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    Exactly :D Mostly I was interested, because I've a had a few people tell me that is should be a mod.

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    Quote from Endergirl00»

    A suggestion about Battleaxe may not be a good suggestion, but that doesn't mean it won't improve the game, that depends of how the suggester introduces it. It depends on the quality of the suggestion and what you're suggesting. The examples you're using have their own reasons of why they are not implemented.

    And technically, all suggestions are towards to improving the game. What else would a suggestion be for?

    Thats kinda exactly my conundrum. Saying it would fit in a Mod and not in Vanilla is, at least how I see it, directly using the "Minecraft This!" section.
    Yeah, there are some obvious ones that just wouldn't fit. And I see people give a good reason for why it wouldn't fit.
    Mostly, I guess, I'm thinking if someone is going to say "It should be a mod not vanilla", they need to give a reason, some details.
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    Sounds almost like you got these from Pixel Dungeon http://pixeldungeon.wikia.com/wiki/Ring
    But I do like the concept, and there are enough differences that I'm not going to think you just ripped it off :)
    I like it! Support

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    I think the issue was that this was a "Wishlist", which is not allowed. A wishlist consists of lots of unrelated topics, such as: A windmill, a new ore, a new use for the cauldron, and fixed textures.
    The goal of the Suggestions forum is too create and expound upon individual topics, making one idea into a detailed creation. Putting ten ideas all in the same thread, and only giving each idea a sentence or two, is kinda the opposite of that. :/
    What I would suggest, is taking one of those ideas, like, say, a Windmill, and turning it into a thread. Going from there, Give it several sections, sorta like this:
    Crafting/building recipe:
    Stats and specifics:
    Make sure to give each section (Except the name :) ) At least a paragraph, to make sure it is really detailed enough to use.
    Oh, and make sure there is a gap, like this:

    between each section.
    That will make it look fabulous :D
    I like some of the ideas you have, but I can't really tell you how to make them individually better unless you give a few more details!

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    I like the idea of crossroad rails, and of dyed rails.... But I don't think there should be every kind of crossroads, and I don't think that the rails shouldn't snap into position.
    Powered Rails and such do not bend or turn, only plain rails. I don't think there should be special any of those kind of rails.
    And I don't reaaally think that crossroad rails should be a crafted thing. I think it would be more of a "Shift right click the rail, and it switches between all the available settings, such as turned one way, turned the other, straight, dead end, t-bone, or crossroads."
    I like the idea. I just think its a bit too complicated.
    The dye is a really good plan though.

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    Well, not everyone will want the same things. The goal here is to find the best ones, not to add them all :)

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    Added an explosive arrow. :P I realized that it could be used in different ways and it adds more versatility. Tell me what you thiiiink!

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    Thanks! I added it into a spoiler, for any curious peoples, like you! :)

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    "Living trees" is way to complex - you basically have to make trees tile entities, which will cause extreme performance issues in forests and jungles (which already cause issues, they even removed big oak trees from forests in 1.7-1.8 because of lag, even on Mojang's high-end computers). Why tile entities and not just use block updates (like grass?) You'd need to store the structure of the tree so the game knows where leaves should grow back; this is also why "seasons" suggestions that suggest that trees drop/regrow leaves are also out of the question (if you doubt having to track so much data would cause lag, see this, and mineshafts are much less common than trees). Also, if trees replaced dirt with "root blocks" which do not drop dirt then you'd eventually run out of dirt (not really an issue in a normal world but would definitely be a problem in Skyblock or other custom worlds with limited dirt. It would also be annoying to have to replace it, sort of like if you had to retill farmland after harvesting crops, but more since the farmland is not consumed).

    Also, trees do not "act the same" if you cut one down and rebuild it elsewhere - player-placed leaf blocks will never decay even if there are no logs nearby; I presume that you want this to be removed. You are also adding new blocks with little purpose other than "living" trees and little difference from "dead" wood blocks.

    IMO, trees are fine as they currently are; they could add more variants of trees (not necessarily more types of wood, more variants of the same blocks) and make branches use all-side bark logs (especially acacia) but not this.

    Quote from Badprenup»

    I'm not a really big fan. Not because it is a bad idea, because it isn't. This is a good idea I just like the simplistic way it works now. This adds a bunch of complexity to a mechanic that exists solely to give the player a renewable source for the most basic, common item in the game.

    I'm not big on micromanagement for the sake of micromanagement or realism.

    Quote from SnailsAttack1»

    The first part is good, but the second part gets a little confusing and unnecessary. Otherwise good!

    Quote from Xiontrix»

    I really like the first part, but not so much the second part. Also I have a question, would the stages cause trees to take longer to fully grow?

    Half support

    Quote from Edward_Wesson»

    The fifth stage part seems to be quite vague, could you perhaps add more to that? And as others have stated it is quite complex which is unnecessary considering wood is such an abundant resource and common at that, farming in Minecraft is so simple currently that complex trees would stand far out compared to wheat crops and reeds. No support.

