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    posted a message on Adjust Cooldowns with a gamerule! (For the people who hate them and for the people who love them)

    So in 1.9, Mojang added the now much debated and critically acclaimed cooldown to weapons and tools of almost all types. A lot the people in the Minecraft community took this new feature very....... unpleasantly.

    This uproar in the Minecraft community took my attention so I started to brainstorm thinking of solutions on how to fix or nerf this feature without causing another uproar to the people who loved the cooldowns.

    After scratching a lot of ideas, I decided to settle with this one. Here is my solution to cooldowns.

    Instead of removing them all together, why not add a gamerule that could adjust the cooldowns for all of the tools and weapons?

    The gamerule could work like this:

    /gamerule adjustCooldown (number of seconds for the cooldown) (name of item)

    The item name could be anything like items and blocks that didn't even have a cooldown.

    This means that blocks like tnt could have cooldown and you couldn't spam place them and destroy an area. And of course, you can set the number of seconds to 0 and have no cooldowns!

    Here's some example of the stuff you could do.

    /gamerule adjustCooldown 15 minecraft:tnt

    /gamerule adjustCooldown 0 minecraft:diamond_axe

    /gamerule adjustCooldown 1.75 minecraft:diamond_hoe

    So that is all. If you have any feedback or criticism please leave it in your comments and response respectively. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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    posted a message on Redhood Town

    So hello there everyone, before I even start, I want you guys to know that even if your reading this the time that you use to read this is truly appreciated.

    Anyways, I have been building a small little town from scratch since yesterday. I haven't had too much time in building it (about 8 hours or so) so forgive me for any amateur or sub par builds. The town is located in the attachments below.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Linked Souls Challenge


    I was sitting and eating lunch when I thought about this so please apologize for any loopholes in this challenge. Anyways, this challenge is called the linked souls challenge. Why you asked? Well is this challenge is built around one mechanic. Hardcore mode.

    This challenge is played in a multiplayer or if you want a harder experience, single player but with friends (I'll explain this)

    The main goal of the challenge is to kill the Ender Dragon. How this challenge works is every player is 'linked' with one another. This means if one player dies then every other player die.

    Now to explain the single player version. How you play the single player version is you and your friends make different worlds and play them normally. Like the multiplayer version, you are linked and if one player dies, the other dies too.

    This is harder since you don't have any other players to help you in your world.


    1. Players may only use tools and armors that are made with the same material. (eg: Iron armor with iron tools, leather armor with wood tools)

    2. No potions.

    3. Enchantments are not allowed.

    So good luck, have fun and hope you win!

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    posted a message on Wolf Overhaul and leveling system!

    @Cerroz: I have changed and tinkered it a bit. I'll see if other players seem to like the new changes. Thank you for the criticism though!

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    posted a message on Wolf Overhaul and leveling system!

    There hasn't been another huge pet overhaul or update (Excluding ocelots) since they were first introduced. On the other hand, most minecraft players don't use wolves regularly as a form of damage but instead as a companion to keep them comforted since wolves don't deal a large amount of damage do deal with waves of enemies. So I thought hey, wolves should have an overhaul. So here it is.

    Leveling System:

    So the spotlight of this overhaul is definitely going to be a leveling system for wolves. Wolves would all start at level 1 and they would work their way up to level 10. Now a level cap is sure to be in the overhaul since we all know we don't want to see level 1000 wolves just running around killing everything with a single blow. Anyways, wolves would level up by killing mobs. Like the players' leveling system, different mobs give different experience. Every time a wolf levels up, it would have its damage enhanced by 1/4 a heart which means a level 10 wolf would deal 4 hearts of damage to an unarmored player or mob.


    Perks are special abilities that wolves can learn to enhance them. Wolves would gain perks every 5 levels so a wolf would have 2 perks if it was level 10. When your wolf reaches level 5, it would learn its first perk. The player must right click the wolf with an empty hand and it would open up GUI with 3 cards to choose from. Each card represents a perk. Here are some of the perks that I think could be implemented into the game.

    Fury Claws: Wolf's damage is raised by 25%.

    Swift Feet: Wolf's speed is increased by 25%.

    Stone Skin: Damage taken by wolf is decreased by 25%.

    Hefty Push: The wolf's attack would push mobs further than before.

    Paralyzing Touch: Every time the wolf attacks, it now has a 10% chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds.

    As said before, the wolf can learn 2 perks. We have shown some examples of the level 5 perks, so how about the level 10 perks?

    Level 10 perks are different from level 5 perks since they majorly affect the wolf. Here are some examples of the level 10 perks.

    Aqua Embrace: Wolf can breath underwater, swim underwater, attack underwater and its swimming speed is increased by 50%.

    Dodge and Strike: The wolf can now has a 25% chance to dodge the enemies attack and countering it for a hefty 10 hearts of damage.

    Strength In Numbers: If a wolf is near the wolf, its damage, resistance and speed is increased by 25%. This ability does not stack.


    Whistles are a new item that are used to 'call' dogs. Whistles can be assigned to certain dogs by right clicking them with the whistle. When the dog is right clicked with a whistle, a GUI would appear and let you name the whistle. This is to prevent confusion between multiple whistles. When you call a dog with a whistle, it would teleport to you from any corner of the world. Whistles would also have a durability bar of 50 which means each whistle can call a dog up to 50 times. And before I forget, here is the crafting recipe of the whistle:

    (Music disc can be substituted with other music discs)

    Wolf Drops:

    Wolves have never had a drop since it was first introduced. I say it should have a couple of drops. Here are some of the drops that I think could be implemented into the game.

    Wolf Foot:

    The wolf foot is an item that is dropped by the wolf when it is killed. The wolf foot is a rare item like the rabbits foot. The wolf foot is used in brewing. It is used to brew a potion of haste.

