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    That's a really interesting idea, actually, but how would it know what the target is?
    Maybe more of a homing arrow? I could imagine doing that (Actually I have before but it was for something else)

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    Quote from Evan20064»

    I think having the world littered with footprints might cause a bit of a lag problem in some scenarios?

    Not if they don't last too long, but I get your point. Apparently they already exist as a particle effect, so if its a particle... I don't actually know enough about lag to talk about that :/ Maybe though. Does anyone else know a little more about how much this might affect the game?

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    The part about dust just screams "Micromanagement!" to me - why do we need to work to keep out builds looking good? Even as a toggleable gamerule I don't think it should be added (and you would have to cheat if you want to disable it unless it is off by default).

    Well OK :P I figured dust was a bit going out there. Mostly I would like feasible footprints on solid surfaces. Of course, the difference in color is very slight, and if you were actually in the building a lot it wouldn't be too hard to keep it clean simply because you are stepping on everything.
    I do think it would be fun to have footprints in dusty dungeons, to add a little more life to it. I guess it all depends.

    For similar reasons I don't support permanent footprints on any block with the possible exception of snowcover (not snow blocks though, and perhaps 2+ deep snow layers); otherwise, a few seconds is not going to lead to footprints everywhere, even if all mobs left them since most mobs do not move much unless they are within 32 blocks of a player, so I don't mind that.

    Also, how would they be implemented? As a new block? Metadata can't be used since all 16 states are used up by many blocks (e.g. carpet). Because of this, what happens if you walk on farmland that has crops? I presume they would be a type of particle in which case that wouldn't be an issue (also, 1.9 changed particles so they are no longer entities, thus don't cause as much lag).

    Well ThingWithAThing mentioned that footprints were already a particle. I don't think it would be a new block, probably more of a simple slight lightening of the texture. I'm not positive though.
    It was mentioned that diamond armor is the heaviest armor - actually, gold is by a long shot; the density of diamond is only around 3.5 while iron is 7.9 (chain armor would presumably be half this, which is still heavier), gold 19, and leather around 0.86, so only the weakest armor (especially in 1.9 due to the armor penetration) is better than the strongest.
    Now who's micromanaging? :P
    That does make a lot of sense though. I guess it depends on whether or not deeper/darker footprints actually were implemented.
    Dust overall was more of a long shot. I did think it made more sense than footprints in solid rock. If we simply want footprints in caves and stuff though, it would just be programmed differently, to last rather than to disappear.
    I'm going to hold onto it for now, though. I gotta see if there is a better way to do it.

    Quote from ErikAxeReal»

    I don't care how they implement the footprints, i just want them in the game.


    Quote from Le_Flemard»

    Seems interesting,... Could bring a tracking mechanic when going hunting. Maybe different footprint depending on what does it (players, zombie, skeletons....)

    Thats part of the reason on why I wanted them! Tracking, either players or a mob (maybe a mob specially made for special footprint stuff) They also add life overall :P
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    Quote from layman9»

    This would just make the world look ugly. Just make it so grass can be flattened by things walking over it, and sand slightly indented.

    Quote from Cerroz»

    This would make the world an ugly clutter of footprints. Though it would be nice for snow and sand to have very quick-fading ones.

    Quote from Ametrine»

    If it was by chance, (maybe 5% for a mob to leave a footprint on said block) then I'd be okay. But I agree, it would get cluttered and pretty ugly.

    Partial support.

    Quote from nickryba333»

    Making every mob leave footprints? I agree with a lot of other people this would be kind of annoying to see. Maybe if mobs left foot prints for around 10 seconds or less, i could see this being a pretty cool detail. And could actually balance the use of armor in pvp servers. If diamond weighs the heaviest, your footprint are larger and easier to see, so there is a risk that enemies could see them and follow them. Really like the idea but either leave out mobs or make the prints not last so long.

    Partial support.

    Quote from TheUnoski»

    Realistically, I'd prefer if only players had footprints and the time footprints last are less. I'd say 15 seconds tops to reduce an ugly landscape and make it easier to hide from foes.

    I do not like the dust nor weight suggestion. I can't find a good way to phrase it -- I just do not like the concept. It doesn't add any positive value. Sorry.

