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    posted a message on The server with nothing special in it!
    The server is currently not working.
    Server has one rule. Do not prevent the happiness of others.
    That and don't beg/ask for stuff. I will not give you anything.
    OK so there's a couple rules... Sorry.
    But who cares, come on down!

    Okay, that was for the TL;DR people. You want to know more? I'm bmanwwerr AKA Austen Redd, and on this server I plan to get some EXP. Not not in game, I want to learn a bit more about hosting servers, but I want some drive, so I'll need some peeps to help me out a bit. Yep, that's it, I'm young but I'm not trying anything huge. I hope you have fun here!

    If you cant get on, please tell me so I can fix it.

    If you want me to add anything, as long as it's not the first I've heard of it, I will add it.
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    posted a message on *Please delete*
    Ignore this!
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    posted a message on Warcraft Roleplay
    Warcraft is a roleplay server, with a focus on War and Gods.
    Instead of kings ruling kingdoms, there are gods in massive battles.
    So far only one god exists, Redwen, so if you come on, stay a while, and really enjoy the server, you could become a god.
    While things are small now, I really want to create a huge community.
    This IS a RP server, so there are some rules that show themselves.

    1. The server has no restrictions on what you can say in chat, so you have to be 13+ to play. Also, I just don't want whiny kids running amok.
    2. The server is constantly being watched by me. The farthest a griefer has gone is destroying a few torches. Consider this a warning.
    3. NO YOU WILL NOT GET ADMIN FROM BEGGING! Nor creative, nor spawned items. Don't bother asking.
    4. When there are 5+ players on the server we begin to RP. When there are 5- we just casually play. Players that are Default do not contribute to this.

    We have PermissionsEX, so there are ranks.
    Default- Cant do much but look around and chat.
    User- Can build, and use a few commands. To become a user all you have to do is tell a admin your age and what name you want.
    Member- Can do everything the above can do, and can use /worth. To become a Member, all you have to do is stay on for a while. maybe a few days.
    Admin- Can use any command, and is gained by helping the server. Only members can become admins. NO, BEGGING WILL NOT GET YOU ADMIN! BEGGING WILL GET YOU BANNED!

    Thanks for reading, and here's the IP:

    We don't have much of a lore yet, I want the community to create a lore, so if you want to contribute to the lore, simply ask me on the server, and I'll let you send me what lore you have created via email. You can also post your lore ideas below, for everyone to see. Whichever you prefer.
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    posted a message on New server waiting to be filled!
    All you have to do is vote then come right on!
    This server is empty right now, waiting for you to fill it. Not much has been invested into it so far, but if you guys can convince me, I'll do all I can to make it an awesome server!
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    posted a message on NEW Server looking for admins!
    RP server up!

    We have classes and it is new!

    Come on anytime!
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    posted a message on Bored of MC? What should i do?
    Quote from nivram

    Shurken. What do you mean by your post?


    Why are you still here?
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    posted a message on Server Trouble, HELP!
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    posted a message on Better Dragon Eggs
    Quote from KinglyNinja

    Yes, I have(there's mods that allow you to ride an ender dragon). It's easy. You scoot back, aim forward. The arrow drops, the player is hit. It was my mistake to assume people knew how bows worked, I need to stop doing that...

    That sounds incredibly hard to hit a player that way since if that's happening chances are the player you are attempting to hit is moving or under a tree. Unless you find a player in the desert who isn't moving and would die anyways (because chances are he/she is AFK and mobs would get them soon) OR if they aren't gonna be AFK long, then they would move very soon. PLUS the griefer would have to get the egg from the end realm, which can take a while, and wait the 30 days, what kind of griefer waits 30 MC days to be able to fly on a ender dragon. Now, your probably thinking, 'He doesn't have to be on the server while waiting for the egg to hatching" Well my good sir, someone else could easily snatch up the egg from the griefer. so he would have to be near it at all times.
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    posted a message on Better Dragon Eggs
    Ooh, I got a idea, what if you are somehow able to kill the dragon inside and have the trophy without the worries. Like you make it very cold by surrounding it by snow or something.
    Quote from KinglyNinja

    When I said giant killing machine I obviously meant they would have a bow...

    Please revise the OP to include the information you've stated on this topic. Also, it would be nice if you addressed the other points I made.

    You're being extremely ignorant and offensive for no reason. Just as well this provides no feedback to the topic.
    Many, many, many players use the dragon egg as a trophy to show they've defeated the end.
    Ever try shooting a bow with a dragon below you? Not easy. What are you gonna use a bow against a really high tower with no walls so nothing for the player to hide behind?
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    posted a message on Better Dragon Eggs
    Quote from bluemagic123

    I do not support. Imagine this: someone takes the dragon egg home to keep as a trophy, because it looks pretty cool. Many days later, he goes out on an expedition, and when he finally returns home, he finds that in place of the house he took months to make, there is a huge crater with a dragon in it.

    That's why you DON'T use it as a trophy :/
    Now your just being stupid...
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ✰ ★™Modernized Equipment Mod™★✰
    This is just simple stuff from other mods.
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    posted a message on My Hack/Mine Server (Hamachi)
    Hamachi is kinda lame...
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    posted a message on What's your difficulty?
    Quote from Simpa

    And what are we talking about? What game?

    Lets see this is on minecraft forum, so I think we are talking about world of tanks :3
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    posted a message on new server looking for players
    Also, add some pics.
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