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    Don't think we don't see what is hidden within the written word, Twin!

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    Warped Conflagration: 2/50: ==================================================

    Sunder: 39/50 : ==================================================

    For One Who Is Gone: 1/50: ==================================================

    +3 to Generic

    Bomber votes for the Almond Milk Elemental. He also uses the Soul Repository, marking the Genesis Dog for death! As a reminder, Bomber will simply get a soul when it dies, which he can use for various things.

    ((Reposting this part for Tazz))

    Bomber decided it was time to descend to the field. A shadowy aura surrounds him as small, black wasps seem to materialize from thin air in the area. They swarm in a thin cloud around Bomber. Yes, they were the LABORER WASPS, ready to collect ANTE MATTER from the suffering of others for their dark purpose. However, the presence of the wasp swarm seemed to remove his invulnerability. A trade-off for the sheer potential of ante matter.

    Looking upward, Bomber saw the primordial stages of the new Earth. There appeared to be a barrage of attacks screaming across the sky, intent on destroying it. For a moment, he imagined Earth 2.0 exploding, causing flaming rocks to rain down and devastate the land. Bomber couldn't help but relish the thought. Snapping out of his twisted daydream, he focused on the task at hand. It was of utmost importance that he attempt to defend Earth 2.0 for the sake of Richard (who he was apparently assisting in this war) and... others.

    Pulling out an iron bucket, he began preparing a spell. It would take a while, so he decided to lecture some entities and players about the Minecraftian bucket against their will.

    "This is a bucket. 'Dear [DEITY OF PERSONAL PREFERENCE]' you may exclaim. There's more, however! Minecraft is a special dimension in that it contains a potentially infinite number of sub-worlds. Thousands of these sub-worlds are created and destroyed in the blink of an eye constantly! Sub-worlds can be influenced by one of two planes. These planes are called "Vanilla" and "Modded". The Vanilla plane is much more restrictive in terms of what may exist within it, and is always present in any sub-world. The Modded plane has much more potential, and can contain a staggering variety of liquids, materials, et cetera. However, it doesn't always influence any given sub-world like Vanilla does. Now, as for the bucket..."

    Bomber stopped himself and noticed one of the audience members had fallen asleep. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he whipped his arm out and flung a bolt of Warp energy at the unsuspecting sleeper. The careless observer is suddenly and painfully turned into a That-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named, as referring to one by name would result in horrible, unspeakable things. "Anyone else here fancy the idea of turning into one of those? That was rhetorical, of course you don't. Allow me to continue."

    He picked up the bucket, holding it in his left arm. His voice certainly projected a fair distance, even without using the chat. "Now, what do these two planes that moderate the very existence of this dimension's sub-worlds have to do with a bucket? Well, buckets have an intriguing characteristic: they exist in both planes at the same time. Because buckets connect to both planes at once, anything from the Modded plane that is inserted into a bucket will lose most of their properties, and become about as useful as lukewarm water. For example..."

    Suddenly, the bucket filled with blazing pyrotheum, a volatile substance that would most certainly be hot enough to light him and anything else at a close proximity on fire. "Normally, I would be on fire right now for standing too close to this stuff; not like it is a problem. The bucket neutralizes all properties of this substance because blazing pyrotheum does not exist in the Vanilla plane."

    Snapping his fingers, he briefly opened a portal to some void dimension and dumped the blazing pyrotheum in. By now, the spell was done. Releasing the bucket, he watched as it floated high up into the atmosphere. It approached Earth 2.0 and got close enough to be influenced by its gravitational pull. The bucket began orbiting around the planet, but the spell didn't seem to end there. Soon players noticed that there were an increasing amount of buckets orbiting the planet. There were thousands - no, tens of thousands! So many buckets drifted around the planet, orbiting in every direction imaginable. There was, effectively, a shield made of buckets! Bomber smiled at the sight of his spell working.

    "And that concludes our presentation. If there are any questions, feel free to ask your friend over there." Bomber gestured towards the Chaos Sp-- the monstrous aberration that was once a sapient being, which was currently slaughtering the wildlife.

    Orbital Bucket Shield summoned!

    ((Gonna play with stats, just want to get this post out.))

    Using the aforementioned properties of Minecraftian buckets, the Orbital Bucket Shield will defend Earth 2.0 by absorbing and nullifying attacks. However, due to the unpredictable orbit of the buckets, there is only a 75% chance that the shield will intercept an attack! Whenever the Orbital Bucket Shield manages to intercept an attack, it will absorb it entirely. The force of the attack will fling some buckets out of orbit, taking away some of the shield and lowering the chance of it absorbing an attack! Stronger attacks will send more buckets out of orbit and thus, lower the chance further.

