Dirt
    • Dirt
    • Grass Block
    • Gravel
    • Melon (block)
    • Pumpkin
    • Mycelium
    • Podzol
    • Red Mushroom
    • Brown Mushroom
    • Red Sand
    • Sand
    • TNT

    Hmm I might make a post on letting them pick up more. Right now their ability to pick up blocks is really underrated...

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    That does make sense. It doesn't register most things so it doesn't notice if you sneak up. Everything, and not just the injured? I wanted it to be bad for your animals, but I don't want it to kill the whole herd... Of course, you can always defend them.
    I do kinda see... Maybe these would only be in Normal and hard?

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    So right now, all the mobs are very very simple. "Avoid this, attack that, passive in the day or burns in the sun, get close and strike" ect ect.
    I think an easy way to increase the intensity and movement of gameplay if the Mob AI's were tweaked a little, (or maybe a lot I'm not sure how AI works sometimes) to make each mob specially unique and with individual strategies to take them out, rather than just run forward and attack. :/

    Lets start from the beginning. Each Difficulty mode would have harder to defeat and more clever mobs, rather than simply spawning them en masse. So while there would probably still be more mobs the harder the game, there wouldn't be an excessive amount.

    Peaceful Mode:
    There aren't any mobs to do anything. Boop.

    Easy Mode:
    All the Mobs basically act just like they do now. They stand around and wait for a player.
    Zombies: Walk around, when they see a player, they attack. Lots of zombies make for the basic, weak mob that depends on numbers.
    Skeletons: They walk around, and when they see a player, they start shooting. They don't run away, they don't try and time things. Simple and to the point. Heh.
    Spiders: Hostile at night, passive in the sunlight. When they see you they run forward and ATTAAAAACK. Jump and claw.
    Creepers: When they see you, they drop all pretenses of being harmless and rush forward in a four legged sprint, then stop and EXPLODE, hoping to catch you in the blast.
    Endermen: When you stare, they get really uncomfortable. And then they try and kill you. To death. With their long legs and teleportation powers, they can get in a few hits before dying.
    They can pick up very few blocks. Dirt and TNT, Pumpkins, Melons, and all types of flowers.

    Normal Mode:
    The mobs are smarter, and want to try and catch you unawares...
    Zombies: In a group, they will wander the plains and forests, all heading the same direction and constantly moving. If they encounter an injured mob, passive or hostile, they will attack it.
    Skeletons: They love high ground, and will attempt to climb to the highest area around. Death from above!
    Spiders: At night, they will attempt to climb to high areas, and then leap down on any players. During the day, they will attempt to hide from players, behind trees and hills.
    Creepers: Now they will hide from the player, and attempt to sneak up on a Player from behind. If caught, they will give up being sneaky and attack.
    Endermen: When aggravated (You really need to stop staring.) they will teleport behind the player, first thing, and then attack like normal.
    They can now pick up more blocks, namley wooden planks, glass and glass panes. If there is a bed nearby, they will target blocks around it.

    Hard Mode:
    This is where they get tricky….
    Zombies: They have turned from takers of the weak to blood-thirsty monsters! They will attack any passive mob, injured or not. Better make a stable and fence, quick!
    Skeletons: While still seeking higher ground, they will also get a different detection system, going from a sphere to a cone, pointing down. So the farther below them you are, the farther away they can see you.
    Spiders: They will act much the same at night, roaming and attacking from above. But during the day, they will hide away, and attempt to find a small, dark enclosed spot, preferably about 5x5 open blocks. Then they will start to build a spiders nest, making three cobwebs to fill the space every day. Multiple spiders can nest in the same area, so you need to make sure to clear cobwebs regularly. Spiders in a Nest will always be hostile.
    Creepers: Creepers will keep hiding, and they will only attack when you are in a battle with something else. When caught, they turn and run, to wait for another day.
    Endermen: Endermen are much more tricky now. They can pick up all wood blocks, and if there is a wooden door nearby, they will sometimes open it. When they fight, (Really, stop. Its rude.) they will teleport away when on low health.

