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    posted a message on SimpleMod - New Ores, Tools and Cactus Planks!
    First of all, I'd like to thank boobsey for suggesting the mod and making the textures.

    Suggestion Thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/requests-ideas-for-mods/2333205-minor-things-id-like

    (Copied from boobsey's thread)
    A red coloured metal, used for tool making, and to fill the tech gap between iron and diamond in vanilla.

    • Durability is between diamond and iron, and it has the same mining level as iron tools
    • Slightly rarer than iron, found at the same levels as gold
    • Ingots can be used as red dye
    A silverly metal.

    • As rare as gold but can be found at the same levels as iron
    • 8 ingots around 1 iron makes 4 redstone dust
    • Blocks are made with 4 gallium ingots instead of 9 and cannot be used for beacons
    Cactus Wood
    Just place a cactus in a crafting table to get cactus planks, can be used for anything all the other wood types can.


    Download : SimpleMod-1.8v0.1.jar
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    posted a message on [WIP] Block Shards - New Tools / Swords and more!
    Status: Work In Progress.

    This mod was made for make the player's life easier, it adds a lot of new stuff like shards, new tools, new swords and amulets*.
    Do you have a lot of ice but don't know that to do? Well, now you can craft your very own Ice Sword!
    You're going to an adventure and need a powerful sword to help you kill all the zombies? That's simple, just craft a Poison Sword!

    Demolisher: You'll need this tool to obtain every shard in the game, the crafting is still not available but it will cost at least one item from nether.
    Inferno: This tool give you the power of SMELTING. YES! You can obtain Iron Ingots from Iron Ores just by mining it.

    These are the shards that I've done so far:

    Ice Shard: Obtained from Ice Blocks.
    Mossy Shard: Obtained from Mossy Cobblestone.
    Red Mushroom Shard: Obtained from Red Mushroom Block.

    Ice Sword: Gives 'Slowness' to attacked mobs.
    Mossy/Poison Sword: Gives 'Poison Effect' to attacked mobs.
    Mushroom Axe: Gives 'Weakness' to attacked mobs.

    Will be added in v2.0, come back soon!

    - [ ] Add more shards.
    - [ ] Improve shards textures.
    - [ ] Add amulets.
    - [ ] Special armors.
    - [ ] Golems!

    Will be added soon!

    Please, if you have any idea or suggestion comment below, I'll be glad to reply back.

    ~ Last Update: 01/15/15
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    posted a message on gradlew setupDecompWorkspace error
    Have you downloaded java JDK and set PATCH value?
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    posted a message on gradlew setupDecompWorkspace error
    1) Download the latest forge for 1.7.2

    2) Extract it to a new folder

    3) Make sure that java and eclipse are updated.3

    4) Shift + right click in the folder you created and select "open cmd here" (something like this).

    5) type gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

    If this don't work, try asking for wuppy or IanTheSlime.

    Hope it helps.
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    posted a message on Potatozuli's Server: Apply Here!
    1. Why do you want to join this server?
    I've been looking for a vanilla whitelisted server for a while now and since it's my favorite mode in minecraft I believe I may be of big help.

    2. What kinds of servers do you typically play on?
    I usually play in Vanilla or Minigames servers (like Mineplex).

    3. How will you contribute to the server?
    I'm playing minecraft for 3 years now so I have experience with redstone and building.

    4. What's your Minecraft username?

    5. Ponies? Unicorns oOooOoo :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Complex Crops
    Wow! This mod has a lot of potential, do you have any information about what crops you'll add in the next update?

    The textures are really good too. +1
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    posted a message on Ore Control
    It may be very useful for custom maps or modpacks, that's a good tweak.
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