    Souls: 3

    Spiked Bindings && Effigy of Lifelinking = Bonds of Mutual Suffering (Level 14: 9/15)

    Eye of True Sight && Markerlight = The Oculus (Level 12: 8/13)

    Festering Horn && Bottled Perish Song & Star of Chaos = The Doomsday Bell (Level 15: 8/16)

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    Ante Up!: 50/50 ================================================= (+13 from Tazz)

    Warped Conflagration: 1/50: ==================================================

    Sunder: 38/50 : ================================================== (+37 from Tazz)

    +3 to mythicZoologist

    A shadowy pool forms in the ground, making a small droning sound. Rising out of it was a figure who was as black as the tar-like pool. Slowly, they regained their color, revealing it to be Bomber. His knees buckle under him as he collapses to the ground. Bomber slowly stood up, shaking a little. The nightmare... it was finally over. It truly had felt like nothing he had ever experienced before. It was like dying.... no. He had experienced "death" a few times before, and it could be considered more of an inconvenience than anything. This. This was the first time Bomber truly felt he was going to die.

    And even worse, nothing changed.

    What he had hoped to achieve through Omega Flowey caused a catastrophe. That little weed had betrayed him. He betrayed all of them. Flowey had wormed his way into their minds, saying exactly what they wanted to hear. Bomber clenched his teeth at the thought of being manipulated, before exhaling loudly. This setback would not be the end. Dusting himself off, he took another deep breath. It was time to get back to work once again, and this time it will be different.

    The battlefield has changed a lot since he left.. On one end was a murder-happy child. At least, only a fool would assume they were merely a genocidal child. Bomber knew they were something much more. Off to the side was a casino populated by clowns and clown-related weirdos. A veritable clown cultist meeting it was! Those guys from the Dark Carnival always freaked him out, and the idea of deliberately causing paradoxes was insane. They are probably one of the only groups Bomber refuses to do business with.

    First things first, however, Bomber decided it was time to descend to the field. A shadowy aura surrounds him as small, black wasps seem to materialize from thin air in the area. They swarm in a thin cloud around Bomber. Yes, they were the LABORER WASPS, ready to collect ANTE MATTER from the suffering of others for their dark purpose. However, the presence of the wasp swarm seemed to remove his invulnerability. A trade-off for the sheer potential of ante matter.

    Now, however, it was time to make another call.

    "Hey Gula, gonna need your assistance for something again. I knew it was going to happen at some point, but it seems the Dark Carnival has shown up with their entourage of depraved cultists."

    "Oh man, it'$ b££n a whil£ $in¢£ you la$t ¢all£d! How'v£ you b££n?"

    Bomber rubbed his temples with his left hand. "Now is not the best time for small talk, Gula."

    "H£h, $orry. Anyway, whaddya n££d?"

    He turns to look over at the garish casino in the distance. "A little bit of sabotage. Particularly involving the slot machines. Think you can handle it?"

    Bomber could practically hear the sound of a cash register through the speaker. "₩hy didn't you $ay $o $oon£r? Thi$ will b£ a$ £a$y a$ pi£!"

    It wasn't long before Gula arrived after the call, appearing in a similar fashion as Bomber. The demon was extremely short and stout, with oil-colored skin and beady yellow eyes. Most of his face was a massive maw full of sharp teeth. Between Gula's short horns was a miniature safe that rested on his head, defying physics by always maintaining a perfect balance. Gula was as well-dressed as Bomber, wearing a suit that fit his diminutive stature.

    Somehow, Gula managed to speak coherently without any lips.

    ((By the way, this attack is FOCUSED.))

    Bomber explained the plan to his coworker. The first step was to create a massive distraction, which should be easy enough. Step two was the more difficult part, and was where Gula came into play. It involved sneaking into the clown-infested casino (which will be slightly less clown-infested after the aforementioned distraction) and overloading all of the slots, causing them to give too much payout. The casino will lose a lot of money in a short amount of time, and thus (with the application of troll logic) damage the business in a quite literal way. Nodding as much as he could - considering his head was part of his body - Gula disappeared in a puff of smoke, awaiting the signal.

    Lighting a cigar, Bomber teleported to the treeline below the Paradox Casino's west side.. Holding up a pair of binoculars, he up. It was hard to see through the tornado, but he spotted a security camera wearing a tiny jester hat that watched over the area. To maintain the element of surprise, he would have to neutralize it first. Bomber lowered the binoculars and snapped his left fingers. A devilite promptly appeared in a puff of smoke to his left. After some brief explanation, it disappeared again. After a few moments, it returned, carrying a vial full of crawling insects. They were actually simple-minded demonic creatures that loved nothing more than to devour wood and metal. Sending the jar through a portal, it exited through another portal and shattered atop the camera, covering it in demonic mites. They quickly ate their way into the circuitry, causing the camera to shut down.

