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    posted a message on Wolf Overhaul and leveling system!

    There hasn't been another huge pet overhaul or update (Excluding ocelots) since they were first introduced. On the other hand, most minecraft players don't use wolves regularly as a form of damage but instead as a companion to keep them comforted since wolves don't deal a large amount of damage do deal with waves of enemies. So I thought hey, wolves should have an overhaul. So here it is.

    Leveling System:

    So the spotlight of this overhaul is definitely going to be a leveling system for wolves. Wolves would all start at level 1 and they would work their way up to level 10. Now a level cap is sure to be in the overhaul since we all know we don't want to see level 1000 wolves just running around killing everything with a single blow. Anyways, wolves would level up by killing mobs. Like the players' leveling system, different mobs give different experience. Every time a wolf levels up, it would have its damage enhanced by 1/4 a heart which means a level 10 wolf would deal 4 hearts of damage to an unarmored player or mob.


    Perks are special abilities that wolves can learn to enhance them. Wolves would gain perks every 5 levels so a wolf would have 2 perks if it was level 10. When your wolf reaches level 5, it would learn its first perk. The player must right click the wolf with an empty hand and it would open up GUI with 3 cards to choose from. Each card represents a perk. Here are some of the perks that I think could be implemented into the game.

    Fury Claws: Wolf's damage is raised by 25%.

    Swift Feet: Wolf's speed is increased by 25%.

    Stone Skin: Damage taken by wolf is decreased by 25%.

    Hefty Push: The wolf's attack would push mobs further than before.

    Paralyzing Touch: Every time the wolf attacks, it now has a 10% chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds.

    As said before, the wolf can learn 2 perks. We have shown some examples of the level 5 perks, so how about the level 10 perks?

    Level 10 perks are different from level 5 perks since they majorly affect the wolf. Here are some examples of the level 10 perks.

    Aqua Embrace: Wolf can breath underwater, swim underwater, attack underwater and its swimming speed is increased by 50%.

    Dodge and Strike: The wolf can now has a 25% chance to dodge the enemies attack and countering it for a hefty 10 hearts of damage.

    Strength In Numbers: If a wolf is near the wolf, its damage, resistance and speed is increased by 25%. This ability does not stack.


    Whistles are a new item that are used to 'call' dogs. Whistles can be assigned to certain dogs by right clicking them with the whistle. When the dog is right clicked with a whistle, a GUI would appear and let you name the whistle. This is to prevent confusion between multiple whistles. When you call a dog with a whistle, it would teleport to you from any corner of the world. Whistles would also have a durability bar of 50 which means each whistle can call a dog up to 50 times. And before I forget, here is the crafting recipe of the whistle:

    (Music disc can be substituted with other music discs)

    Wolf Drops:

    Wolves have never had a drop since it was first introduced. I say it should have a couple of drops. Here are some of the drops that I think could be implemented into the game.

    Wolf Foot:

    The wolf foot is an item that is dropped by the wolf when it is killed. The wolf foot is a rare item like the rabbits foot. The wolf foot is used in brewing. It is used to brew a potion of haste.

    Wolf Meat:

    Wolf meat is a common drop from the wolf. A wolf can drop anywhere between 1-3 wolf meat. The wolf meat can be cooked in the furnace to become cooked wolf meat. Wolf meat gives the player 4 hunger points when eaten and has a chance to give weakness to the player for 30 seconds. Cooked wolf meat gives the player 6 hunger points and gives the player resistance for 45 seconds.

    So that is all!

    Please tell me any suggestions or changes you would like to have in the suggestion and don't be afraid to leave some criticism, it helps me improve and enhance my suggestions very well!

    Thank you for spending your time to read this.

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    posted a message on Spectral Torches: Mob and player detector that lasts forever!
    Since we just got our first little taste of what 1.9 will be, It is very possible that this could be something that has already been planned. Nonetheless, here is the suggestion.

    Spectral Torches!

    In the recent 1.9 snapshot, we got a lot of features. Dual wielding, end cities, new mobs and different types of arrows. The types of arrows were based around potion effects but one arrow was unique and it was named the Spectral Arrow. This arrow makes a mob 'glow' when it is hit with this arrow.

    So I thought, hey, how about Spectral Torches.

    Spectral Torches act like torches but are different in the sense that they make mobs 'glow' when mobs are within a 7 block radius of the torch. They take the same time to break as a torch. They also affect players. They stack up until 64.

    Crafting Recipe:

    Makes 2 torches each time.

    Mockup of Spectral Torch Sprite:

    Mockup of the spectral effect:


    A spectral arrow that works forever but only works with mobs in a certain radius.

    So yeah very short, simple suggestion. Please leave some feedback and don't be afraid to point out any flaws with the idea.

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on Spectral Torches: Mob and player detector that lasts forever!

    Update! Added a sprite mockup for the spectral torch!

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    posted a message on My First House Done In Ages. Do You Think It Looks Nice?

    I've built a fast food shop with an asian twist. Think it looks nice?

