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    Quote from ninJAVONTE

    uhhh... In the requirement section, are you saying that this requires:
    "ModLoader OR Forge + API" or "ModLoader+API OR FORGE+API" ?!

    The latter. Modloader + API or Forge + API
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    Quote from sorceor180

    great mod pls make it for 1.5.1

    Quote from sorceor180

    plssssssssssssssssss fix when i play minecraft it errors the game plssssssssssssssssss fix

    Are you an idiot? 3Ditems is included in vanilla minecraft for quite some time now. just set the graphics to fancy
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    Quote from Bongo_Muffin

    I've installed everthing i was supposed to, have no other mods, and can equip all my stuff, but for some reason, when i press "R" it wont display my weapon sets. It doesnt work with the "i" key either. I've checked controls and they're set to "i" and "r" but they just dont work. :( can i haz help
    try a different forge version
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    Quote from Lijee

    I keep getting this message when I press login:
    - snip -

    Quote from iiiHuman

    Also, unrelated, update OptiFine and Forge. You, also unrelated, don't need ModLoader with the newer versions of Forge.
    Neither does he need Audiomod, also included in forge
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    Quote from iiiHuman

    I would also like to see a section of the feet extended forward to make it so there are TOES on the feet rather than the feet only being square.
    They are stumps, so Steve is a (flustered) amputee. (He is also blue and cyan, kudos if you can tell what I'm referring to)
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    Quote from kenn3111

    when i press R dry to draw my weapon nothing happens, help please.
    oh boy we have another one.
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    posted a message on [Adv/ Park] Freak Climber / [WIP/Adv] Freak Raider
    Table of Contents: - click on any divider to return here

    Freak Climber
    A tutorial/challenge/adventure map for the Smart Moving mod by Divisor.

    Requirements: Please check the Install Packs section for clean and less hasslesome SmartMoving installations.

    SMP capable if the SMP version Smart Moving is properly installed on the server. (Proved working by TheRam. There are now enough beds for 3 people at each checkpoint)
    Feel free to use any texture pack you like.
    Warning! Using the default key (CTRL) for grab can lead to difficulty. Try finding a key that is more comfortable for you. "F" always works very well for me.

    Map version 1.2.4 - last updated March 13 2012

    (approximately 5 MB)
    (Mirror 2)

    :Diamond: 100 downloads reached! - dec. 16 2011
    :Diamond: 1000 downloads reached! - jan 2012 :Diamond:
    :Diamond: 1500 downloads reached! - feb 2012
    :Diamond: 2000 downloads reached!! - feb 2012 :Diamond: :Diamond: Thanks everyone!
    :Diamond: 3000 downloads reached! - apr 2012 :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    If you like this map, please vote this post up, rate, reply, etc.


    Great Co-op LP by 1amTheRam and Papesjr

    New LP by FlamingAmazingGaming

    LP by Kidminecrafter

    LP by TylerDarker

    LP by NinoshotheLandmaster

    Screenshots (of version 1.1)

    NEW Screenshots

    Reviews and Opinions

    No review yet! You could fill this spot with your own review.

    "Great map! Can't wait to try this out. I really wish more people would make stuff like this. :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: to you sir!" - Deathlyangel47

    "Really good map. Infact, the greatest one I've ever played. The design of the whole thing is great, and so is the story. Great work!" - Shadior

    What's new + Update history:

    1.2.4 - mar. 13 2012
    - Fixed some of the notes and the readme. The trapdoor part should be more obvious now.
    - Added recommendation to change the Grab key in Note 1
    - The map itself is entirely unchanged

    1.2.3 - feb. 23 2012
    - Fixed some of the notes; clarified one of the rules
    - Added 2 beds at every checkpoint, to allow for up to 3 people to play the map and still use them
    - Replaced lots of slabs with stairs
    - Fixed two challenges between checkpoint 1 and 2 to be easier
    - Fixed the arrow repeater trap so the arrows wouldn't get stuck on the blocks
    - Fixed the sealed room to actually get sealed
    - Fixed the monkeybars in the challenge right after the boat puzzle being unclimbable

    1.2.1 and 1.2.2 - dec. 19 2011
    - Bugfixes

    1.2 - dec. 19 2011
    - Finished the last areas of the map
    - Hid another secret - dec. 16 2011
    - Bugfixes
    - Fixed a possibility to sequence-break the switch puzzle

    1.1.7 - dec. 16 2011
    - Added 2 puzzles
    - Recommended difficulty is now Peaceful
    - Added roof
    - Changed above-ground stone to stone bricks
    - Removed silverfish anti-cheat
    - Changed some signs and notes
    - Hid 2 more secrets (available after the escape finale) - dec. 15 2011
    - Minor bugfixes
    - Escape act made accessible
    - Lots of signs removed
    - Checkpoints 4 and 5 set up
    - More glowstone, less torches.
    - Plot thickened
    - Notes folder, notes and readme added
    - The "ending cave" that marked the end of an outdated version has been cut to be placed in again at the ACTUAL end of the map
    - Plotted out the course of action towards the end of the game. created rooms for puzzles to be placed in.
    - Brought the total number of aquirable diamonds to 24. Will you be able to find them all?

