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    Consuelas Mod

    Production of this mod has been stopped. Sorry.

    This mod adds a new mob to Minecraft, a Consuela. This is my first mod, so don't troll please. By killing the Consuela, you will get 0-2 sponges, and 0-2 Lemon Pledge. Make polished wood using wooden planks and Lemon Pledge. Tons of credit to Gurgadurgen for help and teaching me how to code mobs. Check out her mod EngiCraft. Also credit to lakotamo for the Consuela texture, and whutsurnaym for the Lemon Pledge texture.

    *This mod requires ModLoader*

    1. Install ModLoader and AudioMod.
    2. Put the contents of Contents go in minecraft.jar in the minecraft.jar.
    3. Put the contents of Contents go in Resources into the Resources folder.


    Older Downloads
    Version 2.25: Download
    Version 2.0: Download
    Version 1.75: Download
    Version 1.5: Download
    Version 1.25: Download
    Version 1.0: Download



    Credit to jdiger101 for the video.
    Credit to MrIlovereno for the video.

    Crafting Recipes

    Polished Wood

    Known Bugs

    [Being worked on]
    Taming doesn't work.
    Drops don't work.



    More uses for sponges and Lemon Pledge.
    Make the Consuela fight aggresive mobs when tamed.
    SMP compatiblity.

    Version 2.5: Updated to 1.8.1.
    Version 2.25: Added polished wood.
    Version 2.0: Tameable Consuelas. (Currently Not Working)
    Version 1.75: Added a hurt sound.
    Version 1.5: Added Lemon Pledge.
    Version 1.25: Added two new sounds.
    Version 1.0: Release of the Consuelas.


    This document is Copyright ©(2011) and is the intellectual property of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this mod on any other website is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

    Post any errors or bugs here. Feedback is appreciated.
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    Quote from MineMapper

    what is TF 2

    Its an action game made by Valve. Think of a cartoonish, unrealistic, Call Of Duty. Team Fortress 2 is an amazing game, and you can download in for free on a program called Steam.
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    Quote from VerseX

    blockID 97 is already used by BlockSilverfish.
    Change the blockID to any number above 120.

    I couldn't really see the video, but try that.
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    Quote from blackdice

    i think it started with the letter a

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    Oh przepraszam, używam Google Translate i musi mieć przetłumaczone źle. Przykro mi, nie mogę pomóc. Nie jestem całkiem pewien, co masz na myśli. Czy potrzebujesz pomocy w instalacji mod na serwerze multiplayer, czy co?
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    Czy mógłbyś wyjaśnić co jest moda, bo nigdy nie słyszał.
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    This is pretty much combining stuff that has already been done...
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    You should add a kangaroo!
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    Everyone is doing some sort of space mod now. :/
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    I would like to enter my Consuelas mod.
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