    Hardcore Mode:
    Each mob has one more trick up its sleeve, reserved for the most hardcore of players.
    Zombies: Bigger groups of zombies will spawn extra baby zombies.
    Skeletons: The closer you get, the faster they shoot. (weaker, yes, but alo faster)
    Spiders: If a spiders next gets big enough, a Spider Egg will spawn within it. It looks like a cobweb, but with an enourmous lump in it. Touching this, breaking it, exposing it to light of more than level 9, or waiting 5 days will break it and spawn 7 Cave spiders.
    Creepers: If four creepers or more get together, they will circle around you and attack from all directions.
    Endermen: Occasionally they will be seen stealing sand, and killing creepers. Then Endermen carrying TNT will appear naturally. Aggravating one of these will cause it to set a lit block of TNT near you, and then teleporting away before attacking. (They have taken serious action against your threatening gaze)

    All blocks taken by Endermen would be placed again a short distance away, to avoid them taking too many hard to get supplies.

    BEFORE YOU POST: If you have a complaint about a specific aspect of the new mobs, I would like you to think up the best strategy you could use against it, and then post why it would, or why it wouldn't work. This is just so people don't post saying "I don't like this" without actually considering a tactic they could use against it.
    And remember. The easiest tactic against fighting an Endermen is not even looking at them! :D

    The previous version is in the spoiler below:

    Zombies: The Zombies are most like I would imagine real zombies would act: Slow and not very intelligent, attacking in crowds with single-minded purpose. The only edit I would like to see is that if there is no player in view, and there is something injured nearby, they attack that as well, seeking the blood or brains of that thing. Whether its a cow or an Enderman, they want to eat it. An exception would be Skeletons, which have no blood OR brains.

    Skeletons: The Skeletons are a bit TOO slow for how I would think of something that has the metal capacity to utilize a bow, much less be proficient in archery. A tweak I would think of for Skeletons would be that they seek high ground when attacking. An archer usually wants to attack from above, so they would attempt to get onto hills and stairs and houses, if they could, while shooting at you.

    Spiders: Spiders are my favorite hostile mob, and right now the only thing they really do different is jump. A interesting tweak to make it better would be that a spider that has NOT attacked yet will attempt to get above the player, on a ledge or a wall, and then jump down on them. This seems more like a spidery sneak attack.
    When being ridden by a Skeleton, they would still seek higher ground, but they would not jump unless they lost their rider.

    Creepers: Creepers are the epitome of death by surprise, and sometimes it seems like they totally forgo that element of surprise and just attack. My suggestion is that creepers will attempt to stay behind the player, or hide behind blocks, and only attack when the player is already being attacked by another mob, so they can sneak up unobserved, while you are distracted. Of course, if you see them, you can always take them out first.

    Endermen: Endermen can TELEPORT, which is a MAJOR PVP advantage. I'm glad they utilize it, though sometimes it seems like if I'm quick, I can take them out without any trouble at all. A tweak I would like to see, them being able to pick up blocks and all, is that they target blocks that are nearby objects such as doors, and crafting tables, and especially beds that you have slept in. They try and take apart your house, bit by bit. Seems like something they would do, at least to me.

    I don't think that mobs should have excessive different moves, like I don't think skeletons should learn to alter their shots to constantly keep you at bay. But a few tweaks and twists would really make the way you interact with them a lot different.
    Any ideas for more mob tweaks? I've been thinking about that spider one for a while, while trying to not make it OP, like "They only attack when you are stuck in Cobwebs" or something.

    Thank you! Please post any ideas or comments you have!

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    Quote from R6Beige»

    *Places diamond block and lets it sit there for 7 days*

    *Mines it*


    Um, I think you missed something,
    Quote from Lethal0428»

    They will only rebuild houses using logs, planks, cobblestone, stone bricks, bricks, doors, glass blocks, glass panes, torches, fences, and stone slabs.

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    Yeah Exactly!
    Though I think the "least common" one might be an issue. There would be just as many churches as there are normal houses, which seems kinda weird. Might take some special percentages and stuff.

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    I do like the idea of a Villager slowly rebuilding a house. And it works so well it can't be abused!
    One suggestion!
    If none of the villager houses are broken... how about the villager starts building a new one? I'm just not sure why you would prevent him from making more. :/ Maybe I'm a noob at exploits, but I'm not sure what would be the issue there. It uses the same, one block per day method. Its basically setting a new place where a house should be, and "fixing" the empty parts. I've always wanted to make a bigger village, but I never get around to it or know how to start. This would be slow enough that you would have to be there quite a while before you noticed a difference, and it would be pretty amazing to see a town slowly growing. Once it got big enough, you would be forced to take responcibiltiy and build a wall to stop mobs and such, (Zombie SIEEEIGE!) but in the meantime its just nice! And It would be cool to have iron golems eventually start spawning on their own.
    How many Builders would there be? Could there be more than one? Will they rebuild roads and the ground?
    Thats a looot of trades, BTW :P

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    Well you CAN only use it on one mob at a time, and it doesn't work on creepers or endermen. :P I do kinda see what you mean though... I just REALLY want an undead army of my own. Even if they don't really obey me, they just attack everyone.

