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    ToonCraft adds the world of ToonTown into Minecraft! With the addition of cogs, throw gags, squirt gags and even a new dimension.

    BETA v0.1

    BobwontRolle: Coder (Gags, Compiler)
    KingRandomGuy: Coder (Dimension, Cogs)
    Bloxicon: Texture Artist & Modeler
    ShawnAnasatio: Coder (Server Mod)
    Paul: Coder (Gags)

    Features (v0.1 Beta):
    -Throw Gags
    -Squirt Gags
    -5 Cogs: Bottom Feeder, Short Change, Telemarketer, Flunky & Cold Caller
    -New Dimension with the ToonTown World

    Features (Coming Soon):
    -Drop Gags
    -Trap Gags
    -Better Thread
    -Fix Throw Gags
    -Fix Squirt Gags


    Photos from future versions:

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    posted a message on [1.5.1] GlassCraft v3.1 [COLORED GLASS] [6,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    Im back guys! Sorry. But I am currently updating to 1.6.2. I've finished the code I just cant get the textures to work in 1.6.2... Stay tuned!

    Quote from Flarkinater

    This needs a recipe now :P it doesn't need a new furnace

    v3.2 will have recipes!

    Quote from Nerfmodder1234

    Get dat laptop back boi!

    Im back! D:

    Quote from sorash67

    if you're interested, i can help in the coding! Just message me and i'll be glad to help! :)

    -sorash67 || Skorpio

    Im alright, thank you though!

    Quote from ReptileHL

    I LIKE IT! can i add your mod to my modpack ? (answer me in a personal message and no worries, i will give you credit)

    Sure! Go ahead!

    Quote from TheCyberTronn

    I will download your mod once you've added the recipes. Looks good besides that. Also, red.

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    posted a message on [1.5.1] GlassCraft v3.1 [COLORED GLASS] [6,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    READ ME :

    Hey guys its BobwontRolle here, the creator of this mod. This mod is updated to v1.5.1 but THERE IS NO RECIPES. Thanks for reading this, post a reply to the thread that has the word 'red' and I will +1 you. Also I need someone to organize this thread again and make it look amazing. Your name will be in the credits and I will +1 you a lot LOL. Thanks guys.

    GlassCraft Introduces Colored Glass and Glowing Colored Glass to Minecraft.

    What GlassCraft is all about!
    Is your house boring and dull?
    Do you wish your house was colorful like This:

    Run out of Torches? Don't like the glowstone texture?
    Well we got you covered because if you got dye,glass, and glowstone we can get your house glowing and colorful!

    BobwontRolle - HeadCoder
    GHsMaster - Post Organizer/Beta Tester
    AndresFam - Main Texture Artist
    Spike2929 - Co-Texture Artist/Future Mob Modeler

    [3.1] - FOR MC v1.5.1
    [color=#0000CD][3.0.0] [/color]
    (v1.0 - 1.3 is useless)

    Beta [3.2] (Contains glowing glass but with the same texture as regular colored glass)

    1 - Add Glowing Glass!
    2 - Add Config File with IDs!
    3 - Add a new furnace to 'smelt' dye into glass
    4 - Profit?!

    1. Download Forge(Universal)
    2. Download Glasscraft above!

    3. Install Forge
    4. Run Minecraft
    5. Quit Minecraft

    6. Open /.minecraft in %AppData%
    7. Place GlassCraft(NameOfTextures).zip in Mods Folder
    8. Start Minecraft and Enjoy
    Click spoiler to view Video Tutorial!



    No recipes for now! Use Creative mode! I will be adding a new kind of furnace soon to smelt the dye into the glass!



    Colorful Edges



    [color=#FFA500]Videos including of this Mod![/color]

    v3.1 (Feel free to make a mod spotlight and I will post it :) )

    The video keep disappearing after around 3 hours of posting it. So if it goes out, here is the direct link :

    [color=#00FF00]How to create your own Texture Pack for GlassCraft![/color]
    Open the GC_v3.1.zip
    Open The Zip You Want To Edit folder
    Open [COLOR].png
    Edit it
    Open [GLOWCOLOR].png
    Edit it
    Send the PNG files to me and ill upload them :)


    Copy and paste whats below to get the banner above!

