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    posted a message on Should the Demo timer be removed?
    No support. Demos are demos, it's not supposed to be the full game. The Ender Dragon pretty much IS the End of Minecraft, and since when can you finish a game in its demo?

    What I DO support, however, is the fixing of the ways around the timer. If you want to play the game, buy it!

    And really, hacking? How dishonorable.
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    posted a message on [SHOP] Bobo's Skins (Open)

    Hello, good forum-browser! Welcome to my skin shop!

    I am an amateur skin artist, and I would like to complete skin requests for people, as practice.

    Here's how things will work: Getting on the list is free, but you can donate to be put on the top of the list, if you don't feel like waiting. Mainly I am doing this for practice, and I don't want to do skins out of order unless people pay for it, so feel free to sign up. I will appreciate any donations greatly, thanks in advance. (Donation will be added later, if I ever have a list)

    SKIN WAITING LIST: WizBlitz, NyanNeko, BlitzKrieg, Startrekperson, gf11222. Jewishkony

    Finished: 1nfinitize, IceyYetay, BeastlyHoosier, Finnsal, Smokeykiller51, BeastlyHoosier(again), tikorocks, OrionWolf, hybrid, SquakingParrot, Sadim, Piez, Xeproton, Alfie

    Some of the skins I have done

    Don't know how to apply skins? Here's the instructions on how to!
    You right click the skin image, select 'save as' (or something to do with saving) and save it in your pictures or some file where you'll remember it.

    Then, go to minecraft.net, get logged in, and click 'Profile' at the top of the page. It should say something about changing skins.

    You just have to click 'Choose Skin', find your skin in the file you saved it in, then click 'upload'

    Next time you play you'll have that skin.

    If you want to use my skins for other than personal use, ask me. I will probably allow it.
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    posted a message on [SHOP] Bobo's Skins (Open)
    Two more images!

    Ben Ten:

    Bear Hugger:
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    posted a message on [16x][1.4.2] Bobo's Beauty
    Welcome to the topic of the first texture pack I've created. I've worked little by little on it for a couple of months, and I have finished the terrain folder and a couple of mobs. It is imperfect, so I wish that you, the viewers and samplers, to critique my texture pack, just try not to be absurdly brutal about it.:steve_wink:

    The basic idea of this texture pack was to have something that is slightly similar to the vanilla textures, just with a twinge of difference. I wanted this to seem like the world has evolved from the time of creeper-faced creepers to a new age. As the creature with the best adaption thrives, the new creepers are camouflaged.

    Here are the pictures-see if you like it. NOTE: THESE ARE OUTDATED, WILL GET NEW ONES SOON.
    , , , , , ,, , Yeah, the nether brick is green. I think I'm going to keep it that way.

    These ancient chests are still used today, they have pictures depicting ancient tools and monsters.

    Can you see the creeper in this picture?

    Howabout this one?

    Breaking example, breaking is now fixed.

    Download here: mediafire (removed adfly for now, will bring it back for people to support me :D )

    As this pack is a 16x, you do not need to download MCPatcher. I highly recommend getting the Patcher, because this pack has a custom water texture and will have a custom lava texture in the future.

    All you have to do to install this texture pack is download it, copy/cut it, and paste it into your .minecraft texturepack folder.

    To find the .minecraft on PC, find Run and type in %appdata%. Click on .minecraft and paste the folder into the texturepack folder.
    To find it on the Mac (This method varies, you may need to look it up), you go to your disk, go to your user>Library>Application Support>minecraft>texturepacks, and paste this pack's zipped file into that texturepack folder.

    To be added: Cats, Dogs, EnderDragon, Wither, Wither Skeleton, Updated Items, Those dang GUIs, Lava, Custom Colors, Bats
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    posted a message on [16x][1.4.2] Bobo's Beauty
    Updated again (I'm on a roll :P )
    Here's what I added/changed:
    Pigs are finished!
    Villagers are finished!
    Boats and Minecarts!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] AdvancedMobs 1.9 - Making Mobs more realistic and hard
    I thought this mod deserved some banners, so I made some pretty quickly, they aren't the best :P

    http://i.imgur.com/If1Qz.png ^

    http://i.imgur.com/e6ZnM.png ^

    http://i.imgur.com/AsHVj.png ^
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] AdvancedMobs 1.9 - Making Mobs more realistic and hard
    Quote from omnobore

    Any mob, monster or villager, who has lost 50% of its health should run away.
    Call it "Self Preservation Behavior".

    After all, wouldn't you?
    I find it annoying that enemy AI always fights until the death and never makes a morale check.
    But real life combat is always about who gives up first.

    The 50% number is arbitrary. Let the forum talk out what a more appropriate threshold should be.

    Yes, that would be good. But not every mob would be smart enough to do that. Zombies and Zombie Pigmen, for example, should not be allowed the self preservation feature due to their lack of a functioning brain.

    But I don't know if they should run away, instead go into a 'cowering state' where they don't attack you and try to back away slowly into corners and such. If they were able to run away, it would make fighting very annoying and less satisfactory :P

    Quote from HellEye

    Nice mod, I like idea. Try do something like if you shoot mob with arrow, it will have chance (25-50%) to drop, if mob die. Also will be cool, if arrows not disappeare, if You shoot them into mob, so like it will be visible. Maybe in v 2.0 :) with some more chaanges to look of mobs (broken armor etc.)

    I don't know if you'll need any more arrows! You get so many if you go skeleton hunting for just one night. That would make it more realistic... I do enjoy watching my arrows bristle out of my enemy, though, but would they also bristle out of you? Then they'd disappear out of you when you have full health? Interesting.
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    posted a message on (Request)Mo' Tamies mod
    If i get better at modding i would like to help... note the if.
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