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    Hello, I really love this mod, and I saw that you were thinking about a lightning creature on the first replies, I don't know if you still want a sugestion about that but if you still want it, are here is mine:

    Asteros, a lightning Owl that looks like a Barned Owl and is neutral to the player, but hostile during rain or thunderstorms, his feathers are white or light blue, or both and his eyes are glowing white.

    During the day he will be asleep, (bcz it's an owl, an nocturnal animal) but if woken up he will be agressive, and during the night he will wake up on it's own and be neutral

    His attacks are ranged and one up close, when flying he will flap his wings violently to summon a lightning, or use continuous electricity (kinda like Palpatine from Star Wars), or he can ocasionally fly fast close to the player and attack him with his Talons (Like the Naga)

    I just said that he looks like the Barned Owl because the look suits more in my opinion, but other great owls could be the Snow Owl, the Eurasian Eagle-Owl or the Great Horned Owl

    I like owls

    Oh and one more thing, can you tell what mob types are you looking for sugestions?

    Thanks, but the lightning mob idea became the Nimbus Drake described in the future plans section. This idea overlaps with it a bit too much.

    If I knew what suggestions I wanted, I wouldn’t need them to be suggested, right?

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    Quote from Zeklo»

    If I recall your 'overarching' plans were to have at least one unique creature per biome.

    Is that something you plan to extend to the new upcoming cave biomes?

    Yeah sure! I’ve got some loose ideas already.

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    More stuff will come later. I am almost done porting to 1.16.3/4, which will be the last version ports.

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    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    And so, like a warrior of old, I have returned! With an update for the Withered Emissary! Am I shouting too much?! Let's just do the thing!

    So I've basically turned the Emissary into a lich, phylactery included. I'm not entirely sure how this'll work (despite how long I've been working on this), but the phylactery would be protected until you "defeat" the Emissary. If the phylactery isn't destroyed in time, the Emissary resurrects itself, albeit with less health.

    That's... all I have. Sadly. Let's see how this fares.

    That’s kinda interesting! I’m curious what will make destroying the phylactery challenging; if players can just walk up and whack it once to destroy it then the resurrection mechanic won’t really come into play.

    Besides this, see if you can think of other abilities and mechanics that interact with this resurrection ability and the phylactery. What kind of strategies does the phylactery make players employ, and how do the other abilities help or hinder these strategies?

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    Mowzie's Mobs adds a variety of fictional creatures to Minecraft, priding itself in unique AI, environmental and atmospheric appropriateness, and standard-setting animations.

    Developed by Bob Mowzie, pau101, and iLexiconn.

    The Mobs:

    (FOHL-ee-ayth or fohl-I-ath)
    These jungle-lurking plant monsters want nothing more than to eat anything that moves! They may seem like ordinary ferns, but they'll emerge if you come close. You can't get close enough to strike them, so find some other way of killing them! They drop foliaath seeds.
    To grow a foliaath, obtain a seed and plant it by right clicking on grass or dirt. Every half-day for two days, feed the baby foliaath by tossing it a meat item. Then, it will emerge as a fully grown foliaath. Be careful: grown foliaaths aren't tamed and will still attack you!

    Ferrous Wroughtnaut

    (FER-us RAWT-nawt)
    Lost underground many years ago, these heavily armored knights are not men nor are they statues. Are they guarding something? They have forgotten what. Are they waiting for something? They have forgotten when. Are they mourning someone? They have forgotten whom. All they know is to slay those who approach their chambers. There is only one way to damage a Ferrous Wroughtnaut; its weakness is for you to discover.

    Only the bravest of adventurers would dare to challenge a Ferrous Wroughtnaut. Upon defeat, the Wroughtnaut will drop its Wrought Helm and its Axe of a Thousand Metals for the victor. Right clicking with the axe attacks in a large arc, and shift-right clicking will create a shockwave that brings targets closer to you. Neither tool can break.


    Native to the savanna, the Barakoa tribesmen travel in small hunting packs. They are one with the masks on their heads, which cannot be removed. Some use bones as clubs as weapons while others use poisoned blowdarts. Each hunting pack is led by a Barakoana elite, wielding a traditional spear and shield. The Barakoa make traversing the savanna quite dangerous, as they can surround their prey quickly and put up a good chase.

