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    For those of you interested in the dry dock idea... I've been perfecting a design for the last several weeks with the intention of being able to build and launch a ship comfortably in survival... It uses this mod of course, buildcraft, thermal expansion, and project red. My current build is way too small, but working so I could post a video if it would help. That was the first thing I built after downloading this amazing mod.
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    Such a fun mod!

    Just a heads up, the new Thermal Expansion update doesn't like this mod. I've not done a lot of testing, but I know for sure that placing a Thermal Expansion tank crashes the game with errors thrown for repose.

    Fantastic mod! Its perfect for changing the landscape while still keeping a natural look! (Streams is AMAZING too btw! I remade my world specifically for that feature and traveled for miles to find a river to settle on :P )
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