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    posted a message on [BnCraft I] 1.17 Survival Only. Mature reasonably active players needed!! Current world started June 20, 2021

    I'm 22 and a new father, with that being said. I can not really give huge amounts of time in playing games such as CSGO or Valorant. So I thought Minecraft since it is an easy game to get up and walk away from!

    I reset my server with a fresh map on June 20, and I would love to invite some reasonably active, responsible players. We have a group of regulars, but it's time to do a little recruiting. My overall goal is to eventually accumulate a decent sized group of players who are interested in playing together longterm.

    I watch too much HERMITCRAFT, and I always wanted to start a Hermitcraft style server, and I Hope to do this.

    Server Specs:

    For those who care :P
    CPU: Intel i5-4590T @ 3.000 GHz
    16gbs of DDR3 Ram

    OS: Debian/Linux

    Server is using 6gb of ram to start out with, can easily expand later.
    Server is built in such a way to be as lag free as it can given its specs.

    +No griefing.

    +Pvp ok if both parties consent.

    +18 and up ONLY

    Try to build at least 150 blocks away from others builds (basically if you can throw an ender pearl from your base and end up in your neighbors yard- you might be a little too close) . BUT I'd prefer that you aren't 1000 blocks from your nearest neighbor (I mean, ya do want to play WITH people, right?)

    Just don't be a jerk, basically

    Post your age, where you're from, and your ign, and I'll get back to you


    If you don't hear back from me within 12-24 hrs, try me on discord. Regardless, I need a post in this thread to reply to. :)[/b]

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