    When defeated, the Barakoa will sometimes drop their masks as items that the player can wear. Each mask bestows a different, small buff.

    Barakoa can also be found in villages scattered across the savanna plain.

    Barako, the Sun Chief

    Barako is the chief of the Barakoa tribe, residing in a stationary seat upon a throne in Barakoa villages. He draws his power from the sun, calling forth sunstrikes, solar flares, and massive solar beams. He can also create Barakoa followers from masks to defend him during combat. As such, his masked children revere him as a god. Unequipped travelers should keep their distance from his villages, lest they be smitten by his heliomancy.

    Those strong enough to face and defeat him, however, are rewarded with his mask: the Sol Visage. This mask allows its wearers to breathe life into masks to create Barakoa followers. Unfortunately, the mask does not bestow heliomancy upon its bearer; this power is innately carried by Barako, and thus dies with him. Perhaps there is another way...?



    Frostmaws are dangerous beasts found rarely in snowy areas. Their massive size, impressive speed, and powerful ice breath make them near-impossible opponents. If, on your travels, you encounter one sleeping in your path, it's likely best to take a different route and let it lay. The beast guards a precious ice crystal that can unleash pure winter energy when wielded.



    These adorable crystal crustaceans live deep underground in caves and ravines. Sometimes called “living ore,” Grottols are prized as a rare source of diamonds. But only the quickest of adventurers can manage to catch them before they burrow away; grottols are very fast and surprisingly clever, even using minecarts to escape pursuers. Keep in mind that only iron or stronger pickaxes can penetrate their diamond shells.



    Lanterns dot the canopy of roofed forests, glowing like jellyfish. Some cultures believe that these creatures contain the souls of the recently deceased. Others wish on them like stars. Adventurers, however, know that the luminous jelly inside lanterns is a great light snack that will briefly illuminate the darkest of nights.



    Coastal cliffs are dangerous places. Adventurers tell of winged serpents called nagas with impressive speed and menacing acid venom. Though these drakes are powerful, a well-placed arrow can knock a naga right out of the sky; time your shots to hit when the naga is preparing an attack.

    Naga acid is deadly, but can actually be used to neutralize other poisons. The fangs they drop upon death can be used to brew poison antidotes and preventatives.


    By TheMinecraftOverlord

    By Xaxilis

    By PopularMMOs

    By ThnxCya

    By The Diamond Minecart
    By ANTONIcra (Spanish)

    Strongholder - Floating gauntlet that grabs, pounds, and swats to attack. Floats eerily through stronghold tunnels, maybe passing through walls.
    Phoben - Fear spirit that spawns in roofed forests. Wields fear magic, a lantern, and a long, darkness-infused blade called Ej. Fighting the phoben will involve carefully but quickly deciding when to strike and when to block.
    The Sculptor - A simian guru that can be found meditating on mountaintops. He will challenge players to complete obstacle courses made of floating rocks. Those who pass this test are granted the ability to wield powerful earth magic.
    Forest Dryad - Will grant players her magic pan flute in exchange for the Phoben's lantern as thanks for defending the forest.
    Stalkers - Rival tribe of the Barakoa. Jungle pack hunters that lurk in the canopy before leaping down on their prey. Their simian features, ornamented headdresses, long claws, and glowing red eyes strike fear into their prey.
    Nimbus Drakes - Flying serpents with clouds billowing from its head and wings. The clouds turn grey before the drake unleashes its lightning attacks. It circles an egg in a nest on the top of its mountain, which can be claimed and hatched by the player who defeats the mother.
    The Winter Order - A league of cryomancers residing in a frozen citadel.

    Large, scary insects in swamps, maybe large, scary frog-things to go with them
    Anglerfish-like deep sea monster
    Ents that can be created from trees using an item.
    Golems that can be created from Geomancy boulders.
    Snake Charmer - Humanoid desert boss that spawns in a temple structure. He can summon snake spirits by playing his flute, and can transform into a moving painting on the wall to dodge attacks and move across the room.
    Just a plain dragon. I'd like to try my hand at this timeless monster concept.

    I'd like to add at least one mob for each of Minecraft's environments, and I do like suggestions! BUT I'm very picky about what I work on. Only suggest your mob if you can imagine players thinking, "I can't believe I ever played Minecraft without this in my game!". I will not add monsters from existing franchises or mythologies, or just giant versions of real animals. No griefing or one-hit-kill moves.