    Partial Support, I guess. :)

    Quote from Evan20064»

    Perhaps some very quick footprints for sand or snow... Should sneaking affect footprints?

    So mostly the thing is that they last too long, huh? In my mind, that was so you could follow someone, if you wanted to, but that might not be the best idea.... I'll tone it down :D
    Maybe a Helmet Enchantment called Tracking, that would let you see footprints for much longer than normal? That way they could still be utilized. Or, if accessories ever become a thing :) A hat or glasses that go with extra seeing or tracking :P
    I think sneaking would definitely affect footprints, probably making them so they don't appear at all (except for on snow. Snow is the bane of anyone trying not to be tracked :D)
    I still think snow should have permanetn footprints, cause thats both how it is and the snow trails are a thing. But if it needs to be changed, how about 30 seconds, or even a minute? They should last longer than anything..
    And since clay isn't something that is usually walked on, I think its OK to leave it as permanent. That way, you can use it to see what passed by on the way to certain things.

    Quote from Ethansito»

    How would you get rid of the dust?

    Like, you want to dust the floor? I'm thinking if you attach a piece of wheat to a stick, it would make a broom, which could be used to clean large chunks of dust at a time, and make Cats do what you say instead of sitting on your chest when you need to open it :P Most of the time though, if you travel there often, I would think there wouldn't be must or any dust with all your footprints. So it would be a sign that you had not visited that place in a while. Which would be cool. And imagine a different sort of abandoned mineshaft, where a trail of footprints automatically spawns in the dust and leads you somewhere!

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    Thats a really interesting idea! I dunno how they would get the arrows, though... It would probably be a whole new thread, to talk about mobs getting harder to beat the more experience you had or something, and skeletons would get different types of arrows sometimes....
    I might make a thread on that :D

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    Quote from JozMC»

    But wouldn't the ground be full of footprints then? There are a lot of mobs in minecraft.

    And what about creepers..?


    Different Mobs have different footprints :D Dogs have small ones, cats are even smaller, Rabbits would have small ones AND long ones... most mobs would have different footprints :D So it would be fun to track them.
    The footprints would disappear after a while, so its not like they can pile on indefinitely.
    Creepers would have strange tracks :D dotdotdotdoCRATER

    I wouldn't mind footprints, especially since they already have a particle.


    They already have a particle? Cool!
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    So what is something simple, that could add more life and more strategy to the game? Remnants of life that has passed you by!
    No I am not talking about poop.

    A footprint is created whenever a mob steps on the ground. Certain blocks hold footprints better than other ones.
    Grass holds a footprint for 5 seconds
    Dirt holds a footprint for 10 seconds
    Coarse Dirt holds a footprint for 15 seconds

    Farmland holds a footprint for 10 seconds

    Sand holds a footprint for 5 seconds
    Gravel holds a footprint for 10 seconds
    Carpet holds a footprint for 5 seconds
    Netherrack holds a footprint for 10 seconds
    Snow holds a footprint permanently, or until it snows or rains again.
    Clay holds a footprint permanently.

    Certain blocks that are not exposed to the sun (if there are blocks above them) will gather "dust" over time, gradually growing slightly lighter. It takes seven days (minecraft days) for this to finish. They will now hold footprints. A dust-print will last seven days before fading away.
    Wooden Planks and Slabs and Stairs collect dust

    Stone Bricks and Bricks and Sandstone collect dust
    Hardened Clay collect dust
    Furnaces and Pistons and dispensers dust.

    Ore Blocks collect dust
    Basically most things with hard surfaces can collect dust. But nothing from the End or the Nether can collect dust.

    :D Simple and interesting.
    Maybe the heavier armor you are wearing, the darker and longer the footprints stay?

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    Ooops! I forgot!
    Added! :P Tell me what you think!

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    I added the Cobble Arrow! And that made me think of what Lethal said a little while ago, about how stone arrows might not travel as far....