    I have remmooooooved the Green Wood, because that was simply a bad idea.
    The Stages remain though. I'm going to add a picture of what I think the Stage 5 trees would look like.
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    I did not know player placed leaved did not decay :) Good to know.
    The Living trees seems to be a bad idea, simply because it is too complex... But what about the different stages? Without the roots or the Green Wood, are the different stages a good idea?
    Same question for you, Badprenup. (If ypu don't see this by tomorrow, I'll edit it to tag you or something... The app is too clow to risk quoting)

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    So, say, bonemealing a Stage four while in creative would allow it to become a stage Five? That makes sense... I'll add it! I can't right at the moment though, because I am using the Minecraft Forum app and its super slow....

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    I guess I should start off by saying that the current trees really bug me. They start as a sapling, and randomly grow into a tree that you can use to build your house. While I don’t think they should take any longer to grow, I do think a couple more stages of trees, like most crops have, would be much better.


    Trees would have 4 stages, with an additional 5th stage that could happen occasionally, with the correct circumstances.

    The First stage is a Sapling. These work just like usual; You can get them from leaf blocks, and plant them on dirt. They will eventually grow to the second stage.

    The Second stage is still a sapling, but now it is a solid, albeit thin, block, sort of like a fence. It can be one block, a block and a half, or two blocks tall. (Though it is still all treated as one block, sorta like a bed.) Breaking this sapling will give you 2-6 sticks, and 0-1 saplings.

    The Third stage uses normal sized wood blocks, but the tree is really short. So an oak tree would be two or three blocks of wood, surrounded by a small sphere of leaves.

    The Fourth stage is a normal sized tree. It works just like a normal tree.

    The special Fifth stage requires a few more things than a normal tree, so it won’t happen as often. It is a giant version of the tree, wider and taller, with branches and leaves, and a few wood log block roots at the bottom.
    This fifth stage requires:

    -a direct view of the sky.
    -No other trees or blocks within 5 blocks to the side.

    -to be planted above sea level
    -There cannot be another Stage 5 tree within 100 blocks
    -a long time to wait…
    -cannot be grown with bonemeal

    Every once in a while, in oak and birch forests, a tree will spawn with no leaves, vines growing on it, and mushrooms around and on it.


    The second part of this is that there could be much better tree mechanics than there is now. Normally I don’t focus on stuff like this, but for trees I’ll make an exception.

    Right now, trees grow, but then when you chop them down and place them somewhere else, they act just the same. Which, at least in my opinion, doesn’t make sense. Chopping down a tree kills it.

    So my fix, and an addition to the tree mechanics is to create a few extra blocks.

    Green Wood:
    Chopping down a tree will still give you the same wood you have always gotten. But now, before you cut a tree down, it will consist of Green Wood. Breaking Green Wood will drop normal wood, so that part doesn’t change at all.
    Leaves next to dead Wood will still degrade, but they won’t next to Green Wood.
    It looks much the same as normal, dead wood, except it is a little more vibrant.
    Green Wood is very fire resistant.

    When the tree grows into a full tree, it turns the block under it into a Root block.
    Roots, when broken, drop 1-4 sticks, and have a small chance of dropping a potato or a carrot. The dirt blocks around the Root will have a small appearance change, and look as if they have roots growing through them. Breaking this Root Dirt will drop 1-2 sticks. Placing fresh dirt near a Root will slowly grow more roots in it.

    To keep Green Wood alive, it has to be connected to both a Root block and a Leaf block, or a Green Wood block that is connected to them. The Green Wood can extend between Root and leaves indefinitely.
    Removing all the Root next to Green Wood will instantly kill it, turning it to normal wood. Removing all the Leaves won’t kill it immediately, but it will die eventually. The good news is that, if there are some Leaves or Roots remaining, the tree can slowly grow back more. So breaking only a few leaves, the tree can grow back more.

    Silk Touch and Shears still work for both Green Wood and Roots. But placing Green Wood anywhere except on Roots will instantly kill it, and if it doesn’t get leaves quick, it will still die.

    If a tree loses all of its leaves, but not its roots, it will have a chance to grow vines. These Dead trees have a chance to spawn naturally.

    This was a bad idea so I removed it. :)

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    Quote from Cerroz»

    Yeah, this doesn't feel like something that would fit too well in vanilla. And this is just me here, but I'd rather want a dimension that has it's own original theme instead of being based off an existing dimension.

    Personally, I feel like another random dimension off to the side of nowhere seems like it would fit less in Vanilla than something based off of the Overworld. But it all depends on what you like.
    Quote from flip35»

    like I said: it feels too much like a mod

    I don't think that actually has anything to do with it :/ It probably goes with the Minecraft This! section in the For the Critics post that is stickied at the top.

