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    Ok. So...a few questions and a bit of feedback on making a new world.

    EVERYTHING IS HARD. But I like that. Tech progression is slower, and the ineffectiveness of fists on everything is a nice change. [What happened to wooden axes though?] I was scared ­less like never before the first night; spending a whole day only getting a whole load of sawdust and wood planks, only to have the sun set and realise that dirt is hard to punch. Very scary.

    One thing I cant figure out though is what to do with logs. I spawned in a snow biome, punched a few trees, made a few picks, made a few stone tools, and after cutting down a tree I don't know what to do with all these logs. I can't craft them, the wiki isn't very forthcoming with information, and so I assumed that logs can only be processed by saws; but then why can I get them with stone axes?
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    Quote from logorouge

    Yes. Flowerchild made several major improvements to make the game faster/smoother.

    Thanks for answering!
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    Thanks for this mod, It's really helpful for people like me who don't like alt-tabbing to the wiki every 10 secs!
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    Just a question. (Context: have not played MC since 1.1.1, has crappy laptop that needed optifine back in the day)

    I was looking around on the BTW forum in regards to Optifine, and saw somewhere that MC 1.5 was supposed to be 'better than optifine'. However, it isn't (at least for me). My real question however, is this:

    "Does BTW have any FPS optimization?" (As I know that BTW does not work with Optifine.)
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    Vertical Windmills? I find it ironic that all these things I suggested 6+ months ago are only being added now...

    Ah well...
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    So, since I was bored and Faithful 32 wasn't updated for BTW 4.20:

    Link Removed

    Proof of validity type thing. Didn't update much, just the stakes and ender-optics stuff.
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    Hey FC and the BTW community, if you remember me! (One of the many who have been damaged by the Eldritch Lord's banhammer). Anyway, no idea why I'm posting that here, just fun fact. Anyway...

    Its been several months since I've played BTW. So I don't know when this happened...when did BTW become incompatible with optifine? Its just that I find it impossible to play Minecraft now without lag spikes (fps spikes, whichever one; can't remember.) and BTW; However, I recall FC saying something about working out something about Optifine compatibility a LONG time ago. Way back in 1.1.0, it was; but now, it isn't. (Well it is, but with missing features.) So...I know this would NOT be at the top of the priority list, and compatibility isn't BTW's strong point, but I would like to know whether there are any plans or something to improve compatibility with Optifine, since it is a preformance enhancing mod, not a content mod.

    Anyway, <insert BTW praise here>
    I love all the new changes to BTW; they're way better than any updates in vanilla MC in my opinion.
    ...All these new hardcore things...
    ...All this stuff that fits...
    ...A Minecraft that actually makes sense...
    ...Thanks for bringing me back to Minecraft! It was BTW that did that, not all these weird MC updates. :)

    Also...*bows down on knees*
    I know I've annoyed you in the past FC...and other stuff...But O great Eldritch Spiky-Exoskeletoned Lord of <insert other bs here>, would you please un-prema ban my BTW forum account? (It's a long shot, but I'd thought I'll try)

    And if you really can't remember me:

    And I have totally lost my train of thought.
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    Quote from Dwarg91

    I have just upgraded from 1.2.5 to 1.3.2 and I have been getting this error whenever I go into a world;

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: aux
    at avf.a(RenderEngine.java:445)
    at avb.a(RenderGlobal.java:1976)
    at up.a(World.java:1382)
    at atd.a(WorldClient.java:174)
    at up.d(World.java:1366)
    at atd.d(WorldClient.java:148)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(Minecraft.java:1970)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(Minecraft.java:1896)
    at asv.a(NetClientHandler.java:157)
    at cs.a(SourceFile:71)
    at ba.b(SourceFile:51)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.l(Minecraft.java:1809)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J(Minecraft.java:850)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:772)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:722)
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: aux
    at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:366)
    at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:355)
    at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
    at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:354)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:423)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:356)
    ... 15 more

    Looks like somthings missing. :/

    a) What are you using to put the files in the jar?
    b ) Try a re-installation.
    (God emoticons y u weird. B) )
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    Hi, to people that remember me.


    Thanks Flowerchild for bringing me back to Minecraft! (Sucked into the vortex...)
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    Happy BTW Day!
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    Quote from FlowerChild

    However, I don't think our personalities mesh very well, and I think that is wise that we take a little break from communicating with each other as I don't see things improving in the short term.

    I definitely agree with you on that.

    Quote from Mr_ONI_man

    I'm sorry about the 2 posts in a row but i just wanted to tell FC that there is a modpack I just saw called Kovacic's Modpack that has BTW in it.

    Now now, lets not make a big deal out of this...
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    Flowerchild, I'm sorry.

