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    posted a message on DEAD PRISON 2 - Zombie Adventure
    A bud of mine and I have completed the map! I've got to say it was pretty dang good. We finished with roughly 19 zombie heads, as for suggestions I'm pretty sure we mentioned plenty in our play through here:

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    posted a message on [CTM] ☆ Olympus ☆ Friendly Egg Hunt Series by Bogiga

    Started working on Friendly Egg Hunt #2 (Which is untitled at this moment) However here is a teaser..

    I have started a Developer Commentary Series on my map, you can view it from the first episode starting here.

    Quote from mafrowen

    I loved the way you made a linear branching style map, but kept it very open world- something vechs has not managed to achieve yet.

    Today, I present to you...

    :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone:

    Friendly Egg Hunt is a series of maps created and produced by Bogiga. The goal in a Friendly Egg Hunt map is to collect all of the Mob Egg Relics to complete the Shrine of Fame. These maps will typically feature challenges ranging in difficulty to put pressure on the player that does not typically exist in the vanilla version of Minecraft.

    The Friendly Egg Hunt series of maps can be categorized into the familiar genre of CTM, because of the common goal of completing the monument. However, the maps feature much adventure and require a lot of survival techniques.

    The Rules in a Friendly Egg Hunt map are as follows:
    1. Play on at least easy difficulty, never peaceful. (I recommend normal)
    2. Do not use any mods or cheats.
    3. You may break, place or craft any blocks just like a survival map.
    4. Find and complete the Shrine Of Fame to complete the map.

    Bonus goal:
    I also hide all 11 records around the map in secret but find able locations. So for those who really like to explore you will be rewarded too!

    :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone:

    Difficulty: Progressive / Challenging

    It is your destiny to be crowned the Champion of Olympus. But first you must pass a series of tests to prove your dignity to your maker. Are you tough enough, do you have what it takes, are you truly a king? Prove yourself.



    Mt. Olympus (Starting Area):

    Arenite Region

    Shrine Of Fame:


    City of Angels:


    Playthrough by BucketZone! This guy is a personal friend of mine and super entertaining, funny guy. I'm sure this series will be a joy to watch.

    Play through by FirstInLiine, extremely entertaining guy, however so many unfortunate things occur to him. He's was the first player to complete the map.

    Playthrough by Crontab! Extremely entertaining and well rounded Minecraft player. Overall wonderful Let's play from start to finish.


    Mirror 1 MC version 1.4+ (Recommended)
    - Download Link 1
    Mirror 2 MC version 1.4+
    - Download Link 2

    P.S. I also recommend my texture pack, as it was the pack I used to create this map. So if you would like that you can download that here.

    Change log

    FEH01 Build 017 (9/23/12)
    - Situational help
    - Added more loot
    - Reworked Jungle Gym

    FEH01 Build 016 (9/23/12)
    - Updated for Minecraft Snapshot 12w38b
    - Reworked Shrine of Fame to include Item Frames instead of chests for a visual aide in completion

    FEH01 Build 015 (9/23/12)
    - Updated for Minecraft Snapshot 12w38b
    - Added New Beacon Blocks near ending areas for added effect.
    - Added Support for spawner breaking with flame bows
    - Added Tour Guide book to aide you on your journey
    - Added a withered staircase in Mount Anthracite to make for a more direct path

    FEH01 Build 014 (9/11/12)
    - Reworked final chamber
    - Removed numerous spawners from "Jungle Gym" area
    - Added in custom MC-edit filtered spawners in final area
    - Slight food changes to beginning of the map

    BogigaCraft 16x16 (9/11/12)
    - Updated For Minecraft 1.3.2 (And some of 1.4 pre-release stuff)
    - Changed basically everything slightly, (it's been 5 months since I've updated this so... a lot has changed)

    FEH01 Build 013 (9/10/12)
    - Updated for Minecraft 1.3.2
    - Renovated & completely re-balanced starting mechanics
    - Renovated 3 areas of the map to become more aesthetically pleasing
    - Added more chest rewards
    - Made Cow Egg Location even more noticeable
    - Fixed Typo on SOF Completionist List

