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    You know the monument thing, and when the particles flow in towards the ender crystal, how do you make the particles do that?

    Here's the raw code:

    execute @a[score_energy_min=1] ~ ~ ~ particle fireworksSpark 1417 44 -423 -6.3 -2 0 0.1 0

    If we ignore the execute command, we can put it in a command block connected to a fast clock to see the effect:

    particle fireworksSpark 1417 44 -423 -6.3 -2 0 0.1 0

    However, this uses hard-coded coordinates. If we make them relative, we get this:

    particle fireworksSpark ~ ~1 ~ -6.3 -2 0 0.1 0

    If you look closely, you'll notice that the number of particles is set to zero:

    particle fireworparticles sksSpark ~ ~1 ~ -6.3 -2 0 0.1 0

    Some particles support custom directions. Setting the count to zero activates this. These are the important numbers to focus on:

    particle fireworksSpark ~ ~1 ~ -6.3 -2 0 0.1 0

    Usually they would be the 'expansion' of the particle field, but in this case they act as relative coordinates. -6.3 blocks in the X, -2 in the Y, and 0 in the Z. You can change these to direct the flow of particles. Hope this was helpful!

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    Forget everything you know about Minecraft, and delve into this incredibly unique and exciting adventure map that defies the laws of Minecraft physics. Start with an empty world and watch as the map builds itself around you. Explore mysteries and unlock secrets as you venture through four diverse zones in this map.

    In the end, simplicity can be deceiving.



    Simplicity Version 1.6 -Current Version-

    Simplicity Version 1.5 -Outdated-

    Simplicity Version 1.4 -Outdated-

    Simplicity Version 1.3 -Outdated-

    Simplicity Version 1.2 -Outdated-

    Simplicity Version 1.1 -Outdated-

    Simplicity Version 1.0 -Outdated-


    First Spawn Section:

    1. Drink the convenient magic liquid.
    2. Walk to pressure plate #1
    3. Walk to pressure plate #2
    4. Open the custom crafting table and remove the piece of paper.
    5. Take the loot from all six chests and craft the items shown.
    6. Use the hoe on the dirt.
    7. Use the rose bush on the grass.
    8. Stand inside the rose bush.

    Nature Cave Section:

    1. Take the far left branch, and walk up to the pumpkin. Then walk away.
    2. Toss the magic shard on top of the blue flower.
    3. Pick up the iron ingot. (1/3)
    4. Take the middle right branch and rotate the flowers until the correct combination is set up. (7, 3, 5)
    5. Pick up the iron ingot. (2/3)
    6. Take the far right branch and take all items from the chest.
    7. Spawn and kill the creeper. If he does not drop two gunpowder, toss the reset disk and try again.
    8. Craft the instant iron smelter.
    9. Take the iron ingot. (3/3)
    10. Craft the iron bucket.
    11. Toss the iron bucket into the pool of water.
    12. Take the filled iron bucket.
    13. Stand inside the rose bush.

    Intermediate Section:

    1. Open the chest that has appeared, and take all the items.
    2. Place the prismarine in the pattern shown on the map, and place the water in the center.
    3. Once the fountain starts, stand in the water and look down.

    Ancient Underwater Monument:

    1. Go up the stairs, to the right, and into the giant dark room. Notice the power crystal.
    2. Leave the room and turn left. Flick the lever. (1/4)
    3. Go straight all the way, then turn right. Complete the parkour puzzle and flick the lever. (2/4)
    4. Leave the room and turn right towards the stairs. Stand at the top of the stairs facing the cracked wall.
    5. Sprint into the wall, and it will break inwards. Flick the lever. (3/4)
    6. Walk straight out and down the stairs into the dark corridor that has opened.
    7. Complete the parkour and flick the lever. (4/4)
    8. Go back to the power crystal room, and wait for the power to overload. Jump into the pit.
    9. Stand in the water and look straight down.