    Quote from Lethal0428»
    Also, would they travel as far as flint? Being heavy and all.[/b]

    So I'm asking all you guys. Would it be a good idea to make certain arrows heavier, like gold, diamond and stone? And certain arrows lighter, like Wood and Glass?
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    I'm still confused... I'm a member of the Suggestion Community, but I don't put "Coming soon" or something like that. And I know a bunch of the members of the Suggestions Community, the ones who actually hang around here and make good posts and warn people and stuff, and they don't say "Coming Soon"... Broccoli, Endergirl. Lethal, Vamp... The only people I see who say that are the ones who have just arrives, and its one of their first few posts, so the members who have been around longer haven't warned them yet. :/

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    Quote from Inkling_Boy»

    And what's even worse about the Suggestion community is that it's ironic they put "COMING SOON" on their own posts, and they're yet opposing other threads for saying that.

    I guess I'm confused... Are you saying that the entire Suggestion Community puts "coming soon", AND that the entire Suggestion community opposes that?
    Just wondering.
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    Perhaps make it so it has a cooldown, but it has a slightly farther range and a little more knockback, so you can kick people or mobs away from you!

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    Hey! I made a couple Subsets, both to Expound on Glass Arrows and to make Wood arrows more useful! See what you think!

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    Quote from Lethal0428»

    This post is about arrow types. Anything more and it gets a bit wish-listy.

    I guess I should just take that part off, huh?
    The wood arrows could be the base for a couple more types of arrows, I just couldn't think of any that didn't make it seem overwhelming. Plus arrow tag could be cool :D

    Yeah, I like the arrow types, but that's about it. The arrow types are well-balanced both in recipes and damage/knockback/etc. Each has advantages and disadvantages. The enchanted arrows for smite and bane of arthropods could work well, seeing as you cannot get those enchants on a bow.

    Exactly what I thought :D
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    :D Thanks!
    Well, you do need obsidian anyway to get enchantments, and since you can only get the level 1 of both those enchants, and once you get the enchant you forfeit any more chances to get a better enchant from an Enchanting table, I thought it was OK.
    Its not the most important part of this though. I just wanted another way to use the Shards, and since that's how cavemen or tribal warriors made their swords more deadly, by putting shards of obsidian on them, I figured it made sense :D Do you have any more ideas on what I could use them for? I feel like there has to be more possibilities.

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    No I am NOT here to suggest multiple tiers of Arrows.
    I am here to suggest different functionalities of arrows.
    I saw another post on arrows that brought to mind my ideas about it. I was going to wait a while so it didn't look like I was trying to copy off of them, (plus it seems polite) but then I saw that it was necro-bumped, so it was actually already dead. (sorta) :D So I'm free to post this idea!

    I guess this is where we start off.

    Types of Arrows


    The basic, wonderful arrow type we have all come to know and love. Sharp little projectiles that do damage to both health and moral.

    Can be used with bow Enchantments.

    Flint Subsets:

    Homing Arrow: Crafted with an enderpearl surrounded by four arrows, this arrow makes it that much harder to miss! Each arrow can turn up to 75 degrees in its search for a target, so sniping that distant player is much easier. When they hit, they give off a few teleportation particles, so you can't pass it off as skill.
    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments.

    Bouncy Arrow: Surround a slimeball with arrows to get a projectile that can bounce! It bounces off walls an floors and ceilings, and only stops when it hits a mob. So now you can shoot around corners, or make a smart long shot by bouncing it off the floor!
    Sharp Snowballs: Craft a single arrow with a snowball and a slimeball to get a throwing projectile that hurts! It can't be thrown quite as fast as normal snowballs, and it only does half a heart, but a stack of these can be used quite effectively!

    To craft these arrows, simply leave out the flint in the recipe! You end up getting a sharpened stick with feathers on the end. These arrows are really more for target practice than real projectiles, dealing only a half a heart each, and 50% knockback. But they are so light the drawback on the bow is almost instantaneous! You can craft another arrow by putting the correct material above the Wooden Arrow.
    Can be used with bow Enchantments

    Wood Subsets:
    Wood arrows are not really made to deal damage, so even their subsets will be focused on another kind of use.
    Messenger Arrow:

