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    Just bumping this back up.

    Quote from PugRme »
    I think they should be slowed down by light.

    I think their base speed would be low enough that having them further slowed down by light wouldn't really be all that necessary.
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    Quote from XazoTak »
    These would be just obnoxious and uneeded. -1.

    Obnoxious if caught. Except you have to consider these things can be killed with 3 arrows, are two-shot by most swords, are not stealthy at all, and fly really slowly until near. By the time you are encountering these things, you're going to be deep underground. You're probably going to be either well equipped enough to take one of these things out, or running out of supplies and needing a quick escape before a more threatening mob shows up.

    If you don't even have a bow, the concept actually sort of prepares for that possibility as well. The sweep they make to grab you to teleport you to the surface is telegraphed, distinct, and causes them to fly in a straight line towards your current location (no homing). Only when they're in that state will contact with them teleport you. And even then, you can swat them out of midair with a well-timed attack.

    Quote from shade567 »
    How about when the torch being put out is in effect,as it goes by it puts out all torches,it is extremely cold so in a cave if the water (If there is water) is next to them,it will turn to ice,lanterns are uneffected by them,but full buckets in your inventory change,milk is not changed,lava is turned into obsidian and water is turned to a block of snow.

    I think that would make them obnoxious.

    Quote from program1 »
    as...interesting as this would be, i can see a lot of people complaining about this, mainly because of people finding hidden caves and getting lost. i also don't see a real way to implement the teleporting idea into code, HOWEVER, if there is, this would be a excellent mod to add to the game

    I think it could be done. It would just be a matter of searching the same x-z column you're standing on for the first air block that receives direct sunlight, or perhaps the last solid block in a vertical column for a simpler check (which might result in strange things like ending up on top of trees.)
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    Quote from draco222 »
    Good idea, maybe we should add a little more significance to it... It just teleports you really, so maybe it could teleport you to sea level in exchange for something? Just to spice the idea up a little...

    Yeah, I was thinking that. The first time you see this thing, though, you'll probably be freaking out as to why your torches are going out. Maybe if you're repatedly teleported by this guy, he'll begin stealing some of your ores? I mean, he's supposed to sort of represent a miner who died in the very cave you're exploring and doesn't want other people to face the same fate.
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    The sprite is custom drawn. I don't know why, but enlarging the picture got rid of some of the dithering on the original design. It actually looks a bit better that way I think.

    Just a trio of floating black boxes with some transparency on some points (jagged transparency to give it a sort of raggedy look). This would be combined with a constant particle effect of blue smoke. Both the facial texture and smoke would ignore lighting conditions and appear fullbright, which would make it readily recognizable in darkness.

    Quote from miycu »
    that would be awsome especially disorienting if you found a large caving system then got teleported to the surface with no idea where you were in relation to home

    Exactly. The shadow teleports you to the surface right above where you were underground. There's a good chance you might end up on some strange mountain somewhere you don't even know. Or even better, in an ocean.
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    HP: 5

    Damage: 0

    AI: Follow

    Spawn location: Deep underground

    Drops: None

    What they do: The miner shadow is a creepy mob. It slowly floats through caverns, a haze of darkness following it wherever it goes, blotting out light coming from candles (but not extinguishing them). They're readily recognizable, thanks to the low hum they generate when nearby.

    Miner Shadows will follow you if they catch sight of you. When near enough, they'll attempt to home in on your location with a quick sweep. If they catch you, they will lock you in place, causing your vision to fade to black. When vision is restored, you'll find yourself on the surface on the morning of the next day.

    Miner Shadows actually aren't all that bad. They have a tendency to be spawned when you are below 5 hearts, and will never cause direct damage to you. They are very easy to kill if you have a bow and arrow. In a pinch, they can be lifesavers because they can help you escape dangerous mines quickly.
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    Very nice work!
    I headed straight for the enemy intelligence. :laugh.gif:
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    Quote from Garland »
    So, I was mining some iron ore this afternoon when I realized that my poor minecrafter hadn't used his left hand in ages! What exactly is he doing with it?

