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    posted a message on Skill vs Strategy

    Would you rather I said tactic? I guess Strategy is usually more of a long term plan, but it gets the message across, even if its not perfectly accurate.
    I also looked through the wikipedia article that you found, and this was near the bottom:

    "In game theory, a strategy refers to the rules that a player uses to choose between the available actionable options. Every player in a non-trivial game has a set of possible strategies to use when choosing what moves to make."

    Even though Minecraft is more action oriented than, say, chess, you still have to choose whether to take another swing, or toss that potion and run.

    I think your main problem here with the word "Strategy" is that it is too big. Generally, it means some large plan in war, something that is really important.

    But sometimes, the game you are playing feels really important, doesn't it? And since in that game, the decisions really don't get much more important than what you decide, that can be called a strategy too.

    I can see your point, if you still think its wrong. But please, I would rather you asked questions and posted about the content of the thread, and not the mistaken grammar.

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    posted a message on For the Critics (FTC)

    Haha, I tend to read all the way though these things, but it might simply be because I love to read. I also read fairly fast, so that might make it seem like less of a chore. Plus, on top of that, its fun to read a post that someone has really put some time into, making it both easy to read, cause of how well it is written, and it makes a lot of sense, so I either think, "Ooooh, thats what I was thinking, but I could never put it into words" or "Hey, thats something new and cool!"

    Probably just me though :)

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    posted a message on WyrmWorks, Banners and Signatures

    Hey! I'm BookWyrm17, and I like arts, Minecraft, and Minecraft arts! I use Blender to render these pictures.

    Its a bit difficult to describe what I do, so I'll let the pictures explain!

    Samples! Everyone loves a nice sample!

    So here is what I'm offering:

    Simple avatar of Your Character, with one or two tools: Free! I will do that kind of a simple avatar for nothing at all!

    Base Package: Template Scene, your Username, and your Character (includes an item for each hand): $3.00


    Custom Scene: +$2.00
    Extra words: +$1.00
    Extra Character: +$1.00 each, or $3.00 for five

    Mobs: +$1.00 for 3

    If you want a banner, a sig, or an avatar, simply fill out the form below! If you don't want that particular extra, simply say "Don't want" or "N/A" or something.

    For the free Avatar:

    Tools (What tools or items do you want to be using?:

    For a Banner or Signature:

    Tools (What tools or items do you want to be using?:

    Template (Which Template do you want to use?):
    Custom Scene
    (Describe the scene):

    IGN (Or the main word for your picture):
    Extra Words (What is your motto or catchphrase?):
    Extra Characters and IGNs
    (Do you want one for you and your friends?):
    Mobs (What mobs do you want in the picture?):
    Pose (What do you want to be doing?):

    File Format, JPEG or PNG:


    If you happen to not be completely satisfied, I will alter your picture up to 3 times.

    Sig Templates:

    Mineshaft Template

    Castle Template

    Oak Forest Template

    Birch Forest Template

    End Template

    Nether Template

    Ravine Template

    Spruce Forest Template

    Queue List:








    Please contact me!

    Email: [email protected]
    or PM me on the forums!

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    posted a message on Cauldron Upgrade:

    Thats why I said only a bit :)
    Nah, more like soups, mass produced

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    posted a message on Cauldron Upgrade:

    Well, you did have a definite trail from one object to the other, but it still is a bit wishlisty....
    I like the idea of the Dye, though I think it would be better with food and potions. :)

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    posted a message on combat in 1.9 good or bad?

    Yeah! So, its possible, but its not always plausible. probably about the same chance that someone would kill you with a wooden sword in 1.8.
    Me and my friend actually are gonna try and make a whole big video on random 1.8-1.9 changes and random little details, just to be a clarification, so I'll share that here when we get done :)

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    posted a message on Useful Cauldrons

    Hmmm. That is quite a bit different overall than what I was planning.
    Perhaps a good fix for this would require the cauldron to be heated, not by another hot block, but rather using Blaze Powder, much like the Brewing stand? Right clicking it would place the powder underneath, and start boiling it. Maybe even take two blaze powder per cooking, to make sure you keep up with it, and so while it requires less resources normally, it takes more blaze powder?

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    posted a message on Useful Cauldrons

    Hmm, so I should use that table to figure it out? Thanks!

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    posted a message on The Scarlet Moon: Dangerous or Rewarding?

    Actually, I really like the idea of several "Moon Events", to give the player a reason to stay up. The Scarlet Moon would be the dangerous one, the Golden Moon would be the "plentiful" one, and, say, the Blue Moon would be and have something really, really rare.

    On the topic of the Scarlet Moon, I like the idea of a dangerous, yet rewarding night, but I think Ouatcheur Had a good plan, with giving more XP, and those nights having oodles of Mobs, rather than Mobs with Strength.

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    posted a message on Useful Cauldrons

    Ah... Thanks! I am really terrible with the saturation everything,so that should help :D
    I'm trying to think up a way to get the eggs and the boiled potatoes to fit in, so I'll edit that in in a minute.

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    posted a message on Fishing Changes

    OK, I suppose that makes sense with the treasure. I would think you could just reel that right in, but Its not like its going to be a huge, "This book is alive and trying to escape!" issue :D

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    posted a message on Useful Cauldrons

    Well, adding the water might include washing it out, though it makes sense that you don't want soup in your potions :D

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    posted a message on Useful Cauldrons

    So overall, the cauldron would be a way to mass-produce stuff, slower, but more?
    Hmmm... I kinda like that idea. And then it could also be used for both paths, as well!
    It will certainly need some tweaking, like perhaps it should be a little slower even, to balance out that between a furnace/brewing stand.

    Quote from Angeltxilon»

    Hmm, I like that idea as well, a simply way to coo/boil a lot of foods. I don't want to make too many though. I'm not a huge fan of those mods/threads that give you food up the wazoo.

    I don't think it will be able to make different types of candy, though perhaps one would work out. Like you could boil up some Sugar Cubes, to give to horses?

    I really really like that idea for cauldrons! I'll edit my post, to pull it all together!
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    posted a message on Return of the Giant: A "Pseudo-Boss" Mob
    Quote from layman9»

    You can't do that

    Why not? Sorry, it just seems so definite to say he can't, but I'm not sure why he can't... I'm actually wondering on this one, because I see two types of people: The ones who tell others to make a new thread, and those who tell them to edit the old one, but I'm not sure which is right.
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    posted a message on All wood types for trapdoors

    Ah. I see what you mean, I suppose, though its not something I would calll a wishlist. It is alittle diferernt from awhat the title is, but I would probably call it more of a... I dunno, misname, rather than a wishlist.
    Personally, my defenition of a wishlist is a thread containing multiple ideas that should be discussed in deeper detail in seperate threads, nothing to do with the title. But not everyone is the same, sooooo......

    Anyways, for the thread, I Support! I like the idea of lots of different cstom types, and it doesn't make much sense to get oak stuff when yo used something else to craft it.

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