    FEH01 Build 011 (4/16/12)
    - Updated for Minecraft 1.2.5
    - Added more chest rewards
    - Made Cow Egg Location more noticeable
    - "Piece of Cake" Renovated
    - Added extra trap mechanics
    - Added an area to collect gold ore
    - Added more Redstone ore
    - Added a SOF Completionist List

    BogigaCraft 16x16 (4/16/12)
    - Updated for Minecraft 1.2.5
    - Re-textured, wool, stone slabs, stone bricks, etc.
    - Matched amours to their appropriate icons

    BogigaCraft 16x16 (3/23/12)
    - Updated for Minecraft 1.2.4

    BogigaCraft 16x16 (3/3/12
    - Updated for Minecraft 1.2.3

    FEH01 Build 010 (2/27/12)
    - Multiplied the amount of available music disks from 1 to 5
    - Added a bed closer to spawn (easier to find as well)
    - Fixed SMP spawning
    - Added scattered signs
    - Added a few chests
    - Killed some snowmen

    BogigaCraft 16x16 (2/12/12)
    - Reversed Shovel positioning

    - Map release - Feb. 7, '12
    - 100 Downloads - Feb. 8, '12
    - 200 Downloads - Feb. 10, '12
    - 300 Downloads - Feb. 12, '12
    - 400 Downloads - Feb. 18, '12
    - 500 Downloads - Feb. 24, '12
    - 600 Downloads - Feb. 27, '12
    - 700 Downloads - Mar. 18, '12
    - 800 Downloads - Mar. 30, '12
    - 900 Downloads - Apr. 16, '12
    - 2600 Downloads - Sept. 10, '12
    - 3000 Downloads - Oct. 7, '12
    - 15000 Downloads - Apr. 15, '13

    Other maps by me:

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    posted a message on [CTM] ☆ Olympus ☆ Friendly Egg Hunt Series by Bogiga
    Friendly Egg Hunt 2 anyone?

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    posted a message on [CTM] ☆ Olympus ☆ Friendly Egg Hunt Series by Bogiga
    Quote from Wogston

    Where's the creeper and dragon eggs :( i've searched all over :'(

    Do you still have the tour guide I provided @ the beginning of the map? :o
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    posted a message on [CTM] ☆ Olympus ☆ Friendly Egg Hunt Series by Bogiga
    Quote from brambles95

    Brilliant map!! Love it, might do an LP if I can :3

    (pssssst - Triangle)

    Sick! I would love to see it! =)
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    posted a message on [CTM] Domara's "Mystic Worlds" 72 Objective CTM Series (Version 1.2 OUT!) (#1: Safe Haven, #2: Uncharted Mines)
    Wow, let me just say awesome map. It's super clear to see you put a lot of aesthetic work into it and made it look good.

    I just started recording a few episodes of it, and I put up the first one, so here it is if you care to see it. Would be interesting if I could get your feedback.

    Episode #01
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    Here is episode 3 of my play through of Vechs' newest map....
    Waking Up!

    So far two wool with zero deaths, although I cannot speak for my partner
    and my partner is doing well too!

    but most importantly, I Hope you enjoy!

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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    Episode 2, of WAKING UP. Death streak for me 0.

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    posted a message on Automatic Wheat Farm Using Redstone Lamps (No Pistons)

    Hey guys, just throwing this tutorial for an invention idea I had earlier when these lamps came out. I wasn't quite sure if it would work so I went on my testing world to make this smaller version before I implemented on a huge scale on my survival server.

    Basic Concept:
    - Plant wheat in well lit area
    - Flip a switch connected to the area's lighting
    - Area is no longer bright enough for wheat to be planeted
    - Wheat will automatically harvest itself.
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    posted a message on [CTM] ☆ Olympus ☆ Friendly Egg Hunt Series by Bogiga
    Quote from funfunbunbun


    This map is so easy on the eyes, and MY GOD the areas are difficult!!! Great job man! Had to reload a save because i
    idioticly ran into the resort place, almost got the egg after destroying all the spawners but then fell into the lava with all mah great items :P

    Gave it another try and now im doin good.
    Again great job and i can't WAIT to see more!!!

    arggg ran out of wood need dirt for saps!!!

    Sick glad you're liking it, keep me posted!
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