    Intermediate Section:

    1. Toss the prismarine crystals onto the ender portal blocks until they each have one crystal.
    2. Note the colors of the smoke where the crystals used to be.
    3. Flick the levers with the correct colors. (orange, red, green)
    4. Parkour on the structure until you reach the pressure plate. Stand on it.
    5. Stand on the glowstone that appeared and look at the structure. It now spells the word FLAME.
    6. Use the anvil to rename the clay ball. (FLAME)
    7. Wait for the cutscene to finish.

    Lava Caverns Section:

    1. Run straight ahead, and right click the sign. You will get the Ancient Book. (1/5)
    2. Turn around and go right, towards the chest. Press the button and place the correct armor onto the armor stand.
    3. Press the button again after the combination is correct. (Gold Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Chain Leggings, Diamond Boots)
    4. Right click the sign to learn the spell of speed. (2/5)
    5. Turn around and go straight to the pressure plate. Click the speed spell twice to amplify it, then sprint across the pressure plate until you reach the second safe zone.
    6. Amplify the spell of speed again and sprint across the blocks and lava without jumping.
    7. Right click the sign to learn the spell of leaping. (3/5)
    8. Kill yourself in the lava.
    9. Amplify the spell of leaping and jump up into the previously inaccessible passage. Continue jumping upwards until you reach the top. (You may need to amplify the spell half way through if it wears out.)
    10. Right click the sign to learn the spell of flame. (4/5)
    11. Go back to the falling lava and pressure plate. Use amplified speed to reach the second safe zone, then activate the spell of flame and swim through the lava to the third safe zone.
    12. Right click the sign to learn the spell of the nether eye. (5/5)
    13. Jump in the lava on the sides of the path to disable the fire resistance, and kill yourself. (Or walk all the way back through the lava.)
    14. Jump over the fence and leave the fortress. Using speed and leaping parkour across the pillars until you reach the hidden passage.
    15. Use amplified speed to run though before the wall shuts.
    16. Use flame to swim up through the lava.
    17. Cross the nether bridge to the ancient portal. Stand on the portal blocks and activate the spell of the nether eye.
    18. After filling in every portal block with an eye, jump into the nether portal.
    19. Wait for the cutscene to finish.

    Intermediate Section:

    1. Return to the custom crafting table and craft the two bows.
    2. Wait for the boss to spawn.

    Final Boss Battle:

    1. The Sky Serpent will appear nearby. (1/3) Prepare for battle!
    2. The boss is protected by a shield. When he roars, stand underneath him so he is struck with his own lightning.
    3. After three hits, the shield will be removed. Start shooting his head with either the arrows or fireballs.
    4. After his health is entirely removed, he will be revived as the Enraged Sky Serpent. (2/3)
    5. His attacks are stronger and he moves faster. Shoot his head as before until he loses all his health.
    6. After his health is entirely removed, he will be revived as the Severed Sky Serpent. (3/3)
    7. His attacks are much stronger and he moves very fast. Continue shooting both segments of the sky serpent in the head as before.
    8. After his health is entirely removed, he will die for good and you will be rewarded with four items: Fireworks Box, Sky Serpent Pet Egg, Redstone Tour, and your Ancient Book from before. Congratulations for completing Simplicity!
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    Quote from ezypzy»


    For some reason the video isn't displaying, but I get what you're talking about. When I went in and added a slight delay in the commands, I ended up messing up a different timer that runs simultaneously. At least it isn't game breaking. Thanks for pointing it out and I'll fix it soon.

    The cracked wall is a rather difficult puzzle, since we don't think of minecraft working this way. If you stand at the top of the stairs and sprint at the wall, you will be able to smash through. I've only seen a few people figure this out. I'll try adding better hints in the future.

    I actually do plan on making a sequel, but it is still in planning phase. Once I get a bit of work started on it I will release a Planet Minecraft countdown project as well as a Minecraft Forums suggestion page. I want to make the sequel the best it can be, so I want to hear the suggestions people have.