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    I suppose there are mods for most of these. But part of the point for this was how interesting and different they would be in multiplayer. Even without the lassoing of players, there are lots of unique things you can use these for. That's kinda why I posted it in suggestions....
    There are no spawn eggs in Survival, but you could still defend your base with zombies and skeletons. You can now, but its quite a bit more difficult.
    The ropes could be used in caves and cliffs things as a way to climb up and down, when you are exploring. The roped arrow could be used to get to a base someone set high in the sky. Its a way to climb up and then cut it after you so no one can follow, or they fall. You can't do that with ladders.

    Plus most of those mods seem to be decoration-based.
    If you don't see a way to fix it, OK. :/ I think its pretty good, but thats not going to be the same opinion everyone has. I'm just glad you said SOMETHING. Its kinda annoying when a post dies cause no one says anything at all.

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    Quote from MoonFather»

    i am happily using rope in minecraft to grow grapes (growthcraft mod). they can be used decoratively on ships, too. also, i recommend the rope bridge mod by czechmate777 and Luppii's Ladders...

    as for your suggestion, a big no support from me. let's see... Aw well...

    i always found lasso throwing to be a very difficult and highly impractical technique and it would bother me if the character i control (which is in minecraft literally me) had that skill. in a wild west game, sure; i'd think my character practiced over the years. here, no. Well he does punch down trees and grow crops within days. I'm pretty sure the realistically of your character throwing a lasso is minor.

    anyway - for passive mobs - we can do it already with leads - nice and simple. silly technicalities abstracted away. but allowing it for hostile mobs would be a nonsense for itself. even if it were possible for any mob except skeleton archers (too slimy, too hot, too sharp...) what use is there? Well I liked the idea of actually being able to bring hostile mobs places without having to lure them or punch them.

    so it's a magic lasso? ok that actually makes sense now. :) still no support. More of a rope tied to an arrow thats attached to their arm. Would it be better to have arrows start sticking out of mobs so you can show a rope tied to it? That does make a little more sense than just lassoing it to cut a corner.

    the idea of a simple arrow holding my weight while sticking from a dirt block would be too silly for me to stomach. even if i could handle it mentally (can't), it is still too easy to climb anywhere in minecraft and this would be totally useless. I'm kinda confused here. You can accept the fact that there are undead monsters, walking bombs, teleporting ten foot things, whole islands and trees floating in the air, dragons and a whole dimension dedicated to fire, but an arrow embedded in a block is what throws you?

    and we come to the worst part of your suggestion... Yeah I was pretty hesitant on this one. I wanted some way to be able to capture your enemies, instead of killing them and simply sending them back to their base. Bus this kind of idea is probably better for a minigame or something.
    (and i won't even get into technicalities)

    when you play a game, it's about doing what you want - you don't want your freedom taken from you (let's not bring real life into the discussion and stay within minecraft bounds). you actually never have that in games unless as a scripted part of a single player campaign. and it's for a reason.

    can you imagine planting your potatoes and suddenly being tied to a tree by a pair of ten year olds just because they can? what would you do? because the only reasonable thing is to log out and never return there.

    nobody wants that feature in multiplayer in this game or any other.

    if it were a npc-affecting item in a mod, sure, install that mod, install orespawn, get your girlfriend (tamed mob) outside and shoot some fantasy-pretend screenshots. we're happy for you. but usage on involuntary players? hell no.
    Yeah I'll remove that one.

    Just wondering though... do you have any suggestions on how to fix it, instead of just saying why you don't like it? Its a lot easier to fix if you give some advice.
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    Does anyone have any more thoughts on this? If people didn't like it that would be OK, as long as they explained WHY.
    But there's no way for me to improve this if no one even comments!
    Do you like it? Why or why not?

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    I looove the first idea.
    And I am not sure what you mean by the second, by avoiding outstanding objects...
    But if I was gonna change their AI, I would probably want them to hide from you, and attack when you aren't looking. So they would hide behind blocks.
    Which would be freaktastic :D
    And yeah 3 is kinda redundant.