    Texture Packs:

    Sphax textures by Phazanor

    Modpack Policy:

    Open policy on the condition that you let me know through PM or comment.

    Sources Used:

    Some sounds edited from:

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Pokken Tournament DX

    Dota 2

    Very special thanks to RafaMV for his collaboration on animation tools.
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    Quote from aman3712»

    The Wayfarer, I believe, could be a super cool and interesting mob depending on which direction it is taken! :D

    As for the soulsand mob, I don't have an exact name for it yet, but I was thinking that these ambush predators could stand in-between the height of a player and an Enderman. They start off hiding beneath the sand in Soulsand Valleys, waiting for prey to walk by them before jumping out of the ground to begin attacking. Aside from general swiping attacks, they also come with the deadly ability to coil up before spinning rapidly, performing a Sonic-spindash like attack straight at their target while leaving behind a trail of soul fire.

    Although they have moderate amounts of health, they usually come in packs of 4-5 mobs in them. As for their drops... idk yet. Either a new weapon which fires saw blade like projectiles made of soul fire, or a new block which spawns soul fire sawblades when activated with a button, lever, or redstone.

    I even drew a rough sketch as to what they could look like! (it's a wip, so it could end up looking more skeletal possibly)

    Hm, maybe! I'll consider it for later.

    I sent the location to Brazilian Portuguese on your github


    Also improve the appearance of the 'Naga Fang Dagger' in third person.

    Thanks! I merged your PR.

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    Quote from maxilito1546»

    I dont have many good ideas and im not sure if this another case of that. I think it would be cool if the Ferrous Wroughnaut had some variants. Like different weaponry like maybe a great hammer, tower shield and spear, great sword or even a halberd. these could change the attack behaviour. The great hammer could be more damage and more aoe but more telegraphed and way slower. The spear and shield could be way more beefy and have faster attacks but less damage, maybe simple attack like a shield bash or maybe a charge and when it stops its wide open from the back and stunned for a few seconds. greate sword could be faster then the hammer but more damage then the spear being closer to the original with large sweeping attacks. Instead of a large over the head swing that gets stuck in the ground it could be more of a plunge that has a small aoe that knocks the player away. And for the halberd i really have no ideas. I just think some variation would help keep the player on thier toes. To be honest tho, it just sounds like a lot of work and is very much a half backed idea. Just thought it would be cool to see some variants of the Ferrous Wroughnaut even if the different weapons dont have any different abilitys, it could be as simple as a differnt weapon in its back or just a broken horn or some texture variantions. Heck some biome varaints would be cool as hell with like an overgrown and rusted version(Maybe a Nether version with some form of fire attacks). The different weapons could pretty easily just be retextured versions of the axe. But no matter if this is a good idea or not i still and will always see this as one of the greatest mods that exists for minecraft and i belive the community needs more devs like you. Thanks for keeping the mod alive for all these years and i hope this idea, even if its not ipmlemented, could help spark some ideas. Good luck, Stay awesome.

    I don't believe in mob variants unless the variant expands on the original mob's concept. Wouldn't all of these Ferrous Wroughtnaut variants you propose be better as completely new mobs instead?
    Quote from renan2004skura»

    Hey Bob i got you a new mob idea, hope you like it!

    The Desert shell

    The first impression of this mob is of a big sea shell in the middle of a desert, to activate the battel the player must hit the shell, it is in a dormant state and will not harm the player and will stay completely still, after hit the desert shell will rise out of the sand and will present it self as a big lizard with a huge sea shell on his back, the lizard is also completely covered with sand and other rubble, in this fase his attacks are more sluggish but hit with weight, his attacks could be tail strikes, paw slaps,roiling, blocking with his shell and throwing sand to try to blind his opponents, to go to his second fase you must break his shell and get rid of his rubble sticked to his body (there could possibly even be equipment and other junk stuck to him too), the second fase he presents himself as a iguana like lizard with a sticky mucus excreting from him and a foldable sail on his back, he would be much quicker in this stage, he would still have his tail and claw swipes however they would be quiker but less damage however in this fase he would do more ranged attacks, he would be able to shoot his stick mucus and passively leave it on the floor, when the player walks on the mucus the would get the "stick" status effect,when the effect is applied the player would have to limit there movement since the more they move the more rubble would stick to them making there movement slower depending on the terrain they walk on, it can also shoot cactus spikes from its mouth since its primary food source is cactus, the attack would be in a more of shotgun like blast, the last special attack would be with his foldable sail on his back, the sail would have to unfold and charge (in the sunlight,btw he can move and attack while the sail is out), after chareged enough the sail will fold and unfold rapidly before unleashing a blinding light (sort of like a flashbang) blinging or stunning the player, while the sail is out it would grant extra damage if hit as his weak point.