    Even if you don't accept my apology, which is for everything i've ever done to non-deliberately annoy you, i want to say it nonetheless. The internet probably won't care about a single voice like me, and they won't care my personal issues. I haven't been myself lately due to personal issues, school pressures, and all kind of other things in life. Life gets too much for me sometimes, but the internet doesn't care, or knows, what the motives are behind people on the internet. If I wasn't dealing with personal issues right now, I probably would not have acted the way I have over the past few months.

    I hope at least you can understand what I'm trying to say here, but I am not so good at getting what i am trying to say across in words. You might see this as an appeal against my BTW Forum perma-ban, but that is not the reason of why I am writing/typing (gah, internet). I guess I should actually thank you, for it was a wake-up call to what I have been doing these past months. To me, a few months seem like forever due to my young age. I don't know where life will take me, or what it will throw at me, but as for the past, all my actions were not me, and yet me.

    When I first joined the BTW forum, I didn't realise how much the mod had changed since I had last played it, way back in 1.4, and didnt know of all the new stuff you had added. When I first joined the BTW Forum, I really, and i mean really, wanted to be a constuctive part of the BTW community, but over the months, personal issues built up, I kept doing stupid things that got me banned, and I lost hope of every becoming a constructive part of the community. I tried, but made so little impact.

    It's been fun though, watching BTW evolve over the months. I was part of the Forge wave, (After yogaboos, before technic invasion), and when you split from forge, I tried BTW alone for the first time in a while. I felt the same feeling when i first played minecraft in 1.3_01, the same exhilarating feeling of discovery, learning what everything did, and i realised how far BTW had come, and what fun it is.

    Speaking of technic, when I first found out that BTW was in there, I felt a emotional hole in me. But BTW isnt even my mod, its yours, so i dont know why i felt so emotional about it. I remember offering my pitiful condolences on IRC, on the #minecraftforge, but I never know when to stop, didn't know you didn't like personal contacting from random people on the internet, and was so naive about the non-existent kindness of the internet. There is some out there, but for every good person, there are 100 trolls, d***s, or other things from the dark side of the internet.

    But I still was getting banned from the BTW forum, because of my own stupidity. I would use my brother's account during the periods I was banned, but not post anything at all, because I was scared you would see it was me and not my brother. (Not that he posts much anyway.) I guess I was just trying to get attention, becuase everyone would ignore me, and so I started new, needless, useless topics in an effort to gain attention (In real life, I am also an attention seeker.) Then, one stupid suggestion too many, one bug-report-that-was-a-kind-of-suggestion too many, and then I manage to get myself pushed off the tight rope, and perma-banned. All my fault, especially with you having that tooth pulled out and all. (I know how much that can hurt, my dad's a dentist.) Anyway, probaly I'll take a break from the internet, and Minecraft altogether.

    I don't think Ive ever thanked you for BTW or BTB, so thanks for all the fun times, the good times, and everything else I've ever done with your mod.


    TL;DR Sorry FC for annoying you, all my fault (personal issues and whatnot), I will now dissapear. Thanks for all the fun I've had with BTW. Sorry, thank you, and goodbye.

    EDIT: I really was dropped on the head as a kid though.

    Quote from grrys001

    dah is buggy for me i just stop use this mod is just like
    (500 block away)

    The mod's fine, so you're brain must be bugged. Or arrowed.
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    Quote from h0l0gr4m

    Mr Flowerchild
    i want to ask you one thing.
    can you send me your btw for 1.8.1 to my?
    i am still playing on that one because that is the one that can run on forge
    becasue of that can i play with wireless redstone and redpower
    your btw for 1.1.0 can't because you have made

    if you are able to put the link back on, or if you can tell me how to run btw with 2 forge mod's , i wil be very happy
    i wil wait for your replay


    Look around the BTW forum for old release threads.

    (This is ok right? I'm just chucking a link to a BTW 1.8.1 Release.)

    No tech support provided. Use at your own risk.

    For those who can't read. (****ing ipod is so hard to edit with) a.a
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    posted a message on [1.2.4][ML, MLMP] BattleAxes v0.5 UPDATED! =D With bags! =D [Discontinued]
    That armour looks like the BTW Steel armour...

    EDIT: Derp.
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    Quote from Pyro1997

    But as for you flowerchild, I'm sorry, I used to love using this mod, but it took up all of the sprite indices and all of the block ids. Then I couldn't use any of my other favorite mods.
    Sorry, but it kinda sucks now. It was hard even using TMI to build things, way back in 1.7.3. But now, this mod even rejects TMI, Rei's minimap, and SPC. Sorry.

    It doesnt take up sprite indices anymore...
    And I have had it working with TMI & Rei's Minimap (order insensitive), but Im not 100% sure about SPC. :smile.gif:
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