    Now was his chance. Leaving cover, he flew up to the side of the building. Bomber pulled an explosive charge out of hammerspace and placed it on the wall. It was another volatile Pyrotheum Bomb. With the charge set, he rushed back to the cover and watched on with earnest. The air was perfectly still, and after what felt like an eternity, the bomb violently exploded. Much of the west half of the casino was now an open hole to the inside. Flaming debris was sent flying in all directions as the pyrotheum reacted violently with open air and just about everything else. Parts of the countryside were set on fire from the burning wreckage. Bomber cracked a huge smile and waited for Gula to get to work.

    Inside the casino was utter chaos; and not the kind the clown cultists were accustomed to. One of the walls, numerous slot machines, and a Faygo fountain were destroyed in a massive explosion. Fire threatens to damage more of the casino. The roaring blaze fills the air with dense smoke quickly. A few stoned patrons try to put out the fire with their bottles of Faygo, which was really a lost cause. Gula appeared inside, able to avoid attention due to both the distraction and his small size. A few clown cultists in especially offensive clothes rush by. Gula assumed they were higher ranked members of the Dark Carnival. Obviously, Bomber's distraction was working excellently.

    Weaving his way through the rows of slot machines, Gula was able to easily get past the few patrons who didn't acknowledge the explosion; mostly because they were too busy being as high as kites. To be honest, Gula found himself pretty tempted to start spinning some slots. A lot of money could be made off of those things, so maybe one spin wouldn't hurt. He began to reach toward an empty slot machine with one hand. Slapping that hand down with the other hand, he continued onward towards the center of the casino.

    It was clearly a heavily guarded area, monitored 24/7 by some heavily armed Greater Jesters. This area seemed to be where all the power was accumulating, and additionally where all of the slot machines were hooked up to. The Greater Jesters don't seem to have budged from their spot in reaction to the explosion. On top of that, they aren't under the influence of drugs at all. They were the real deal; focused and bloodthirsty. He would need to think of another way to distract them. Looking around, Gula found a shelf full of Faygo a few rows over. That would do just nicely.

    Quickly, Gula consumed as much of the drink as he could. He tried his best not to retch at the hedonistic beverage's taste as he continued to ingest it. Twelve bottles and a few different flavors later, Gula had enough of the drink. It was one of the few times Gula felt like he consumed too much of something, though it was only because of how much he despised Faygo. Already he could feel it gurgling inside of him, and he knew it was time for the distraction. The foreboding sounds became louder, and Gula knew he had to hurry.

    Making a mad dash toward the center of the casino, he choked back a torrent. Sliding around the corner, Gula saw the hulking cronies glare down at him. Unable to hold it back any longer, the demon let forth a beam of rainbow liquid. The Greater Jesters were launched backward from the sheer force of the disgusting blast. The floor was covered in various flavors of partially-digested Faygo. There was no way they were ever going to get this out of their 80s arcade carpet. All of the Greater Jesters were knocked out, lying in pools of the terrible soda. Gula coughed as the last bits of bile sputtered out of his mouth. That was probably one of the most unpleasant food-related experiences he has had.

    Seizing the opportunity, he rushed to the control panel for all of the slot machines. He had no hacking ability, but a bit of currency magic would do just the trick. Glowing with golden energy, he jumped up and slammed his palms on the control panel. A golden pulse covered the entire casino. Suddenly, one of the slot machines gave out a Jackpot, creating a joyous ringing accompanied by some honks. And then another machine did that, and then another. The casino was slowly filled with a rancorous uproar as Jackpot after Jackpot was handed out to all of the patrons. The floor was covered in coins, which all of the clown patrons tried to stuff into their pockets as fast as they could. Gula looked and saw the central tower for the Paradox Casino seemed to grow weaker as the business quickly lost almost all of its money in a few minutes. Some of the higher-ups took to kicking out patrons (quite literally) because they were winning too much. They did that about fifteen times before they realized that they would have to kick out just about everyone. Amidst the confusion and honking, Gula made his escape, diving out of the hole in the side of the casino dramatically.

    Back on the ground, Bomber welcomed Gula back.

    "Excellent work out there! Just like old times, eh?"

    "Aw y£ah! ₩£ r£ally ¢au$£d a lot oƒ ¢hao$ in th£r£, and now th£y hav£ lo$t almo$t all th£ir mon£y!"