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    posted a message on My First House Done In Ages. Do You Think It Looks Nice?

    Update! Just got some stuff done on the build. Added A LOT more greenery.

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    posted a message on My First House Done In Ages. Do You Think It Looks Nice?

    Thanks Lux! Very nice advice there. Also, I'm currently not working on anything even though I have lots of free time because the computer I have my world on suddenly broken down for some reason. I'll start building as soon as I get it working! In the meantime, you guys have any builds that you have submitted to the forums recently?

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    posted a message on My First House Done In Ages. Do You Think It Looks Nice?

    I've recently gone back to building and I'm a bit rusty, but do you think this looks nice? Please leave honest answers. If it is lacking in some things *cough* interior designing *cough*, then any advice on improving it?

    Thank you for reading!

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    posted a message on Sparks Appear When Minecarts Drastically Slow Down (40+ Supporters!)
    So this is a very,very small suggestion.

    I suggest that when minecarts travel at a high speed and then slow down immediately and drastically, sparks appear behind them. The sparks would be particles not entities or others.

    The sound of this would be like this:

    I'm sorry to say but the sound was recently terminated by youtube for some unknown reasons. I'm sorry. But if you have ever heard the sound of trains slowing down or the screeching of metal against metal, that's basically it. Again sorry for any inconvenience.

    On top of that, here is what the particles would look like:

    The sound wouldn't be as high pitched though to prevent the continuous murdering of people's ears. (Pictures and videos provided by Badprenup and DmgVol. Thanks guys!)

    Now if you really support this suggestion, please use the banner made by PoisonDagger273.

    It is a very small suggestion I know, but sometimes realism just fits.
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    posted a message on Wizards (Mini Boss)
    So we now have witches. Predictable humans that are trained in the arts of potions. I suggest Mojan- I mean Microsoft to add Wizards, same info as the witch except trained in the arts of magic.

    Wizards have a similar model as witches, however they have no pointy hats, actually functional hands and wear a red robe just like so:

    Spawn Area:

    He spawns in what I imagine a giant tower made out of stone bricks with a nether brick capped roof. It would have a spiraling staircase that leads all the way to the wizard.

    Health and Weapon:

    The wizard would have about 30 hearts / 60 health and attack using only his bare hands. No wands, no staffs.


    It has multiple attacks, one of which is firing a fireball that is similar to it's ghast's counterpart that deals 4 hearts of damage to the unarmored (This is on normal difficulty) and each armor point (2 points = 1 full armor icon) decreases it's damage by 0.3 hearts. (Which means a full bar of armor would decrease the fireball's damage by 3 hearts)

    The second attack is the wizard firing a snowball which gives any entity hit by it slowness 2 and it deals 2 hearts of damage. This attack ignores any armor points.

    The third attack is the wizard firing a what seems like a beam of smoke to the player. This attack gives any entity hit by it blindness 1 and weakness 1.

    And last but not least, the final attack is the wizard firing a laser like attack (similar to the guardian except with instant execution) that deals 2 hearts of damage to the unarmored. Each armor point decreases it's damage by 0.1 hearts.


    These Wizards drop any of the following:

    Glowstone Dust 2-5 (30%)

    Ghast Tear 1-3 (10%)

    Ender Pearls 3-6 (20%)

    Lapis Lazuli 8-12 (20%)

    Nether Wart 6-8 (15%)

    Potion Of Regeneration 3 (5%)

    And thats all I have to offer. Please leave some feedback and i'll appreciate the criticism. Thank you!
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    posted a message on Villages Using Banners And Banner Improvements
    So this is a small suggestion about adding banners in villages. Banners being the new item added in the most recent 1.8 snapshot, 14w30c.

    So currently when you enter a new village it doesn't indicate a certain uniqueness to that village. Using banners, villages can have an identity to your world. For example here's a pic:

    As you can see, there will be multiple banners so if you come in the village at any direction you will still see it's banner.

    Now as you see in the title, aside from villages using banners I propose ONE improvement to be done.

    Right clicking a banner will register it's symbol in a map. Here's an example:

    This is before you right click the village's banner.

    After you click it, the icon of the banner (in this case not represented) will be placed above the tip of the red arrow.

    This feature can be used as waypoints, so you can set a banner at your house, right click it and it will place an icon onto the map.


    Question: Seems pretty cool, however what about those rare wither skull ones? Won't those be overpowered?

    Answer: Well banners currently cannot be uncrafted, just like most items in the game. Thus making wither skull banners fair.

    Question: The improvement is too overpowered, using this in servers with factions is hardly fair.

    Answer: Factions nowadays commonly use plugins like sethome and such, so......... yeah.

    Question: Are the waypoints represented in maps or represented like the waypoint mods that commonly appear in modpacks? (Rei's Minimap, etc.)

    As stated above, they will only appear in maps. This was like so to keep that exploration feel to the minecraft world and prevent people going on long trips and still remember the location of their base.

    Using this, long trips would have to bring a lot of maps if someone wanted to know the location of their base while their away.
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