    I'm editing the post now, to add some more use to the Reflection, so its not someplace you would never go.
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    Ah, okay then. That answers my question. That raises another question though; does the reflection dimension mirror every dimension? If so, then wouldn't it have to double the amount of chunks loaded? Wouldn't it also break maps considering how here would be doubles of command blocks?

    Hmm. Makes me wish I understood coding better.
    I don't think it would break maps, because everything would simply be in another dimension. I don't see why two commandblocks would be broken if they never interacted with each other.
    Maybe a good plan would be that, since command blocks are creative only anyway, they are not duplicated, because I can imagine SOME problems coming from that. They would be reserved for maps that had the Reflection in mind.

    I can agree with that, but the light...that seems unnatural.

    Well that's kinda the point :D They are supposed to seem rather unnatural. Its not a very natural dimension.

    Remove the dragon egg part or find a solution for it. If anyone actually kept up with 19, they would know that dragon eggs cannot be duplicated through respawning dragons no matter what; they exist once per world.

    Oh dear.
    I forgot about that.
    That could be bad.
    Probably better to simply remove it, or replace it with something else. I like the idea of only being able to access it after defeating the Ender Dragon, so we could probably use something from the End other than the Egg. Perhaps building a fifth layer out of PurPur blocks? Or using an Ender Dragon head in some way? (There are multiple of those, right?)

    Wait, what? I'm confused...

    I'm not sure how better to explain it :/ And what part are you confused on?

    Okay...I wouldn't mind that. The darkness would be very annoying however.

    Oh hmm.. Its gonna need some way to light it up, huh? I don't want them to be fighting in the dark.

    So a shadow player boss? Wouldn't that be redundant?

    Oh hey thats new. Well, its not. I think I saw it a couple days ago.
    I didn't base my idea off of his, though. Do you remember my Time Machine idea? I've always liked the idea of another Overworld type place, almost identical to the first, and this is what came after that. I've been writing about it for a couple weeks. :P
    And of course, with a Reflection Dimension, the logical boss is the Main Character, either their reflection or their Shadow. I thought a player that was a direct reflection might be hard to make, and then beat afterwards, so a Shadow it was.

    He didn't have the most detailed idea, either :/

    So just a boss that acts like a player...how would this work in SMP by the way?

    I totally forgot to add that! I was thinking either there would simply be one for each player, and they could all fight together, or each player could only see their Shadow.
    I still don't quite know what SMP stands for. I know what it means (I hope) but not what it stands for. :/ Single-Multi Player?

    How would it count TNT? Just the amount of times you lit TNT?

    And probably the amount of mobs killed by TNT after you lit that TNT. I'm not sure how to balance that all out. I imagine it will take testing :D

    Then why fight the boss at all to get a chance at a great weapon/tool/armor and a player head? The Ender Dragon opens up the ability to go to the Outer End Islands and the Wither drops a Nether Star.

    You know, thats a huge point. There needs to be a REASON.
    There needs to be something more about the Reflection. Thats probably what killed my Time Machine idea.
    And the Boss needs a better reward. Perhaps wearing or using the Shadow Head can affect the way you interact with the Reflection? A new way to see, or a way to transport across dimensions without mirrors. Hmm.

    I like the mirrors part, but I do not like the dimension at all. First of all, there is no reason to go there. With The End, you can get elytras and purpur blocks. With the Nether, you can get nether blocks, quartz, and farm blazes. With this dimension, it is just a duplicate of the overworld. Second of all, there is no reason to fight the boss. It drops a head and a weapon. If you can make the dimension worthwhile and have the boss drop a useful item, it would probably help the idea in the long term.

    OK yeah. I gotta make something unique about the Reflection, to make it worth going to. Something special.
    I have a road trip tonight, so I'll have a couple hours to sort something good out in my head. :D
    Thanks for the Critiz! I needed that.

    Quote from Angeltxilon»

    Although I like the idea of add new dimensions, related adventure/mobs/items, and new worlds; I think that before to add new dimensions, mojang must add more things to nether and the end, that are a very wasted dimensions with a big potential.
    So, and only so, is possible add more history and reasons to add and fit a new dimension.

    Without the required expansion is difficult create the demand for a new dimension, without the required expansion add a new dimension is more like "add this dimension by add something".

    I do think the Nether and the End need a little more life, but I don't think that should have anything to do with my idea.
    I would reference you to the I too am the Workflow Director of Mojang section of this.
    Just for future reference.
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    I thought for sure there was a "This Should be a Mod" responce in here, but I can't find it anywhere.
    I'm assuming I just thought there was one, and it was really all in my head.
    Now I'm wondering, though: what is the correct response for that? It seems to be a little of both TV Dinner and, Minecraft This!, but I have no idea if either of those would work well for it.
    Oh wait I see why I thought it was there.
    Perhaps you could add it in one of the other sections, specifically one like "Everyone says this" or "No one wants this" or such, where they need detail to really back up their claim that it needs to be a mod and not in Vanilla?
    That might be my solution there.
    Love the post, BTW :D Really helps me with making real replies.

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