    Bomber's smile faltered when he got a good whiff of something most foul. "What in the world is that smell?" Gula panicked. "Idunnogu£$itwillr£mainamy$t£ryby£!" The demon quickly disappeared into a portal in a hurry, leaving Bomber behind in his confusion.

    Souls: 3

    Spiked Bindings && Effigy of Lifelinking = Bonds of Mutual Suffering (Level 14: 8/15)

    Eye of True Sight && Markerlight = The Oculus (Level 12: 7/13)

    Festering Horn && Bottled Perish Song & Star of Chaos = The Doomsday Bell (Level 15: 7/16)

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    I think part of the problem is that people like to post right after Tazz skeledops, which messes up his flow and can cause some grief when the dop has to be split, which is pretty frequent with the growing playerbase.

    People really should refrain from doing that unless there is a specific reason they need to make a post for the next turn in advance. Same goes for nullposts, as that just causes horrible clutter in the thread that would serve better purpose here on The Forge.

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    Multiple flamethrowers unfold from Flowey's mechanical crevices, blazing the remainder of the Broken Church as well as the Coffins of Love and Heroism!

    Zarod uses Execute on the Suit of Knives. Only an executioner of his skill could behead that which is not headless. Or technically alive. The Cleric Beast continues its onslaught, changing targets to the Clockwork Automaton, alternatively the Stardust Monolith.

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    Ask if Cornelius Brick Sr. has a cutthroat business board game based off of him.

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    Ante Up!: 35/50 ==================================================

    The Pact: 50/50 ==================================================

    +3 to mythicZoologist

    The Cleric Beast will attack the Stardust Sentinel directly.

    Zarod uses Execute on Love! Zarod appears behind them, eyes glowing an intimidating red. A gallows rises out of the ground in front of Love ominously, upon which there is nothing but a stone slab and a wooden bucket stained with blood. The entity is suddenly bound in rusty metal chains and thrown onto the gallows by Zarod. He kicks them in the back of the legs violently, forcing them to kneel down before the stone slab. Gripping them by the face with his skeletal hand, he forces Love's head over it, their neck resting on the cold stone while their head hung over the empty bucket. Despite their struggles, Love found themselves unable to move. They were effectively sapped of all strength in addition to being bound by chains. Zarod stood next to Love, sharpening his massive axe. All Love could do was wait and anticipate death.

    With a swift movement, Zarod swung. The sound of metal clanging against stone resounded throughout The Battlefield.

    As for the bucket, well, it was no longer empty.

    Bomber glances at his wristwatch. Both hands happened to be at twelve, signifying that it is midnight. What's peculiar about this is that it wasn't midnight at all.

    "Well everybody, it seems it's about that time now. While stabbing myself with a dagger would be traditional, I have opted for going out with a BANG!" Bomber snickered at his own garbage pun. Snapping the fingers on his right hand caused a blazing flame to appear in his palm. Reaching behind himself with his left arm, he grabbed his fuse and brought it around in front of him. Holding the flame up to it, his own fuse was lit. Bomber winced in pain for a moment,

    A large, shadowy hand grabs the Loogog Empire. Bomber walked over to the apparition and leaned against its arm. The shadow hand bent over, dangling the Loogog Empire next to Bomber. His fuse was burnt about halfway through now, the flame continuing to make its way down at an agonizingly slow pace. Bomber did not say anything. Then, as the fuse was about to burn all the way through, he spoke up in a demonic tongue. "Vo'sol izh."

    The fuse ran out, and Bomber's head exploded. It was catastrophic, completely obliterating the Loogog Empire. Everything else on the Battlefield is sent sprawling by the resulting shockwave. Smoke rose up into an iconic mushroom shape. The sound of the explosion echoed off in the distance.

    From beyond the veil of death, Bomber's ominous laughter resounded throughout the battlefield before fading away into nothingness.

    Rising up from the corpse is a pixellated heart saturated with maroon. It flashes very rapidly, until it suddenly disappears.

    Everyone hears cackling.

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    Ante Up!: 35/50 ==================================================

    The Pact: 50/50 ================================================== (+3 from Twin)

    +3 to mythicZoologist

    Zarod uses Strangle on Love! The Cleric Beast will attack the Clockwork Legates of the Broken Church!

    Bomber uses the R.N.G. one more time, aiming at the Hulk.