    Wolf Meat:

    Wolf meat is a common drop from the wolf. A wolf can drop anywhere between 1-3 wolf meat. The wolf meat can be cooked in the furnace to become cooked wolf meat. Wolf meat gives the player 4 hunger points when eaten and has a chance to give weakness to the player for 30 seconds. Cooked wolf meat gives the player 6 hunger points and gives the player resistance for 45 seconds.

    So that is all!

    Please tell me any suggestions or changes you would like to have in the suggestion and don't be afraid to leave some criticism, it helps me improve and enhance my suggestions very well!

    Thank you for spending your time to read this.

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    posted a message on Dumbo Octopus


    I think it adds a bit more diversity to the oceans of Minecraft. However, the pink eggs could be used in other ways than just being a substitute and a octopus spawner. I think it could be a way to craft seafood since it comes from the sea.

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    posted a message on Frozen Dungeons: An addition to ice spikes biome! (First major thread update!)

    Thanks for your suggestion, I will be sure to fix that right away!

    UPDATE:I have incorporated some of your ideas into the main thread, if that's okay with you.

    That is totally fine!

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    posted a message on Spectral Torches: Mob and player detector that lasts forever!
    Quote from TheGridironKid»

    Not so sure I'm a fan... But I'm also not sure on the output of the crafting recipe. If that recipe outputs only a single torch, in my opinion the torch is certainly not worth my investment and I will take my chances with the normal torches that are both cheap, and get the job done well enough.

    Another thought -- We all know how torches are SUPPOSED to light up the area surrounding them within a certain radius, so what is the point in lighting up a mob thats already in a lighted area via the torch? Its just lighting up whats already lit. Because, if I'm understanding this correctly, the light surrounding the mob will go out when the mob leaves the 7 block radius.

    No Support -- yet, until I get a bit of clarification here.

    The mob doesn't just light up, but glows. This means that even if you put this in a cave under you, you would see the mob if they enter the torches radius. It sort of is an x-ray detector for mobs and players.

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    posted a message on Frozen Dungeons: An addition to ice spikes biome! (First major thread update!)

    Partial support. The dungeon loot is pretty boring and nothing too special. Maybe add some unique loot?

    Maybe a new tier or armor made of ice that can only be found in the ice dungeon. And instead of them being a chainmail copycat, they could have more durability but less protection that iron instead of chainmail which has less durability but the same protection as iron.

    And the dungeon itself could be a bit more apparent. Maybe adding some snow blocks to it could do the trick.

    I do, like any other person, have a bit of a problem with the Ice Spirit.

    As BloodyGhost9 has stated, Minecraft does not have a flying melee mob yet. I believe the Ice Spirits could accommodate that space and be the first mob to have that sort of mechanics.

    The Ice Spirit could also have a new attack like an ice explosion which does 2 hearts to an unarmored player and puts in the player in a slowness 2 effect for 5 seconds.

    The last complaint I have for the Ice Spirit is that it doesn't have any drops that makes it a useful mob to farm. Even if they don't drop anything, they should at least give more exp than the normal mob since it's so rare.

    That is all.

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    posted a message on New fences

    Support! This adds a bit more variety to fences. I can see a lot of applications with this.

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    posted a message on Spectral Torches: Mob and player detector that lasts forever!

    Not only is this a great idea for survival, but it is also a great idea for mapmakers and minigames. Full support.

    Quote from FishFruit»

    Decent idea. Support

    Quote from Talco»

    I like the fact that they are hard to make, it kinda balances them out. Support.

    Thanks guys!

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    posted a message on New structure for Endermites. Smaller Suggestion.

    The idea is a pretty solid one. Overall, the calling of the enderman and the endermite block monster eggs should have a limit. Maybe 5 endermen can be called and one time and 15 endermite block monster eggs? As it is now, support.

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    posted a message on Spectral Torches: Mob and player detector that lasts forever!

    Update! Added a sprite mockup for the spectral torch!

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    posted a message on Wormholes: Jump into it and discover a new part of the world!
    Quote from Genlems5Ever»

    I really like this idea, as it gives originality and Minecraft logic. Plus, it won't get you lost, as you could track which one(s) go where. So you could basically build a bridge into one of them, and continue it through the other. One question, do mobs teleport through the wormhole? But, for now.

    Support, original.

    While the concept and idea IS stolen from Don't Starve, it' still a good concept and idea. Support.

    Thanks you guys!

    @Generator_of_Cubes: Yes it was. I was actually going to make it something else, however all my ideas didn't seem to quite fit with the theme of minecraft. Anything ideas that could be a new appearance of the wormhole?

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    posted a message on Wormholes: Jump into it and discover a new part of the world!

    Ooooh, what is this?

    It looks dangerous.

    Oh well, Geronimo!!!!!!

    Wormholes. Wormholes are big holes in the ground that when a player or mob jumps into it, it will teleport the player/mob to another location outside a wormhole exit. Basically, when something enter a wormhole it will be teleported outside another wormhole in a distant and far place. And that wormhole can be jumped into to go back to the wormhole you entered to get there.

    Wormhole Entrance ---> Wormhole Exit OR Wormhole Exit ----> Wormhole Entrance

    The purpose of a wormhole is to get you far and distant places that you may or may not have discovered fast and efficiently. They can be used for fast travel stations and a way to escape mobs quickly. Wormholes are not that common but they are not extremely rare. They have a 5% chance to generate in a biome.

    A wormhole's appearance:

    Wormholes are also displayed in maps with icons. They look like so:

    So yeah that is the suggestion. Please leave some feedback and don't be afraid to point out any flaws with the idea.

    Thanks for reading!

    (PS: This idea was inspired by Don't Starve, a cool and nifty game that I enjoy.)

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