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    posted a message on Looking for opinion on new hosting/mods/pixelmon

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a little help and guidance as I am looking to purchase hosting for a Minecraft server to run pixelmon. This will be for my kids and maybe a few of there friends so say 10-15 slots. I want to be as lag free as possible. Any recommendations on a good host would be great. Kids ages vary from 6-15.

    Looking also for your thoughts on version of pixelmon as I was thinking just the version of the game with the original 151 Pokemon or close to it. Also not sure of any other mods that could or should be installed with this. Another question is if I get this server and the mod is installed how does creating a spawn point work and what is included there. Potentially might need and admin/mod that knows a little bit about this stuff.

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    posted a message on Skin not on any Skin Search sites


    I have been noticing that my skin hasn't been appearing on ANY skin sites, like mcskinsearch. When I put my IGN, EdenWolf, into planetminecraft, the chat still shows my skin head as a steve. On servers, others can see my skin.

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    posted a message on Redstone mini-game ideas?

    I am bored and looking for some fun mini-game ideas that could be made purely with redstone on a vanilla version of 1.8. I have made things such as connect-4, a game that I call Bomber, and a few more. Please leave suggestions in the comments below

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    posted a message on Pushing mobs

    Is there a way to disable pushing mobs?

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