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    Just had too.
    Anyway, Bad idea. No one likes it. Please go away.
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    Image is there.
    It's basically like an early bow.
    It has a much faster charge, but tapping the fire button does nothing.
    Medium Charge - 1 Heart
    Full Charge - 2 Hearts

    Simple base damage.
    Ammo is made by simply taking a block of cobble or a piece of coal.
    Cobble goes to four bullets (That deal +1 damage to base)
    Coal goes into 2 bullets (That deal +1.5 damage to base)
    However, it does have a shorter effective range.
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    Should also cloud (as if you were crouching) your nametag with it on.

    Edit: Maybe this should have gone into the small ideas.
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    Simply brew a potion with a gold nugget.

    What does holy water do though?
    Well, in it's regular, drink form, it will heal a heart, remove poison (not that food sickness), and make you feel special inside. gives you an extra armor point for a minute (Takes 5% with gold durability). Armor points do not stack.

    Splash form?
    Well, on Undead and Nether mobs (And endermans/Dragon), it makes them catch on fire along with a heart of damage. The fire lasts for 3 seconds. Nether mobs will instead just run away.

    My reply is, why not. You get a thrifty decent use for the nugget, a semi-balanced (At least I believe so) brew, and it can make you feel special.

    Divine Insect suggested that it could be traded for by a priest NPC villager. Nice idea

    Note that does not imply religion in anyway. 'Holy' does not always have to be related to a god.
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    Very first order of business.
    Improving our dingy.

    We have our standard boat right?
    Usual 5 planks that break on contact with land?

    First order of business. Decent boats.

    What does this Iron Dingy do? It makes it decent.
    It will Double the durability of a boat, and give it ramming power. If the boat is going fast enough and rams into something. It will deal 3 hearts to people and break normal boats in one hit. Only problem with these is a small decrease in acceleration.

    Now what if you want to make a long journey across the sea with all your precious cargo? How about a storage boat?

    Boom. Now a boat that can store stuff like a storage cart. Course, it's just as frail as a regular boat, so watch out. If it breaks, all your loot is going to be on the sea bottom.

    Now, how you may ask, does this work? First, get some rope. There is an enormous amount of threads with rope, so I don't even want to put up a recipe. Now right click a storage boat with the rope and any other boat (unless mentioned) that is within a block to "connect" them. Basically, it makes it so that storage boat will follow the leading boat like a lost puppy. Yes you may connect lots and lots of boats together, but each one lowers your acceleration by 25% (If you are at 100%, then now you are at 75%. Attach another and you are at 56.25% efficiency) and a max speed of 10%(same as above, 100%-90%-81%etc.).

    What if you want to bring a friend along? Or perhaps just want to build more things? I present, the Shipyard/factory if it was to be used for other stuff. (picture coming eventually)

    First, you have to pre-build a building. Nothing complicated. Next, you have to place a work bench in all 4 corners. Placing a fourth will cause them to all disappear and create a wall of workbenches on a wall. This super workbench will allow you to make larger things. Like, maybe even up to 4x16(HeightxWidth) crafting table large. Obviously, I lack the talent to give you a graphical idea.

    I will allow you to have a general idea of what you could build.
    Moving Fortress
    List of various other shipcraft...

    I could give a recipe for all of them, but it would be annoying to make without a legit graphic. I could always attempt.
    (Some basic stuff though)
    I.E, Sails
    :: :: ::
    :Spider: :Spider: :Spider:
    :: :: ::
    blank is paper and spider is string.
    That gives you 3 sails. Sails are used for anything with a sail.

    Will probably make more ideas later
    Credit to http://www.minecraftrecipedesigner.com/ for the first few custom boxes.
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    When you're on fire, your hearts have a flaming thing like if you're poisoned.
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    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    diamond is paper
    Iron is slimeball

    Basically this will give 1 (one) Roll of duct tape. When used on a tool, the amount of uses increases (cannot exceed max)
    Wood: + 10 uses
    Stone: + 30 Uses
    Iron: + 80 Uses
    Gold: + 5 Uses
    Diamond: + 200 Uses
    For a pickaxe example.

    If used on armor it will simply add 10% durability for helmets and boots, 8% for Leggings, and 5% for chestplate.
    (may be edited)
    If you want you could add more block IDs for duct taped things.
    Quick note, you can only duct tape something once.
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