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    posted a message on Mojang should stop Snapshot release process......

    you don't HAVE to use them. no one is forcing you

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    posted a message on Once again, Mojang has "Removed herobrine"...

    people still to this day believe that Herobrine is still in there. I think thats why they always state that they've removed him.

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    posted a message on MC developers hate modders?

    minecraft devs don't hate modders far from it , if they were then they wouldn't be making as many changes , a lot of the changes are eventually going to make things easier to mod. (hopefully) they are working on a modding api to aid modders. but untill then yes the waters of modding are muddy and being churned. but this is nothing new , from the very start three have been modders and mods come and go , some great, some awesome , some not so great. and there will be more in the future,

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    posted a message on Do you still play singleplayer?
    Yes i don't like playing multiplayer, , I hate it when i fine somewhere and its already had people go through it and i get left with the dregs :( to stop this you usually have to go miles away in which case you may as well be playing single player anyway. I like to do my own resource harvesting etc, not be given it or have to buy it.
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: Defining Community
    to all these server owners or those that are looking for servers.

    1.add your server to the server tab at the top of the page.
    2. start up a thread in the server forums about your server
    3. keep that thread updated with what your doing on your server
    (not just hey come to our server and play)
    4. in that thread explain what makes your server different to the 100's of others out there
    5. get someone(or do it yourself) to make a youtube video showcasing what makes your sever different
    6 add that video to the videos page and into your thread about your sever
    7. be on your server whenever you can , make your players happy , see what needs to be changed, get them to spread the word about your server.

    This will help your servers popularity a lot more than a single showcase spotlight.
    and your server may then be good enough to appear in a spotlight anywhere

    its no good just starting up a server and waiting for people to join, that's not how it works

    If you do get spotlighted it'll attract the bad as well as the good. eg: people logging on and Wreaking havoc destroying your world. then your players will leave because all their hard work and time has been for nothing. there are those out there that are purely and simply griefers and will stop at nothing once shown that xxxxx server is great, go there join... not to mention rival servers and their devoted members, there's any number of reasons why limelight publicity is bad, and totally unstable.

    doing all of the above, your server thread will remain in the recent threads and be active always updated and people posting comments etc and you posting back.

    so your servers will then show up regularly in at least 3 places on this site (even more if you do or get someone to do the videos) or now live streams (as of 1.7.3 one button press streaming, once its all set up)
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: Defining Community
    I voted no..

    now before you go getting your knickers in a knot , let me explain.

    spotlights on the communities (servers as such) have many places already, there is the server subforum , server lists, and even on the home page a recent posts for in the servers area.

    however, if there are creations, mods, minigames etc that are new and inspiring, they are worth spotlighting i'm all for them being spotlighted ,

    but not like an advert for a server or server hosting company. it gives me a feeling that they are paying or in some way compensating the reviewers/spotlighters especially when other games are mentioned that they also host. this also includes the section about "Whats happening on the web" on the home page, no matter what you click on there it takes you to the same site/server/service , nothing really relating to minecraft as such (maybe one or 2 of their tags do mention minecraft .. link to those sure.. but no need to put like a link section that links to THEIR current articles about things that aren't related to minecraft.

    this is a minecraft forum and is looked upon an an official minecraft forum, and as such should really only deal with minecraft, there are many sites out there that are multi gaming / news sites

    To me this site is all about minecraft (yes i know servers are minecraft too.. but only a part there of.) how about adding a recent mods panel like there is about the servers on the main (home) page.

    I hope you all understand my opinions and respect them, i'm not trying to flame or put anyone down. however i'm sure that i'm going to get a huge negative reaction to this reply :(

    PS: i've also PM'd Sachs as he has requested (to better explain my thoughts, we are friends and know each other as i was a staff member here too. like i said this is nothing personal. so please don't think that i'm attacking Sachs because i'm not. he is doing a very big task and is a great asset to the community. it wouldn't be the same without him
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    posted a message on What is going on HERE lately?
    These are the forums for minecraft aren't they???.

