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    Hello everyone. Since I've been here, I've mostly lurked these forums, searching for cool texture/resource packs, mods, etc. It's pretty hard to find a complete pack that you really like, so I decided to create my own. (Well, not really my own, obviously I don't own the licensing for The Elder Scrolls, but you get my drift.)

    Now, for starters, I won't be releasing this pack until 100% of it is by my own making, or allowed by other creators of certain textures that I'm using temporarily. Until then I'll post some screenshots, WIP textures, you know, the usual.

    Once again, I WILL be retexturing every item, GUI, block, etc. Please do not be upset if you see one of you're textures here. They will not be available here, they are only used as placeholders until my textures replace them. Criticism is welcome, I don't mind. Thank you.

    What needs to be done:
    • Block Textures
    • Mob Textures
    • Certain Sounds
    • Some recolorings

    New Status/Experience Bars.
    Also, the texture pack I'm basing this off of is called "Chivalry" by Maffhew. You can find it here:http://www.minecraft...4-now-on-curse/
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