    [ ICE | ICE | ICE ]

    ( On the d8 roll: 6, 5, 6 )

    The R.N.G. shudders for a moment while playing a joyous chime. Teal lights flash around the edges of the slot interface. The air around the gun immediately becomes colder by ten degrees and continues to drop rapidly. Frost gathers at the end of the gun's barrel. Suddenly, a literal blizzard blows out of the front of the gun. All other noises are deafened by the raging blizzard, which is concentrated at the Hulk. The onslaught of severe wintry weather proved too much for the Hulk, causing him to take a fair amount of damage. On top of that, he is inflicted with Frostburn, which is essentially a DoT. Lastly, he becomes Frozen, meaning he cannot act unless he takes damage (from a non Frostburn source) in which case he takes a little extra from the attack that targets him since it will shatter the ice. Of course, if that is a little too much for the sake of balance, he is merely Chilled, meaning that every turn there is a chance he will be unable to act. This effect persists for a while as well.

    Spiked Bindings && Effigy of Lifelinking = Bonds of Mutual Suffering (Level 14: 7/15)

    Eye of True Sight && Markerlight = The Oculus (Level 12: 6/13)

    Festering Horn && Bottled Perish Song & Star of Chaos = The Doomsday Bell (Level 15: 6/16)

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    Ante Up!: 34/50 ================================================== (+1 from Tazz)

    The Pact: 46/50 ================================================== (+1 from Tazz)

    +3 to mythicZoologist

    Bomber shuddered again, feeling the clock tick down further. Anticipation nearly overwhelmed him, yet he kept his calm and collected exterior. He let out a deep sigh, lighting another cigar. Smoke filled the air as Bomber took a brief moment to unwind and prepare for what was to come. "How long has it been?" A brief, cynical smile crept across his face before falling to a neutral expression again. He knew the answer to that rhetorical question, asked to nobody in particular. Everything he had done up to this point was ultimately a failure. Not regarding his company, which would be considered a massive success in many dimensions and planes. It was something else that he had been pursuing for an eternity. Each time, a bitter failure.

    "No, not this time..." He mumbled to himself between smokes. "This time, everything will change."

    Maroon mists coiled around his right hand. Extending his arm outward, the mists gathered more densely, becoming a definite form. That form began to solidify, shedding the maroon color. It was revealed to be the Grand Warmaster Rocket Hammer, transported from his personal storage of ambiguous size and content. Wielding the large weapon with one hand was probably impossible for some of the mortal races, but it was easily manageable for Bomber.

    Taking a wide swing, he struck the Hulk with a powerful blow. Dashing backwards as if he were gliding on air to dodge the Hulk's counter attack, he threw the weapon at the Hulk. It spun through the air rapidly before striking him square in the nose. The weapon bounced off, flipping backwards. Rushing forth, Bomber caught the weapon and immediately used it to attack the Hulk again, bashing him in the head.

    While the Hulk was stunned Bomber used this opportunity to jump over the hulk. Pointing the hammer downward while in the air, he was able to catch the Hulk with its front. Flicking a switch, the immense rocket engine roared to life. The weapon was propelled forward, swinging the Hulk high into the air. The Hulk flew straight upward into the sky. Landing on the ground, Bomber looked upwards to watch the mutant, sunning his eyes to exaggerate the fact a little. Predicting where he would land, Bomber raised his arm. A massive spike of brimstone burst from the ground, ready to cushion the Hulk's fall. Yeah right. As expected, the Hulk landed straight on the jagged spire of stone and was impaled through his stomach. Unable to support his own immense weight, he slowly and painfully slid down the spire a few more inches.

    Lowering his arm, the spike receded into the cracked earth again. The Hulk fell to the ground, motionless.

    Spiked Bindings && Effigy of Lifelinking = Bonds of Mutual Suffering (Level 14: 8/15)

    Eye of True Sight && Markerlight = The Oculus (Level 12: 5/13)

    Festering Horn && Bottled Perish Song & Star of Chaos = The Doomsday Bell (Level 15: 5/16)

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    Ante Up!: 32/50 ==================================================

    The Pact: 44/50 ================================================== (+3 from Crystal)

    +3 to mythicZoologist

    Bomber walks up to Steven, opens a portal behind him, and kicks him in. Steven finds himself in a familiar gothic-style city, and definitely in a pickle. He landed in a small grassy area patrolled by three of the half-transformed citizens wielding large bricks as weapons. Before he had time to react, the brutes were upon him. They repeatedly slammed him with the bricks violently. Steven tried to roll out of the way, only to be grabbed by one of the brutes and lifted up by the leg. The brute holds Steven upside-down at eye level, letting Steven see the deranged look in his eye. Suddenly, Steven is slammed into the nearby cobble path repeatedly, blacking out from the pain. When he woke up again, he found himself back on The Battlefield. Testing himself, he could confirm that the majority of the bones in his body were in fact broken.