    Asking because the last 2-3 snapshots haven't appeared on the news (home page) and yet there's things that ARE NOT minecraft on the news page. To me it loos like someone has lost interest in minecraft and is posting news and advertising servers (even though they have pride and place on the forums an many places already,

    all this and not a mention of the last 2 snapshots w38xxx and w39xxx

    Are the servers paying now to get headline space in the news , also other web services, eg: what else is happening on the web,

    as if its not bad enough that there aren't many mods (8 from memory) for 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 is about to be released (all being well) {thanks FORGE and MCP you've done such a great job that there are now only a couple of people are delving exploring doing the hard work to write mods worse than before you guys existed, yes thats right there were mods prior to MCP and Forge now no one appears to be able to mod without them.. great work guys really}

    just like the mod mack loaders from FTB {feed the beast} they are still only working with 1.5. i believe} I'd hate to see modding die out because forge and MCP fall behind in updates..

    Sorry if i offend some people but i think that these forums are loosing their focus. and I'm just trying to get it back on track, I come here for news on and about minecraft, not other games or happenings on the web or even have servers shoved under my face everywhere i look on the main page,

    So that's why I'm asking what is going on here ;)
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    posted a message on AdvanceTime Mod - Change Time, Day Length, and Calendar
    is this similar to the old insomnia mod where crops etc keep growing while you sleep, does time speedup at all when your asleep or does it still take like 10 min to sleep through the night
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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    thanks i'll try doing that next time i install :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on MCL.bat
    I've just created a batch file for windows that will allow you to store / select / Launch / create. different minecraft versions( that you have backed up). Its not moving the jars around (well not after they are created). its running them from different folder s on your system. You tell it where you have them stored and it scans the directory for all the versions of minecraft that you have in there and it displays them for you to select and run.

    No more need to lose your older minecraft installs when a new version of minecraft comes out. you can have unlimited versions setup, Great for those who do webcasts etc. showing off different mods, everything to do with that version of the install(including mods you've applied , the worlds and texture packs etc.. it's all there each in its own directory)

    it doesn't use the windows minecraft launcher it uses the generic minecraft launcher and runs in a console window (so you can see the tasks it's doing great for helping track down errors etc.

    You tell it how much memory you want to use and the place that you have all the .minecraft directories. it does the rest.

    No it doesn't require you to input your login (other than in the standard minecraft launcher that you d/load off the minecraft site.

    Why a Batch file as opposed to an executable?
    1. lower memory usage and smaller file size (only 3.8k .. that's right k not m)
    2. paranoia about code with keyloggers / viruses etc
    3. because I haven't written a batch file in many years. and wanted to see if i still had what it took to write a tight batch file :wink.gif:

    Some things that it allows you to do that other launcher scripts don't
    1. Login as yourself so you can use your avatar not the generic one
    2. So that it actually records your status and achievements (unlike most if not all the other scripts I've seen "Get Wood" every time you start a session and chop wood
    3. Have multiple versions of minecraft running at the same time , even connected to servers
    4. No file movement required except to make a backup (which you'd have to do anyway to keep your older versions and games etc)
    5. Easily edit the amount of memory that minecraft uses. on Windows it allocates 1gb which means that on smaller systems that you can't always use the hires texture packs
    6. Create backup of your main .minecraft folder
    7. Automatically reads in the directories (from your standard directory which you tell it). eg: you make a backup using the create backup option and its displayed when the menu refreshes
    8. Quickly change the version (moded or not) of minecraft that your playing by simply quitting out of that version back to the menu and selecting another to play
    9. No viruses or keyloggers or security concerns all in plain text and dos commands used
    10.Easy copy/paste the output of minecraft for getting help from the support threads for the mods or minecraft

    Download mcl.bat

    Screenshots of MCL.bat in action

    YouTube Video coming when i can get around to making it

    Code for those of you who just want to copy/paste into a new file as opposed to d/loading it