    Trust me, you don't want to know.
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    Quote from pulsusego »
    i'd think diamond should be moved way down to teh bottom ten or so blocks of the map. it makes it a challenge to get, and it's kinda realistic too.

    sand should be able to be made out of dirt in crafting, so you nevewr run out. just put a block of dirt in the box and you get a block of sand.

    Sand is ground up stone. Realistically, sand could probably be made from cobblestone.

    Dirt, on the other hand, is actually sort of a mixture of sand, clay, and silt (and other natural matter). Taking something out of a mixture seems a mite bit harder than making it from its base component.
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    posted a message on Possible Level Generation Options
    Forest - Flattish terrain, very dense trees and foliage. Oh, and the trees are at least twice as tall in some instances.
    Tectonic - Very fractured, hard-to-navigate terrain. Generates a map with different plates of different height, with some having wide, deep ravines of lava within them.
    Archipelago - Generates a map with a cluster of small islands instead of just one large one.
    Cave - No theme options here; this generates a fully underground map, with a full border of adminium blocks on all sides to prevent any breakout. Despite the underground nature of the map, there are certainly possibilities of large chambers being available. If implemented, there might be glowing mushrooms to give off natural light, and perhaps some small sapling stumps to provide some wood.
    Ruins - Generates a normal island map, but with a variety of ruined buildings about. Some premade items and such can be found in the ruins, but there's also a higher density of mobs here.
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    Now, this is why computers use silicon. It falls faster than water! :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from kilagain »
    I like the idea of storms, but only as eye candy. Not making the game more complex.

    Somewhat agreed. The effect storms should probably gravitate to something more passive than something like leaving big puddles everywhere.

    What I was personally thinking was wind that pushes you around.
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    Starting a new game doesn't give you Flint and Steel... So, how are you supposed to smelt any metal? How are you supposed to find flint and steel?
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    posted a message on Rant: The subject of hacks and their discrimination and the real fault
    In Creative: I openly use them. We like making brilliant things; Hacks make them a lot easier.

    In Survival: I'd never consider it.
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    This. This is PRECISELY why I'm looking forward to lighting so much. This is so awesome. Keep on building, glorious one!
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    Quote from 8bit »
    Quote from Tyoko »
    And Notch won't add Grenades, since this game is meant to be Medieval. Other than that though I think that they're all great ideas

    It's too bad TNT was developed in the 19th century.

    I don't think grenades will be added, because it will change the focus from resource management and architecture to combat.

    Yeah, and grenades were first used in the 8th century by byzantines. :tongue.gif:

    But a valid point is made. To make grenades would take a bit much of the focus off of building.

    Coal Bricks - Just a big block of coal. It burns well, and takes virtually forever to burn out. Perfect for creating a forge, and are formed by using four coal sections.

    Creating natural glass - As it is, there is no way to create glass in the game, nor can it be found in nature. The hypothetical way to form glass, though, would be to simply throw sand sections into a fire (instead of probably burning sand blocks with fire... That would probably get out of hand.) The other alternative would be throwing sand sections into lava...? Either way, the result will be glass parts.

    Glass in crafting - Combined with some coal and another material (most likely a metal, actually), a lantern can be crafted. Lanterns are similar to torches, but (if time is ever implemented to how long a torch can keep burning), it can last much longer than a torch. It can also be placed underwater.

    c = Coal
    g = Glass
    m = Metal
    x = Air


    Crafting weapons and tools:

    Metal Star


    Metal stars are big, metal blades that can be thrown a distance, with some appropriate windup required. They're big, heavy tossed weapons with some big potential for destruction, thanks to their ability to cleave straight through enemies. The problem with the weapon is that it's heavy, so it takes a while to get the appropriate power to throw it a good distance, and that it requires a lot of metal to even make a single star. However, since the metal star goes through enemies, it can always be retrieved from where it gets caught in the terrain.


    w=wooden rod


    The blueprint is positioned diagonally, since a diagonal across a square is a bit longer than the horizontal or vertical length of said square...Yeah. Anyways, spears are good hunting and defense weapons, since they allow you to keep a nice distance from your target.


    Creates 3 ladder sections.
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