    Spiked Bindings && Effigy of Lifelinking = Bonds of Mutual Suffering (Level 14: 7/15)

    Eye of True Sight && Markerlight = The Oculus (Level 12: 4/13)

    Festering Horn && Bottled Perish Song & Star of Chaos = The Doomsday Bell (Level 15: 4/16)

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    Ante Up!: 31/50 ================================================== (+3 from Tazz)

    Scourge of the Beast: 50/50 ================================================== (+3 from Tazz but the other two go to waste I guess?)

    The Pact: 41/50 ================================================== (+3 from Tazz, +3 from Crystal)

    +3 to mythicZoologist

    Bomber steps away from the Battlefield for a moment. As the pact ticked down, he felt a little lightheaded. The aura of unearthly maroon energy that surrounded him before is a permanent effect now. Knowing his time was running out, he absolutely had to make the trip now. Producing a small stack of papers, he scanned them quickly. "There, the coordinates." Knowing the right information was important for dimensional or planar travel, whether it be key words, coordinates, or an address of some sort. Keeping them in mind, Bomber made a portal before him. He looked around for a moment, ensuring nobody would follow him. Then, he took a deep breath and stepped through to the other side.

    Emerging into the bright moonlight, Bomber squinted his eyes for a moment. Looking around him, he saw towering spires and ornate structures that swept up towards the sky. Before him lay a wide, paved street with steps downward. A distance ahead and far above was a great bridge going from left to right, and presumably deeper into the city. Around him were piles of wreckage, some of which were on fire. Litter was strewn about the street, which was worn and dilapidated. Looking at some of the roads in the distance, and then upwards to the pathways around him, he saw groups of lights patrolling around. Torches, held by crowds of people. The grim city was accentuated by the full moon that peeked out of the overcast sky. It was unmistakable; he was in the city of Yharnam. More worrying is that he had arrived at the worst of times; on the night of The Hunt.

    Before continuing onwards, Bomber adorned himself with a concealing coat, pulling its gray hood over his head. His disguise was finalized with a bird-like mask, similar to that of a plague doctor. A faint howl was heard from somewhere ahead, but Bomber shrugged it off, thinking it was a dog wandering the city. He then walked down the steps and down the empty road, deeper into the jaws of the metropolis.

    His journey was mostly uneventful. He had a few encounters with monstrous crows that were too large to fly and had to resort to crawling, but otherwise navigated the twisting paths of Yharnam. Coming to the end of a walkway, Bomber heard voices. Peering around the corner on his right, he saw a large mob standing in a plaza surrounded by a building. He then saw what hung above them and gasped. A great, wolf-like beast was chained to a massive post staked on a roaring bonfire. It seemed to be unconscious, if not already dead. The mob seemed to be muttering to one another, holding torches or pitchforks in their right hands and, in their left, blunderbusses or pistols. Whoever they were, and whatever their purpose, Bomber had a feeling he wouldn't want to encounter them. Unfortunately, there appeared to be no way for him to continue on except through the plaza.

    Deciding taking the high road would be easier, Bomber attempted to levitate himself off the ground. After a few moments, he found that he couldn't. In the back of his mind were some unintelligible whispers. Bomber muttered to himself, "Something is interfering with my powers here..." With no other options, he decided to trudge on through the plaza. Bomber dared not to breathe, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. Though, luck was not on his side. A member of the mob turned around and shouted something to the others, who all drew their weapons. It was quite frustrating for Bomber, since he had intended to go through the city unnoticed. Getting a closer look at the citizens, though, he saw a strange look in their eyes that caught him off guard.

    Before he could ponder the strange feature, one lunged at him with a long spear. Dodging to the side, he drew his Grand Warmaster Rocket Hammer and immediately struck the man in the shoulder. He immediately crumpled to the pavement under the impact of the weapon. The rest of the mob approached angrily, a few of them opening fire with their guns. Taking cover behind a ruined wagon, Bomber pulled out his own revolver and took several shots into the mob. A few fell over, wounded by the bullets. He had to duck again, and found that he was pinned down in this position. Sighing in frustration again, he pulled out an explosive firebomb and threw it into the crowd. Immediately, the mob burst into the flames. Surprisingly, instead of running away, they attempted to reach for something on their person. Though, it was too late for them, and they were nothing more than charred corpses lying on the wet cobbles.

    Stepping out from cover, Bomber investigated the corpse closest to him. He found nothing particularly interesting except for what was in the man's coat pocket. A small vial filled with a red liquid. The glass was warm to the touch. Opening the stopper, Bomber smelt the substance, and was immediately able to determine that it was blood. Pocketing the item for inspection later, he continued on into a tunnel at the other end of the plaza.