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    Quote from kidpen»

    I think you should just change the lead, it doesn't make much sense for me to make something even better but cheaper.

    Quote from nukeman007»

    I don't think that this should be added when these uses could be just applied to the lead instead of an entirely new item.

    No Support

    Quote from Wraithcraft»

    I quite like this idea, however instead of replacing a lead, I think it should just be along side the lead.


    OK Soooo overall you just want to change the lead instead. Do you like any of the actual IDEAS? Or is the fact that I did something weird with the lead too distracting?
    I was kinda thinking of adding a slime ball to the bottom of the recipie, like the stick on a sign, to make it less rudimentary. Would that be better, or would you rather all this just make the lead do all these things?
    EDIT so I'm kinda confused I had already had the slimeball so I'm not sure what Kidpen was talking about, cheaper but better :/

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    Rope in Minecraft could be used for LOTS of things! Rope overall is one of those things that seems to be used for everything, and while Minecraft limits the ability of that somewhat, there are still plenty of opportunities to make cool and useful things!

    Crafting Recipe: six string, like a trapdoor or glass panes, with a single slime ball to hold it together. Gives 8 rope. It would basically replace a lead, simply cause a "Lead" implies something with that single use, leading animals, while "Rope" has a lot more possibilities. Its more expensive because of that.

    Uses: As Rope by itself, there are a few things it can be used for.

    Right clicking a fencepost will "tie" the rope to that block. The rope can also be attached to a passive mob in the same way.

    Holding the right mouse button while holding the rope will "charge" a throw. Letting go will throw a lasso, much like shooting an arrow, which will travel one block for every rope in the stack, up to 12 blocks away. Hitting any mob (or a single fencepost) will "tie up" the mob, passive or not, yanking them toward you and rendering them unable to attack. (except, you know, creepers. They can still explode.) You can then tie them to a fencepost. Endermen cannot be lassoed.

    Holding the right mouse button on a lassoed mob will finish tying up the mob, rendering it incapable of movement, and lying it on the ground. The mob can be dragged with your length of the rope, making you slower when moving the mob.

    A tied mob can work itself free if you sleep.

    If you miss, the rope will lie on the ground in a coil, or hang in the air, unless you break part of it, to pick it up.

    A rope hanging over the side of a block will hang down as many blocks as were in the stack of rope. The rope can be up to 64 blocks long, hanging down.

    A hanging rope can be used as a ladder by holding the right mouse button on it. If it is hanging in the air, you will travel upwards in slow, jerking movements, about 1/2th the speed of climbing a ladder. If the rope is hanging next to another block, you will travel at 3/4 speed instead.

    The rope can be used to craft several things.

    If you surround an arrow in rope, it will make a Short Roped Arrow. Surrounding a Short Roped arrow with rope will make a Roped Arrow. Repeating the process (sorta like a map) Will make a Long Roped Arrow.

    Shooting a Roped Arrow will drop a rope from the block the arrow lands on. The rope can be climbed just like normal, all the way up to the block the arrow landed on. (so make sure to hit the block right below the destination!)
    Different lengths of roped arrow have different lengths of rope (duh)

    Hitting a mob with this arrow will drop your end of the rope and tie the rope around the mob, like you lassoed it. Really the rope is tied to an arrow that is attached to the mob, but it has mostly the same effect.

    Using 6 rope, on either side of the crafting table, with a stick in the middle (like rails, except different :) ) Will make 3 rope ladders. It can be tied to a fencepost, like the rope, and hang down in the air, like rope, and be climbed, like rope. But you climb at the same speed as climbing a normal ladder.

    Redstone Rope: (I might be reaching with this one but I kinda like it)

    Crafting one rope with two Redstone (shapeless) will make a Redstone Rope. This Rope works just like regular rope, but when one end is tied to a fence, with a redstone signal nearby (using the normal rules of redstone), It will be powered, and transfer a signal to the end. It will power any blocks within a 1 block radius of the endpoint.
    The benefits are that it can go for a much longer distance, and go straight down. It can also be attached to a mob, so when the mob wanders, so does that end.
    The cons are that it basically only move in a straight line, and its a lot more expensive than plain redstone.
    Please change your vote at the top if something has changed!

    What do you think? Is any of it good? Any more ideas for rope?

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    Hmmmmm I like the idea of rope overall.... Though the uses you have for it are rather, well, useless. Maybe find some better ways to use it?

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