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    posted a message on Morphing Slime (Mini Boss)
    The ground shakes, you hear a loud thud.

    "Splat, splat, splat,".

    A massive cyan slime appears from behind the trees. You try to attack it with your sword, but it suddenly turns into a silverfish!

    Nice intro, eh? Anyways lets get to the suggestion.

    I would love to have a mini boss that morphs into other mobs and take over their ai and mechanics. So, I would like to suggest a new mini boss, the Morphing Slime.

    The amount of hearts this mob would have is 35 hearts. It would change into a different mob each 7 seconds. It can change into ANY mob except:

    Passive mobs (Does not attack)

    Neutral mobs (Only attacks when provoked)

    Guardians (It cannot attack on land so.....)

    Slimes (It's already a slime so....)

    Bosses (Ender Dragon, Elder Guardian, Wither)

    Now, lets say it turns into a creeper. It blows up, however it turns back into a morphing slime for 2 seconds as a cooldown. It also does not have smaller versions of itself unlike other slimes.

    Almost forgot, the base mob (Morphing Slime) can attack like a normal slime for 1.5 hearts and cause slowness 1 and mining fatigue 1 for 15 seconds. Also, any mob the slime turns into it will contain the same hearts so for example lets say the morphing slime has 31 hearts. It then turns into a skeleton but it will still have 31 hearts. The morphing slime also cannot turn in to jockey versions of other mobs.

    Now, we should take about where it spawns. It spawns in a chamber that sort of looks like a dungeon but the moss stone is replaced with random patterns of the stone bricks (mossy, cracked and regular) and there are also patches of slime blocks in it. The chamber will be bigger and would spawn as rarely as the ocean monuments. Each chamber would have 2 Morphing Slimes. There will be a picture of what the chamber would look like in the attachments.

    And finally, what is a mob without drops. The morphing slime has a chance to drop 2 of any of the spawn eggs. So it could drop a skeleton and creeper egg or a zombie and cave spider egg. These drops does not the spawn eggs of the mobs stated above except the slime. (Passive mobs, neutral mobs, guardians)

    So that's all. Please leave some feedback I would appreciate it very much. Any kind of criticism is accepted.
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    posted a message on Better Deserts:Because Deserts are getting a bit boring!
    The cactus part has been suggested by me...
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    posted a message on Wizards (Mini Boss)
    So we now have witches. Predictable humans that are trained in the arts of potions. I suggest Mojan- I mean Microsoft to add Wizards, same info as the witch except trained in the arts of magic.

    Wizards have a similar model as witches, however they have no pointy hats, actually functional hands and wear a red robe just like so:

    Spawn Area:

    He spawns in what I imagine a giant tower made out of stone bricks with a nether brick capped roof. It would have a spiraling staircase that leads all the way to the wizard.

    Health and Weapon:

    The wizard would have about 30 hearts / 60 health and attack using only his bare hands. No wands, no staffs.


    It has multiple attacks, one of which is firing a fireball that is similar to it's ghast's counterpart that deals 4 hearts of damage to the unarmored (This is on normal difficulty) and each armor point (2 points = 1 full armor icon) decreases it's damage by 0.3 hearts. (Which means a full bar of armor would decrease the fireball's damage by 3 hearts)

    The second attack is the wizard firing a snowball which gives any entity hit by it slowness 2 and it deals 2 hearts of damage. This attack ignores any armor points.

    The third attack is the wizard firing a what seems like a beam of smoke to the player. This attack gives any entity hit by it blindness 1 and weakness 1.

    And last but not least, the final attack is the wizard firing a laser like attack (similar to the guardian except with instant execution) that deals 2 hearts of damage to the unarmored. Each armor point decreases it's damage by 0.1 hearts.


    These Wizards drop any of the following:

    Glowstone Dust 2-5 (30%)

    Ghast Tear 1-3 (10%)

    Ender Pearls 3-6 (20%)

    Lapis Lazuli 8-12 (20%)

    Nether Wart 6-8 (15%)

    Potion Of Regeneration 3 (5%)

    And thats all I have to offer. Please leave some feedback and i'll appreciate the criticism. Thank you!
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    posted a message on Chiptune Music Playing While Using 8 Bit Shaders
    The title basically says it all.

    If you click the super secret settings a bunch of times you will stumble upon the 8 bit graphics shaders, one colored and one in green LED.