    Crafted by placing a piece of paper above a Wood Arrow, this is made to deliver. Right Clicking the Messenger arrow will open up a one slot storage space. You can place a single item in this arrow. Shooting the Messenger arrow is just like normal, and when it lands, it will drop the item. A Wood arrow will be retrieved if the arrow is picked up.
    Messenger Arrows cannot be stacked, or used with bow enchantments.
    Paint Bombs:
    Paint Bombs are crafted with a Wood arrow, a piece of paper, and a dye of your choice. When the Pain Bomb lands, it creates a small splash of color on whatever it hit. The dye can be washed off in water or rain.
    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments.
    Smoke Bombs:
    A Smoke Bomb is crafted with a Wooden arrow, a piece of paper, gunpowder, sand, an ink sac, and redstone.
    When it lands, a Smoke Bomb creates a small cloud of black particles. Anything in the particles is both Blind and Invisible.
    If the Arrow hits a mob, it stays stuck in the mob, and creates a small stream of particles that hang in the air for two minutes, creating a trail to follow the mob. The trail effect lasts for 5 minutes, or until the mob has contact with water. (including rain)
    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments.
    Poison Darts:
    A Poison Dart is crafted with a fermented Spider eye above the wood arrow. It deals half a heart of instant damage, then gives the victim Poison I for 10 seconds
    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments.
    Roped Arrow:

    A Roped arrow is crafted by surrounding a Wood arrow with String. It does half a heart of damage. Right clicking the Arrow in your inventory yanks the mob you hit toward you, dealing another half a heart.

    Cannot be stacked. Cannot be used with bow Enchantments
    Glimmering Arrow:
    Crafted with a single piece of glowstone and a wooden arrow, these produce a small sphere of light when they land, lighting up 4 blocks around them. Not as effective as nearly any other light source, but they CAN be placed at a distance! Picking one up will put out the light.

    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments
    Egg Arrows:
    Creative only, this arrow has a monster spawn egg on the tip! Ever imagine scattering random monsters along a hallway, instead of placing them all at the end? Fill a dispenser with these and see the magic! Or have you created a challenge map for a friend, and thought it wasn't challenging enough? Snipe him with one of these to add a bit of drama :D
    Explosive Arrows:
    Crafting is a Wood arrow, gunpowder, sand, and a piece of paper.
    I was avoiding these, because they are so typical, and I already have a knockback arrow, but I realize this one could be quite different.
    These arrows are not blocked by projectile protection, only by blast protection.
    They do a bit of knockback to anything close by, and a bit of damage. They also break the block they land one. (If that block can be exploded.)


    Crafted with a solid piece of stone (No cobble here!), these arrows are pretty basic. They don't deal quite the same amount of damage as a Flint arrow, but their blunter tips mean they pack quite a punch! They deal 50% damage and 150% knockback.

    Can be used with bow Enchantments

    Stone Subsets:
    Cobble Arrow: Literally just a misshapen rock fastened to the end of an arrow, this arrow is purely for knockback. It only deals half a heart, but it smashes into the enemy and deals 200% knockback.

    This arrow is crafted from glass, and while they are just as sharp as Flint arrows, they are so fragile they break on contact with ANYTHING. Stone, flesh, dirt, it doesn't matter. You can only use this arrow ONCE.
    The special thing about these arrows, though, is that they are hollow.

    "What does that matter?" you ask?

    Well, you can fill them with stuff! Namely, potions! It looks like at the moment, there is no way to craft these delightful little devils, the potion arrows, so this would fit very nicely. On contact, it shatters, splashing everything in a small radius with a volatile liquid :D (It can also be filled with water to put out fire, and do extra damage to blazes)
    Simply craft a potion with a glass arrow, and you'll get a filled arrow and an empty bottle.
    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments

    Right clicking an Empty Glass Arrow on a liquid will fill it up.

