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    posted a message on Dont worry about the map size. X360 version.
    People, PC Elites raging mostly, assume consoles have crappy performance but Xbox 360 is pretty decent.

    3.5 GHz Multi-core Processor, 512 MB Memory that doesn't have to be shared with other programs and Graphics card obviously better than the average work PC.

    Take into account that Minecraft can run in with 2.0 MHz Single Core and 256MB Memory as minimum requirement.
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    posted a message on Bronies VS Furries
    To be realistic both communities are nice and have no reason to fight. Bronies protecting and following the niceness of the show and furries being the same yet without a show, More like books and the net. So this conflict would just end up in lots of new friends.

    If it were a fight between the fictional characters. It would end up the same, Horses being part of the animals.
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    posted a message on 5 Reasons Im getting this
    Quote from josia75

    oh yea? well i will be playing on my theater projector

    All of you are just jealous of my High def.
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    A wild Ugly has appeared.

    He used post your pic!

    Its super effective!

    The forum is paralyzed and can't move!
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    posted a message on Why can't there be Minecraft For PS3?.
    To bring a real reason.
    1. Most multiconsole games are made for Xbox then ported for the other consoles. It saves money and development time than to code for every console.
    2. Xbox is the easiest to port from PC, Similar hardware. PS3 has that awkward high power chips that no game but uncharted uses.
    3. Xbox has the biggest MC fanbase. Having clone fans and the machinima director that introduced MC to consoles using xbox, Halo and cod. Thus having xbox players.
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    posted a message on [1.1.0/1.0.0]Fishtaco's mods - Better Caves, FPS++, Height mod!!
    Does FPS+ Conflict with the player's skin? me.class is the only mod I have installed and my skin or anyone's skin in a server doesn't show up.
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    I really want NEI back, TMI just doesn't help if I wanna stay legit to the game, NEI is simple while having an option for people that don't want to cheat with the enchanting and crafting.
    D: Hope I can download soon.
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