    1.1.5 - dec. 15 2011
    - Fixed file-/mapname
    - Flooded floor with lava
    - Fixed some signs
    - added a jump off the Vista
    - added an extra room to branch off more checkpoints

    1.1.4 - dec. 14 2011
    - Glowstone lighting instead of torches. Everything is now well lit.
    - Added an impressive set of challenges. Nothing really new, nothing really more difficult than what's already there, but still, kind of impressive
    - Scattered 18 hidden diamonds to the set of challenges mentioned above. Finding them all will validate your parkour/exploring skills.

    1.1.3 - dec. 13 2011
    - Added some makeshift Portal 2-esque story and an item based puzzle.
    - Golden Apple changed to Golden Hoe

    1.1.2 - dec. 13 2011
    - Accidently left in lots of items in 1.1.1. Fixed that now.

    1.1.1 - dec. 13 2011
    - Added 3 checkpoints and removed all items except for the golden apple.
    - Ability to skip tutorial was replaced by checkpoint #1
    - Added cake.

    1.1 - dec. 13 2011
    - Added some more challenges and more entertaining signs.
    - Also, added a possibility to skip the tutorial part (although that was almost all of 1.0)

    1.0 - dec. 12 2011
    - Base version of the map.

    Known problems:
    • mushroom puzzle not obvious enough
    • jumping on trapdoors wasn't obvious enough until I put it into a note, but I'm unhappy with this method of

    [WIP] Freak Raider
    The sequel to Freak Climber. [Adventure/Puzzle]

    This is the Work In Progress section for Freak Raider, the sequel to Freak Climber.
    This Adventure/Puzzle map will be loosely Tomb Raider / Indiana Jones themed.
    • No more A lot less lava deaths (going to avoid lava with few exceptions)
    • Less (regular Minecraft) parkour
    • More puzzles
    • New SmartMoving feature (wall/ledge jump)
    • New, better method of storytelling (-> less signs and notes)
    • Better, more compact checkpoint system
    The story will be co-authored by my GF and hobby-writer Angelique (and it will no longer be a Portal ripoff),
    and I may get some design/environment help from another friend.

    • Minecraft 1.2.5
    • Smart Moving 7.8 or higher
    See the Install Packs section for easier installation.


    This last picture is just a prototype/placeholder. Will be vastly improved later on.

    Download early test build
    Woot, progress!

    What you think of Freak Raider so far? Too hard? Can't figure out where to go? What else do you like or dislike?

    Smart Moving Instant Install Packs

    Recommended method of installation is using the Magic Launcher and load the mods in this order:

    (The shown minecraft.jar is completely unmodified. You don't even need to remove META-INF)
    How to easily install mods using Magic Launcher (thanks, FlamingAmazingGaming)

    In case you don't want to mess with that, you can use these install packs:
    Just drop the contents of this single .zip into a clean Minecraft.jar to install SmartMoving and all of it's requirements instantly. SMP capable and tested working unless otherwise specified.
    Intended for Clients only, not servers! Always delete the META_INF folder when installing mods!

    Content: For Minecraft 1.1 - - uses SmartMoving 6.12

    For Minecraft 1.2.3 - - uses SmartMoving 7.2

    For Minecraft 1.2.4 - - uses SmartMoving 7.5 (pack untested)

    For Minecraft 1.2.5 - - uses SmartMoving 9.1 (updated June 5)

    Disclaimer: None of the content in these packages is made by me. Please refer to the linked threads for any information or support regarding the mods included.

    • Mojang for creating Minecraft
    • Divisor for making this fantastic mod
    • CaptainSparklez for showcasing the mod
    • Ironclaw for playtesting, lots of feedback and ideas
    • Angelique for providing me with the name 'Freak Climber'
    • Blue_Legion for creating the maps
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    posted a message on [1.1] Hangable Maps v1.1 [SMP]
    a 1.2.5 forge version would be nice.
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    Quote from Ezio325

    Hey, I am a Minecrafter that makes YouTube videos about minecraft. I would like to showcase your map on my channel. I will post the vid on this forum page so you can see it!
    Always glad to have another LP, thanks! I will add it to the first post once its done.
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    So there I was, in the middle of the night not that far away from my (yet very spartanic) base. No armor, no weapons, taken a bit of damage. Running towards my base, I was intercepted by a creeper, which I attempted to evade. So I ran away a bit, built a mini-pillar of dirt so I was out of its reach and I could reach a ledge that was a few blocks off the ground. Took one look down at the creeper just to make sure he doesn't explode on me and then turned towards the ledge to jump on it. Suddenly, another creeper popped up on said ledge and exploded, leaving me harmed but yet alive, though the blast has thrown me off my pillar so the first creeper could finish me off with that diabolical upside-down grin on his face.
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