    Drops:I was thinking of 2 main drops.

    First vases filled with mucus, you would be able throw these vases and leave a puddle of mucus that is walked on would put the "sticky" status effect on any mob that walked on it.

    Second a hand fan that would be made of it's sail, you could hold it on your of hand and charge it to be able to unleash the blinding flashbang attack.

    Lore: Basically these Desert shells would start life in the ocean hunting small fish at night and at day basking at the water surface in the sunlight with there sail,at this stage in there lofe they dont have mucus or a shell, when maturing they would dig up a sea shell and place it on there back and make journey out of sea and to the deserts, but why use the shell or go to the desert you may ask? Well the shell is needed to protect them in there journey to the desert since juvenile Desert shells are the favorite prey of nagas, the shell would protect them from its poisonous projectiles, the reason they go to the deserts is to find there favorite food...cactus and as a byproduct of there food choise the mucus is made.

    I hope you like my mob idea :)

    Sorry, I don't think this is quite what I'm looking for. Finding a giant shell in the desert would certainly be cool, but the fight that follows seems disjointed. You have a lot of totally unrelated design elements stuffed into this mobs in ways that don't really work together. For example, you've given this mob two ways to blind players (sand and sail flash) and no move or ability that benefits from blinded targets. Consider instead picking one method of blinding players and give the mob a reason for doing so, like an attack that is easy to dodge when you can see but hard to dodge when you can't. Or remove the blinding mechanic entirely, as there is plenty else to work with here.
    Strip the mob down to its core purpose, and build everything around that. Less is more!
    Quote from aman3712»

    Back at it again with some mob ideas, only this time they're going to be Nether themed! These are all pretty ambitious ideas, and I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of them end up not being possible in Minecraft's engine XD

    The Wayfarer

    A neutral mob and a distant cousin to the Strider, Wayfarers are massive dark-orange colored mobs whose bodies consists of a large flat torso with long, double-jointed front legs and one back leg. Wayfarers can be found migrating across vast oceans of lava in the Nether in small herds, using their long legs to kick any mobs that threaten them or their young. To tame these towering creatures, the player will need to feed it a Warped Fungus Cake, a new food block made from 3x warped fungus , 2x sugar, 3x milk buckets, and 1 egg. The the player must place the cake down near the a Wayfarer on the ground or on any solid platform, attracting it to it and causing it to bend down to eat the cake.

    Once tamed, the player can place a ladder that will allow the player to reach atop the Wayfarer, where they can place blocks on top of the Wayfarer's 6x6 head; chests, furnaces, crafting tables, etc.. The player could even build a small house on top of the Wayfarer's head to have a mobile home in the Nether. However, the more blocks the player places on the Wayfarer's head, the slower it will move due to the weight.

    The Incinerator

    A new rare threat found in chambers within Nether Fortresses, Incinerators take on the form of blazing quadrupedal constructs made of Nether Bricks and Netherite, with cannons extending from either side of its torso and heads which appear like empty Netherite Helmets with horns. Being impervious to melee attacks, Incinerators switch between two attacks; charging up their twin cannons after a short windup to unleash to fire a hail of firebolts towards the player similarly to that of a gatling gun, and a close range attack where it breathes fire from it's head if the player gets too close. The damage from it's primary attack, however, will fall off over longer distances as the bullets are subject to a wide cone of fire.

    To defeat an Incinerator, the player must fire arrows into its head in order to deal any damage into it. This can be done by waiting for the construct to finish shooting it's cannons to take a moment to cool down, giving the player the chance to break from cover and fire an arrow at it. 3-5 well placed arrows to the head is enough to take down an Obliterator, causing it's head to explode and it's body to crumble. Additionally, the Incinerator's arms can be shot off as well, by firing arrows at the weak spots in-between the cannons and the torso it's connected to.