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    posted a message on || IoG TransNova || Builders and Developers Needed! || 24GB RAM ||
    As a part of this team I would like to recommend this group to any experienced builder interested in leaving their mark on a server. The group is small but skilled, and we can certainly use more people with talent.

    Apply if you are interested and our leaders will look into your application.
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    posted a message on [1.6+] [Adv] Passage Through the Void [3+ hours of gameplay!]

    Playable on singleplayer and multiplayer, but the map will be more fun with two or more players.
    New in version 1.3: You can now unlock a bonus adventure after completing the map. The Island of Illusion!
    Complete with new types of puzzles, a fully functional battle arena, eight zones, and command block run quests and features.
    Its been tested multiple times and all the glitches were fixed before launch. If a part seems broken, make sure command blocks are enabled, and if you're still having trouble, try thinking in a different way.
    It took me nearly 2 hours to beat it myself, and an average of over 3 for a regular player. (The bonus adventure takes an additional 30-45 minutes.)
    There is some parkour, but it is very short, and not that difficult.

    Most of this map was made by hand, but these are the programs that helped.
    MCEdit (Custom mobs, and generation of the two giant islands.)
    World Painter (Biome change, and hill generation on the mountain island.)
    Image-to-map (Used to place pictures into a map. Only used once.)
    Revise Books (Setting book authors, and fixing mistakes after creating the book.)

    http://tinyurl.com/passagevoid1-3 (Ver 1.3 - Minecraft update 1.6)
    http://tinyurl.com/passagevoid1-2 (Ver 1.2 - Minecraft update 1.5)
    http://tinyurl.com/passagevoid1-1 (Ver 1.1 - Minecraft update 1.4)
    Feedback is very appreciated.
    Hope you all enjoy this!
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    posted a message on Minema 3.2 - The smooth movie recorder
    I installed forge, it was working fine, but when I placed the minema file into the mods folder, minecraft crashes. It tells me 'capture.enabled' has no scope.
    I found the capture.enabled line in the minema.cfg file, but I have no idea how to fix this problem. Any help?

    EDIT: Never mind! I deleted the file and restarted minecraft. Now I have a different problem though. The video output is all corrupted and won't play.
    EDIT 2: I experimented a bit, and found that by removing the x264.exe file, it exported in photos. I had already known this, but it proved that there is not an error in your code, but in x264. I'll try a few more things.
    EDIT 3: Got it to half-way work. The video still can't play normally, but VLC managed to play it. Unfortunately, you still can't edit it.
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    Quote from Floyd1990

    Yay dinnerbone ruining the game even more.... :/

    Maybe you didn't fully read the post, but the texture packs are not being removed. They're being replaced with resource packs that can change both texture AND sound.
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    I love the resource packs, and the new day cycle gamerule, but there's been one addition that I've been wanting for a long time. Since it hasn't been added yet, I decided to post a topic about it.

    To summarize, it basically makes droppers be able to place disks into jukeboxes, allowing for redstone controlled music. Great for adventure maps, and with the new resource pack, imagine what mapmakers could do with that addition. For example, epic battle music could automatically start as zombies pour through the door.

    I'm really hoping someone at Mojang sees this and implements it, so I can use all the support I can get.
    You can read all the details here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1847150-redstone-controlled-jukebox-with-droppers-16-suggestion/
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    posted a message on Redstone controlled jukebox with droppers - 1.6 suggestion
    This is a rather simple idea, but I think it would be an amazing addition for Minecraft. Since droppers can place items into hoppers and other blocks, I began thinking about jukeboxes. What if placing a music disk in a dropper next to a jukebox, then powering the dropper could play the music disk?

    This currently doesn't work, but with the new resource pack coming in 1.6, imagine what you could do with it. Using a resource pack to change the music of the disk, you can rig up custom music to play during adventure maps entirely automatically. I really hope this could be added, and I think it would make a great improvement to Minecraft. In addition, I don't believe it should be very difficult to implement into the code.
    If you like this idea, please show your support!
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    I keep coming back to this so often, I'm just going to bookmark it. xD
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