    When either one is on, the normal music in minecraft will turn into chiptune music.
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    posted a message on Villages Using Banners And Banner Improvements
    Quote from CluneyTheScourge

    Good suggestion. I suppourt.

    Quote from Psycodragons

    OOPS I posted in the wrong thread.

    Thanks all!
    @Psychodragon: were you replying to another thread?
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    posted a message on Villages Using Banners And Banner Improvements
    Quote from trollsack

    As LinonWater said, this would be difficult to code. But support!

    Quote from Shadow2hel

    I like the idea..


    Quote from Ender_Golemed

    This would defiantly give more identity to villages, and it would maps more useful. I support.

    Quote from GreyWolfSC
    I think it's a bit premature to suggest changes to snapshot stuff. The banners may not make it into the release. :)

    Thanks guys! All your feedback is appreciated.

    @GreyWolfSC: Your first statement may be true. However, like other releases, 1.8 is likely to get patches like 1.8.2 or 1.8.5. So I can see this getting implemented.
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    posted a message on Villages Using Banners And Banner Improvements
    Quote from LinonWater

    I like this idea, but I'm sure this is going to be a tricky thing to implement because you've got to get patterns to overlap each over and it needs to be random for every village.

    Other than that, I support!

    It is going to be tricky considering there are 400 to the 6th power of combinations for banners. Any who, thanks for the support!
    Quote from Benjamin5349
    A small suggestion, but it would add a bit of much needed flavor to villages. Also the way points, that's a great idea. Full support, so simple yet is would have so much potential.

    Thank you for your feedback. The waypoint thing came to my mind on the go (while I was writing the thread). Thought it would be pretty useful.
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    posted a message on Rare usernames?
    My name has NEVER been taken before.
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    posted a message on Push "x" for as long as you can hold your breath.
    Round 2.

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    posted a message on Villages Using Banners And Banner Improvements
    So this is a small suggestion about adding banners in villages. Banners being the new item added in the most recent 1.8 snapshot, 14w30c.

    So currently when you enter a new village it doesn't indicate a certain uniqueness to that village. Using banners, villages can have an identity to your world. For example here's a pic:

    As you can see, there will be multiple banners so if you come in the village at any direction you will still see it's banner.

    Now as you see in the title, aside from villages using banners I propose ONE improvement to be done.

    Right clicking a banner will register it's symbol in a map. Here's an example:

    This is before you right click the village's banner.

    After you click it, the icon of the banner (in this case not represented) will be placed above the tip of the red arrow.

    This feature can be used as waypoints, so you can set a banner at your house, right click it and it will place an icon onto the map.


    Question: Seems pretty cool, however what about those rare wither skull ones? Won't those be overpowered?

    Answer: Well banners currently cannot be uncrafted, just like most items in the game. Thus making wither skull banners fair.

    Question: The improvement is too overpowered, using this in servers with factions is hardly fair.

    Answer: Factions nowadays commonly use plugins like sethome and such, so......... yeah.

    Question: Are the waypoints represented in maps or represented like the waypoint mods that commonly appear in modpacks? (Rei's Minimap, etc.)

    As stated above, they will only appear in maps. This was like so to keep that exploration feel to the minecraft world and prevent people going on long trips and still remember the location of their base.

    Using this, long trips would have to bring a lot of maps if someone wanted to know the location of their base while their away.
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    posted a message on 1.7.9 Survival Island
    Gud, gud!
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    posted a message on Argweer (Medieval Shop)
    The download is up!
    I have came up with a name for this shop, Argweer Needs.
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    posted a message on Argweer (Medieval Shop)
    @damo333333: Thank you for your criticism and sure, use it if you want.

    Again, thank you for your criticism. And as stated above, feel free to use it. I'm currently having some issues.
    To be exact, one HUGE issue. I accidentally loaded the map in 1.7.9 however I built the shop in 14w21b. So if you
    Want to download this, make sure your using the correct snapshot. The download will be up on at least tonight.
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    posted a message on Argweer (Medieval Shop)
    Quote from Rainbowlicious

    Nicely done.

    Thanks! Its relieving to see at least someone look at my thread.
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    posted a message on Argweer (Medieval Shop)
    So I have been messing around and building for the past 4-5 hours.So I decided to make a store / shop with medieval touches here and there.Here are some screenshots.Outside View:

    So that's all of it. Wanna download the build? Here is the link:
    Oh, and please leave some criticism, I would love to hear your opinions on this build.
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