    Copy and paste whats below to get the banner above!
    ">"http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/954822-11-200-downloads-glasscraft-v20-colored-glass-modloader/"" target="" data-ensure-absolute>


    v3.1 - Updated to 3.1; only colored glass right now.
    v3.0.0 - Updated to forge and MC v1.4.7. Removed everything except glowing and colored glass.
    v2.1 - Fixed errors.
    v2.0 - Added glass mob and glass ore
    v1.3 - Added glowing glass for all colors
    v1.2 - Added 13 more colors and 1 more texture Craft Glass
    v1.1 - Changed layout and name. Added colored glass. Bug fix.
    v1.0.1 - Added server version.
    v1.0 - Release of GlassCraft

    Thanks to BenJ for helping me with my errors :D
    Thanks to GHsMaster for help with the GIFs :)
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] GlassCraft v3.1 [COLORED GLASS] [6,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    Sorry guys for the massive delay of an update, my dad has taken my laptop with the code on it. >.< Ill update when I get it back.
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    Quote from RS_OP_DRAGON

    I know exactly what it takes and people have done it before. So it is not impossible. http://www.minecraft...lights-mod-v01/
    Will it take a long time? Most definitely, but it can be done!

    Please refer to
    Quote from MineCrak

    Thanks for the link, but I doubt you know exactly what it takes. In fact, if someone has actually done it before (added colored light to minecraft) I would greatly appreciate a link to it.

    What Ducky did in his mod, that you linked to, is not create colored light. He did do something clever and nice looking, manipulating the shadow colors, but it can be demonstrated that it is not actually making or using colored light so most of the kinds of effects that could be done with colored light cannot be done with his mod. It would still require a complete rewrite of the entire lighting engine to accomplish colored light, something currently beyond what any modder here has yet done.

    Such a lighting engine is definitely possible, the guys who made the game BlockStory did an incredible job of adding colored light to their light engine (or whatever engine they are using). Check out it's screen shots to see what true colored light in-game can do. :)

    Below, inside of the spoiler, are some comments from Ducky's thread explaining how that mod isn't really making colored light:

    Thank you so much man. This explains it perfectly.
    Quote from sorash67

    looks amazing dude! but the highest priority right now should be the crafting recipes! i have the mod, but i really want to craft it in my survival series! not just spawn them in! :P but awesome mod man! :D

    Well, first I am working on glowing glass -> metadata -> activated by redstone -> recipes :)
    I know I said I would've release v3.2.0 a long time ago but I never got the metadata to work properly and I also had CST (California Standardized Testing) week so I was super busy! I plan to finish the metadata and release v3.2.0 soon. Then the 'activated by redstone' next for v3.2.1 and a new GUI and 'smelting' station in v3.3.0 :)
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    Quote from RS_OP_DRAGON

    Please do not make glass tools or armor. It doesn't make sense to be honest. Something you should work on, however, is making the Light emitted by the Lights (or if a light source shines through the Colored Glass) change the lights color.

    Yeah i was thinking about that after i get glowing glass out. The only problem is that i have to edit the lighting engine which is super hard and i cant yet D:

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    Quote from MineCrak

    Great work man, keep at it! :D

    Unfortunately I can't see the new video you mentioned, maybe because it's blocked at work?

    Regarding what kickflow said; you might want to update your GlassCraft Banner to show see-through colored glass like your mod actually does make, because otherwise everyone assumes it makes non-see-through glass like shown in the banner and they won't bother taking the time to open your pictures spoiler and see the truth. ;)

    Ahahha, yeah that is true! I shall update the banner soon :) Thanks for that!

    And yeah! I don't know why but the video wasn't working! I fixed it and hopefully it'll work now! Thanks :)
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] GlassCraft v3.1 [COLORED GLASS] [6,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    update : I added a video!
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] GlassCraft v3.1 [COLORED GLASS] [6,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    Added a 3.2 BETA! Which contains glowing glass but with the same texture as colored glass! Creative mode only still /:
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] GlassCraft v3.1 [COLORED GLASS] [6,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    Im back again guys! LOL. And I WILL be working on an update soon.. I promise.


    Quote from dylamb6

    Add glass crepers pleze!

    Hahaha, maybe later :)

    Quote from nicccky

    I made the 101st vote. I feel so evil. } :)


    Quote from MineCrak

    You're back!!! :D Good to see you my friend! Thank you for updating this wonderful mod. :)

    hahahah yessir :)

    Quote from MiningStar

    Nice Idea!
    But can you make the colors more transparent?
    It looks a little bit odd...

    The transparency is due to the texture pack, I will fix it in the next update :)

    Quote from Sonicx00222

    You know what, I thought of a mod exactly like this back in Beta 1.3. Didn't know any goddamned java back then -_- .
    Good mod, glad to have my imagination become reality, seeing how a mod with coloured glass woulda turned out.

    Hahaha yep! :)

    Quote from forresthopkinsa

    Yay! I love this idea!
    1. Did you make it so that when light shines through colored glass, the light is that color?
    2. Can I use this in a modpack? (I'll credit you of course)

    1. And to make the colored light shine through, that involves me editing the lighting engine which I cant yet.
    2. Sure :) Go ahead :)
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