    Glass Subsets:
    Potion Arrows:
    Potion arrows are, as said above, filled with the liquid from a potion. They have various effects, depending on the potion used. When they land, they splash a small area around it, 2 blocks away maximum, and since there is so little in the tip, they last only 1/8th the normal time.
    Water Arrows:
    Water arrows are just like potion arrows, except without the awesome effects. They can put out fires in a small radius of landing, and they do extra damage to Blazes, plus splash damage.
    Lava Arrows:
    Lava arrows are just like potion arrows, but instead of giving jump boost or regeneration, it deals a little bit of instant damage and then splash fire damage! As in, it flings molten lava everywhere when it shatters, and set mobs on fire! The bad part is that it will also set the block it landed on on fire, so be careful where you shoot.
    Redstone Arrow:
    Crafting a Glass arrow with Redstone will fill it up, and on landing, the impact and shattering will power the redstone for just a moment, and power anything within a small radius for just an instant. Good for lighting lots of TNT.

    This arrow is crafted from Gold, which, as you know, is actually pretty soft. So it makes for a terrible weapon, dealing only 25% the damage that a flint arrow does. What makes it useful?
    Gold is the most enchantable substance out there, and just because its a tiny bit on the tip of an arrow doesn't mean it isn't helpful!
    At the moment, Power, Punch, Infinity, and even Flame all have to do with what happens before or while you are shooting. You draw back more, your bow has a heavier draw weight, you have infinite arrows, and you set your arrow on fire BEFORE you shoot it.
    But there are three enchantments that I think would work FABULOUSLY on arrows.
    Smite: Your Golden arrows do MUCH more damage to the Undead! Woo! And since so much enchantment is packed into such a small space, it does lots more damage! Only one arrow is needed needed to take down a zombie!
    Bane of Arthropods: If you don't even want to get close to those spiders, take them out with these!
    Looting: It kills me that us long range fellows don't get the benefits of extra loot. It seems like you have to actually go in and kill them with a sword to get anything extra. But not with these!
    Each arrow takes half of an experience point to enchant. You can stack them on the enchanting table to mass-enchant them.
    Can be used with bow Enchantments.

    These arrows DO deal a little more damage, but only a half a heart. Their main purpose is something quite different. The sharpened iron arrowheads have been crafted specifically to cut stuff like cloth, and string! It slices right through it.
    Shooting them through cobwebs will cut them down, clearing you a path. They break wool blocks (only one per arrow though), so there are a couple more trap opportunities there. And since they tear through softer, more yielding things, they deal x10 durability damage to Leather and Chain Armor!.

    Like expected, Diamond arrows do more damage! (I mean, you hit someone with a sharpened diamond, you expect them to feel it.) But they only do one heart more. They do have one more effect on the enemy, though. These indestructible tips have a 50% chance not to break when hitting an enemy, instead of disappearing into the void, never to be seen again. And the fact that they are the hardest substance around means that when they hit Gold, Iron, and Diamond armor, they deal x10 durability to it, shattering the armor with each shot! (They don't work on Leather and Chain armor... those types bend, not break.)

    Cannot be used with bow Enchatments.

    These require a new item to craft: The Obsidian Shard.
    Breaking Obsidian has a change to give you one or two Obsidian Shards instead of Obsidian. An actual shard of obsidian has an incredibly sharp edge. Doctors actually use it on the edge of scalpels sometimes. The edge can be as small as 3 nanometers! Crazy, huh?
    Obsidian Arrows are very special. They are so sharp that they fly right through an enemy, dealing 2 hearts extra. But since they are so sharp, they don't lose any speed when hitting an enemy, so they deal no knockback and can fly right through several enemies.
    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments.

    Prismarine Arrows work exactly like normal, Flint Arrows... When above water. But underwater, they act much differently! There is a minimal arc, so they can travel much much farther and faster before losing speed. They deal one extra heart of damage to Mobs that are in the water.

    Can be used with bow Enchantments.

    Prismarine Subsets:

    Dark Prismarine: Crafting 3 Prismarine Arrows with an ink sac creates a Dark Prismarine arrow, which, while acting in the same manner as a Prismarine arrow while underwater, also deals one extra heart of damage, right through armor. ONLY while underwater!
    Cannot be used with bow Enchantments.

    Shining Arrow:

    Crafting a Prismarine arrow with a prismarine Crystal, you get a Shining arrow. Its a lot like the Glimmering Arrow made using glowstone, except it lights up just as much as a torch, whether above or below water.

    Tell me what you think! What do you like? What seems overpowered or weak? How can I fix it up?

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