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    Welcome to RazerFactions, We are an upcoming faction server that hope to rise up through the ranks and become one of the best servers out there, We always strive to make the best community possible for all of our players, Our server runs 24/7 and have the capability to hold many hundreds of players at simultaneously, You can join our network on 1.16.5, We have amazing support staff and selection of games and rewards that you'll never get bored of, A few of them include:

    - Factions

    - Parkour MiniGames

    - Custom Crates

    - Plus Lots More

    From all of us at RazerFactions, We hope to see you online!

    Find all of our links below:

    IP: razerfactions.net
    Store: https://razerfaction.tebex.io/
    Discord: http://discord.link/razerfactions

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    ✧ RazerFactions ✧

    RazerFactions are looking for youtubers in order to record on our server. We're going to be paying youtubers in-game, or real currency, based on the amount of traffic in which you can potentially provide to the server.

    ✧ Rewards✧

    Your subscriber and view count will effect quite substantially what you're eligible to be paid. The more subscribers and views you have, the more we're willing to reward you. The basis of being a youtuber, you will automatically be rewarded with in-game kits such as Youtuber, Youtuber1 and Youtuber2.

    Kit Youtuber will be used in order to help you advance through the game, such as armor, tools, and other helpful miscellaneous items. Youtuber1 will come with a set of Keys, in which you can redeem each week and use for the start/end of your episodes. Youtuber2 will be a kit in which will reward you with an Item, in which you can do a substantial giveaway on our server. We will have limitations on how you do the giveaways.

    If your channel is quite active/decent sized, we'll also be willing to provide you with buycraft vouchers to the buycraft each week for recording. If you're bringing a lot of publicity to the server as well, paypal rewards are always available as well.

    ✧ Rules ✧

    Abusing these kits, such as not doing your recordings, or using the giveaway kit for your own personal advantage, or faking the giveaways, will lead to your player-data being entirely reset.

    ✧ Contact Me ✧

    Feel free to contact me via my discord provided below and we can discuss hiring you as well as possible payments.

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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR STAFF | 1x ADMIN | 5x MODERATORS | x5 HELPERS |

    Hi There, I'm the owner of a newish server called RazerFactions. I need recruits to help out with the server, control players, help players, be active, help with anything that needs to be done.

    Send a reply with the following to my discord @ itsRazer#7798

    Please fill out below and send to me on discord.

    You're Discord Name:

    Position You're Applying For:

    How Much Time Can You Dedicate To The Server?:

    If You Are Willing To Donate To The Server To Help & Improve:

    Any Previous Skill With Being A Staff Member? If So What? Please Be Detailed:


    I will not accept anyone under 15 years of age, I will not reply on here, only on discord.

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    posted a message on RazerFactions | LOOKING FOR YOUTUBERS & STREAMERS

    Hi there everyone, My team and I are looking for some youtubers & streamers on our new faction server, we have ranks and kits available to those who can, please join our discord @ http://discord.link/razerfactions

    You can check our server at @ razerfactions.mcph.co

    And Please Message myself or other staff members thank you!

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    Welcome to BlxCraft

    We're your home with the Factions PVP game mode.
    We'd like you to join us for a fun experience.

    We also offer top faction payouts every month! $60 Prize

    We have an excellent community, we may be small right now but we plan to strive and be one of the best servers out there!
    Our friendly staff are always online and ready to assist anyone with any problems you may have
    We have custom shops, custom crates and excellent voting rewards, and an excellent store with great benefits and packages!

    And we also have a custom discord server setup! Staff always online as well, with lots of channels including music channels! And leveling up perks!

    We hope to see you online!

    We also have a 50% OFF Storewide sale active now!

    IP: blxcraftpvp.mcph.co
    Store: https://blxcraft-store.tebex.io/ (50% OFF SALE)
    Discord: https://discord.gg/hVZpgWwrUS

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