    The next stretch of his journey was more hectic than the first leg, becoming a gauntlet of similar encounters with the citizens of Yharnam. They too, all carried the vials of blood, and had the same crazed looks on their faces. Some of them didn't seem to be entirely human, either. A close encounter with a hulking huntsman wielding a brick left Bomber out of stamina. Rabid dogs and crows were common on the upper walkways. Rounding a corner, he saw the great bridge up ahead. The stretch of road ahead of him was entirely empty, at least of living creatures. Still, he knew better, keeping his wits about him.

    Suddenly, a mass of black fur leaped out from behind a pile of crates. Bomber drew his hammer, but realized this was no mere dog. Besides walking on all fours and having distinctly canine features, this beast was definitely more humanoid. Thinking of the state of some of the other humans, he realized this must be their ultimate fate. Breaking from his thoughts, he watched as the beast eyed him, pacing at a distance. Suddenly, it lunged forward with a loud snarl. Bomber intercepted it with a strike from his hammer, sending the creature sideways into the pile of boxes. Waiting a moment to see if it still survived, Bomber deemed it was dead and moved on, a little nervous.

    He finally arrived at the bridge, which was devoid of life. Wrecked carriages were strewn about with other debris. At the very far end was a wooden gate. Staying alert, he navigated the wreckage with his weapon drawn. There were no incidents so far, but the complete silence was absolutely nerve-wracking. Approaching the gate, he paused for a moment. Bomber could smell blood.

    The air was pierced by a terrible shriek that caused Bomber to jump. Looking up, he saw a massive beast of some sort leap over the gateway and land on the bridge. This lycanthrope was much larger than the one from before. It appeared emaciated, yet it also seemed primed to hunt. Long, silver-tipped clumps of hair ran along its arms and back, matted together by blood and dirt. Bomber immediately noticed that its left arm was more massive than the other. The creature seemed to use it for support as it rested in a crouched position. A large, disfigured set of horns came out of its head. The beast let out another piercing howl that sent a chill down Bomber's spine. Its screams were a horrid mixture of a wolf and human cries.

    Immediately, the beast slammed the ground in front of Bomber with its larger claw, almost hitting him. Stumbling backwards, Bomber drew his weapon and attempted a swing at the beast. It merely hopped backwards out of range. It let out another cry before ravenously swiping several times. The last swipe struck Bomber in his left arm, tearing the cloak and opening a wound that dribbled black ichor. Enraged, he flicked the switch on the rocket hammer, propelling his swing forward and into the beast's hip. It screamed in pain as it collapsed sideways, crashing into one of the abandoned carriages. Before it could recover, Bomber seized the opportunity and struck it square in the forehead, causing it to see stars.

    Suddenly, Bomber felt something return to him. A grin spread across his face as he raised his right arm upwards. Maroon chains appeared out of the cobbles, binding themselves to the beast. It struggled to escape, howling again in frustration. "Ah, yes. You are exactly what I was looking for." A portal appeared below the beast, which it soon sank in to. Looking down, he saw the drops of his blood on the pavement, bubbling and hissing. Taking a final glance at Yharnam, he knew he would be returning. Something nagged in the back of his brain, a thought that he wasn't sure was his.

    The Hunt is eternal, and none may escape it.

    Returning to the Battlefield in his normal attire, he grinned maliciously. "You know, I decided to get you all a present before I kick the bucket. You all like puppies, don't you?" Bomber let the rhetorical question hang in the air for a moment, before turning around. A maroon portal tore open the ground, and rising out of it came the great beast. It was as ravenous as ever, yet seemed a little more under control. "I'd be careful around him if I were you, he likes to play rough."

    Cleric Beast

    Cleric Beast [AZ] - HP: 250,000/250,000
    Rage Meter: ||||||||||

    A massive, terrifying beast that heavily resembles a lycanthrope. The creature appears emaciated, having skin that is thinly draped across its bones. Long clumps of silver hair run down its back and left arm, matted together by blood and dirt. One noteworthy feature is that the monster's left arm is much larger than the other. It uses this arm for the majority of its attacks as well as for movement. The Cleric Beast tends to sit crouched on its hind legs while supporting itself with its left arm, maintaining an eerily human posture. Standing this way allows it to tower over most everything. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature is the large set of horns that rest upon its canine head, which resemble that of a stag or bull moose, except more gnarled and twisted. It is frightening to think that this thing was once human. One shudders to imagine if others in Yharnam have suffered a similar fate.

    This beast is agile and has supernatural strength. Approach with caution, lest you become its next meal.


    Agility - Despite its size, the Cleric Beast is quite agile and can dodge attacks. 30% dodge chance.

    Rending Claws - The Cleric Beast has a chance to inflict a stack of bleed with all of its attacks. This chance increases as the Rage Meter fills.