    Defeating an Incinerator will cause it to drops bunch of nether bricks, as well as two new rare materials; Netherite Cores and Netherite Gears. Both materials can be used to craft a new weapon and a new tool; the Nether Guzzler and the Bale Thruster. The Nether Guzzler is a two handed weapon which allows the player to use the Obliterator's primary attack, shooting hails of firebolts onto enemies, dealing high damage until it overheats; firing it for too long will result in it igniting the player for 4 seconds. the Bale Thruster is a new jetpack with two charges before it needs to recharge. On use, the player performs an initial liftoff, sending it a short distance upwards. Shortly after, the player will take off with a quick blast that launches the player in the direction they are aiming.

    The Glow Beetle

    A small and peaceful mob, Glow Beetles can be found all across the Nether, fluttering around until they find Glowstone to feed on. The player can use Glow Beetles to harvest Glowstone Dust by dropping a bar of any metal close to them, in which they'll chew on it in order to sharpen their fangs before going to the nearest Glowstone they can find. From there, Glowstone Dust will begin to drop as the Glow Beetle feeds, essentially allowing the player to collect Glowstone Dust without breaking the Glowstone. Killing a Glow Beetle will drop nothing.

    Love the wayfarer, but gosh I can't begin to imagine how to get this to work. I've actually wanted to make a torterra-like forest turtle mob that players could build bases on for a while now, but simply can't. Even the Create mod doesn't let you build on the moving blocks until they're stationary. Gonna have to table it for later.

    The incinerator is really cool as well. But are mechanical constructs consistent with the Nether's atmosphere? Maybe. I gotta think about it a bit more. It's like a miniboss, right?

    Not sure about the glow beetles. Giving them metal to sharpen their teeth before they can eat doesn't make much sense, and I don't think players would figure it out on their own. Plus, isn't infinite glowstone from a single block a bit unbalanced? Still, the image of beetles collecting around glowstone in the nether is pretty cool. It just needs some mechanical revision.

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    Quote from foreck»

    Hi again, It occurred to me, that in addition to texture support, it would be extremely useful if you think you could switch your structures to use the Minecraft structure system just as mods like Better Nether in 1.12. That way, we could access those structures using Resource Packs and edit them to offer further mod compatibility; for example, adding new blocks from other mods to the Ferrous room or decoration to Barakoa villages! Thanks again for your continued effort ^^

    Oh funny you mention it! That’s already done for the upcoming 1.14 port.
    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    Hey Foreck,

    I have converted some schematics from old formats to new formats before and depending on the volume it would be efficient to do it either manually or write code/a program to do it automatically.

    Writing conversion software takes some time, effort and skill. I think that the only person here with enough skill to do so would be Bob himself.

    Converting schematics/structures from one format to another manually by loading up the game, placing it and then saving it in another format, however, could be done by basically anyone with time and a bit of game/command knowledge.

    Perhaps this could be you? :)

    @BobMowziewhat do you think?

    Already done! Look forward to it in the next release.

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    Quote from squidkid999»

    sorry! thanks for the feedback

    No need to apologize! I enjoyed reading it anyway.

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    Quote from Accelerus»

    Not to interrupt the interesting discussion about these archenemy mobs that put the player in crossfire

    But I gotta say BobMowzie, thanks so much for making and sharing Mowzie's Mobs.

    On a whim, I remembered this mod and decided to check how it was going, and you've really added a lot to it.

    It's been years already since I last played this mod (and Minecraft in general) but it has remained the standard for what peak-quality should feel like. Of course, I've tried other peak-quality mods like Betweenlands and those from the team MinecraftAbnormals, but Mowzie's Mobs still has a special place in my mod folder. From reading your comments on this forum and playing with the mod itself, it's served as a standard for great game design in general, with hooks and implementations and etc. and I've really gained a greater understanding of what makes mechanics interesting to players. I'm definitely able to incorporate these things into my own little coding projects.

    It's awesome that you still work on this mod (in your free time, of course) and still occasionally respond to comments on this thread.

    I just want to encourage you and let you know that your work is great, inspiring, and helpful beyond simply being fun. Have a great day!

    Wow, this is very high praise! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoy MM this much!

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