    Bestial Rage - The Cleric Beast has a Rage Meter that fills over time. The meter naturally fills by one every turn. The Cleric Beast will become more enraged as it attacks, and of course different actions can effect this meter differently. Each point in the meter increases the beast's attack. When the meter is filled, the Cleric Beast can perform Double Actions and gains mini-crits for three turns, after which the meter drops to 0 and must be filled again.


    Enraged Swipes ||| - The Cleric Beast enters an enraged state briefly, striking the target with four attacks while advancing forward. Fills the Rage Meter by one.

    Spine-Chilling Howl |||| - The Cleric Beast lets out an ear-splitting howl that disturbs those who hear it. Two enemies of choice become Feared for two turns.

    Brutalize |||||| - The Cleric Beast scoops up a target with its massive left hand, holding it in a tight grip. It then immediately tears into its target. This attack deals high damage, stuns for one turn, and will heal the Cleric Beast for a quarter of the damage dealt.

    The Imperator definitely looked like it had seen better days. Remembering who was piloting it, he decided to make a call.

    "Hey, how's the Titan treating ya?"

    A few mechanical whirrs could be heard from the other end of the phone.

    "Bwahaha! Works good, boss!"

    "Glad to hear, considering you oversaw its construction."

    "Dem chef's are zoggin' annoying. I'd krump 'em if they weren't all..... ghosty."

    "Eh, pay them no mind. What matters is they get the job done. Anyhow, just make sure you don't...

    Bomber remembered he was, in fact, talking to an Ork, one of the most resilient mortal races he has ever met. Irongutta also wore a lot of blue facepaint. Considering Orkish beliefs, blue was a lucky color. The only answer to any questions about the science behind this is that, for an Ork, it just works.

    "Keep up the good work, then."

    He hung up the call, and carried on.

    Stretching his arm out towards Sans, who is immediately surrounded by a large silver outline of a cube. He attempts to escape, but finds that translucent walls have appeared. Bomber watched as Sans attempted to escape the deathtrap, but maintained a cold and calculatinc expression. The walls became opaque, becoming a cube with a metallic luster. Six more cubes appear, with complex mechanisms sticking out one of their faces. Orienting themselves over all six sides of the prisoner's cube, they immediately impaled themselves into the cube forcefully. Gears clicked as each cube turned once to lock itself in place.

    Another eight cubes appeared with similar mechanisms on one of their corners, promptly locking themselves into place in a similar manner. The single box has now become a 3x3 cube of cubes, all interlocked together in one complex mechanism. It was rather obvious that this was simply a large-scale version of a familiar puzzle. Naturally, this version was a little more oriented for murder.

    Twitching his index finger, one row of the mechanism jostled a bit. Flexing it caused the row to move entirely. The noisy turning of gears and cogs was heard, before a loud CLANK was heard as the cube finished turning. Bomber then turned the top of the cube to the left, changing the orientation of the mechanisms within. Yet it still functioned the same. A few more sides of the death trap rotated, and it soon became clear what really was happening.

    Each mechanism was housed in the central cube, which also happened to be where sans was. It was probably already a horribly tight fit in there, leaving next to no room for anyone or anything. But with the twisting and rotating, the gears and shafts inside are bound to turn as well. Effectively, the central cube is acting as a terrible grinder, slowly slicing and dicing whoever was unfortunate enough to be trapped in the middle. Even for a godmodder, this had to be hard to dodge.

    Bomber began turning the rows and columns more and more with his mind. Obviously due to the laws of physics, the mechanism could not turn as fast as the smaller-scaled and less murderous version everyone is more familiar with. Still, the sides began to rotate faster at a quicker rate. Eventually, the ticking of a clock was heard faintly, almost drowned out entirely by the clamorous gears.

    Finally, the cube finished turning, and a DING! was heard. All of the cube's segments collapsed to the ground, becoming a pile of its smaller components. The central cube remained in the air for an extra moment before landing on the top of the pile. It burst open, sending cogs and sprockets shooting off in different directions. What was left were the panels of the central cube atop the stack, and sans.

    Zarod uses Maggot Spit on Steven! Zarod spits a large glob of slimy, rotten flesh at Steven. It hits Steven in the face at a high velocity, filling his nose with a smell most foul and splattering an equally disgusting wet substance on him. Steven takes damage and has a 50% chance to become poisoned for a while! Upon hitting the ground, the large pile of rotten material churns slightly. Something seems like it will emerge out of the pile soon...

    Spiked Bindings && Effigy of Lifelinking = Bonds of Mutual Suffering (Level 14: 6/15)

    Eye of True Sight && Markerlight = The Oculus (Level 12: 3/13)

    Festering Horn && Bottled Perish Song & Star of Chaos = The Doomsday Bell (Level 15: 3/16)

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