    @echo off
    title MineCraft Selector and Launcher V1.00a
    REM Set these variables to where the appropriate data is on your system
    REM and how much memory you want to use
    SET MCD=D:\Downloads\Games\Minecraft\Versions
    SET XMXMEM=-Xmx409M
    SET XMSMEM=-Xms409M
    rem you shouldn't need to alter below here unless you run into problems
    SET JAVA="%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe"
    REM === Don't Edit anything Below this line ===
    color 1b
    set /a i=0
    set M=0
    set GAME=%APPDATA%
    Del MCL.cfg /Q
    for /d %%x in (%MCD%\*) do echo %%x >> MCL.cfg
    echo +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
    echo ^| MineCraft Selector and Launcher V1.00a - by BlueSteelAU - 21st Oct 2011 ^|
    echo +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
    for /d %%x in (%MCD%\*) do call :DISPLAY %%x
    echo [C] Backup the %APPDATA%\.minectaft directory 
    echo [R] Refresh Menu
    echo [Q] Quit
    echo Current Command line (edit the memory usage at the top of this batch file)
    echo %JAVA% -Xincgc %XMXMEM% %XMSMEM% -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame
    echo Selecting anything not listed will launch the default Minecraft Install
    echo %APPDATA%\.minecraft
    SET /P M=Select the Which one to Play, Then press ENTER:
    IF %M%==1 set GAME=%ONE%
    IF %M%==2 set GAME=%TWO%
    IF %M%==3 set GAME=%THREE%
    IF %M%==4 set GAME=%FOUR%
    IF %M%==5 set GAME=%FIVE%
    IF %M%==6 set GAME=%SIX%
    IF %M%==7 set GAME=%SEVEN%
    IF %M%==8 set GAME=%EIGHT%
    IF %M%==9 set GAME=%NINE%
    IF %M%==0 set GAME=%TEN%
    IF %M%==C goto CREATE
    IF %M%==c goto CREATE
    if %m%==R goto MENU
    if %m%==r goto MENU
    if %M%==Q goto QUIT
    if %M%==q goto QUIT
    if %M%==0  set GAME=%APPDATA%
    if exist %GAME% SET APPDATA=%GAME%
    color 4e
    echo Starting Minecraft...
    echo Using Directory %APPDATA%...
    echo %JAVA% -Xincgc %XMXMEM% %XMSMEM% -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame
    %JAVA% -Xincgc %XMXMEM% %XMSMEM% -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame
    echo Finished session
    echo IF minecraft crashed
    echo click your right mouse button, Select all, Press Enter
    echo (This will copy the output to your clipboard.) 
    echo Then paste the result on http://www.pastebin.com
    echo and include a link to it when you report the problem
    echo this way the support people can better assist you.
    set M=N
    set /p M= Press [Y] to go back to the Menu any other key will quit:
    if %M%==Y goto MENU
    if %M%==y goto MENU
    echo See you next time, Hope you had a great game
    goto :EOF
    color 2a
    set WHERE=Backup
    set input=
    echo +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
    echo ^| Creating a Backup.^|
    echo +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
    echo [M] Main Menu
    echo [Q] Quit
    echo Pressing just pressing [ENTER] will make a .minecraft in
    echo  %MCD%\Backup
    echo Any other legal directory name will try to create a directory in
    echo %MCD%
    echo CAUTION: If you sweyou an existing Directory files will be overwritten
    echo making it a mess of bits of what was there and what you just copied
    set /p input=What would you like the directory called (no spaces):
    if not "%input%" == "" set WHERE=%input%
    if %WHERE%==M goto MENU
    if %WHERE%==m goto MENU
    if %WHERE%==q goto QUIT
    if %WHERE%==Q goto QUIT
    XCOPY "%APPDATA%"\.minecraft "%MCD%"\"%WHERE%"\.minecraft /D/S/Y/I/V
    echo Copy created
    goto MENU
    set d=%1
    set /a i= %i% + 1
    if %i%==1 set ONE=%d%
    if %i%==2 set TWO=%d%
    if %i%==3 set THREE=%d%
    if %i%==4 set FOUR=%d%
    if %i%==5 set FIVE=%d%
    if %i%==6 set SIX=%d%
    if %i%==7 set SEVEN=%d%
    if %i%==8 set EIGHT=%d%
    if %i%==9 set NINE=%d%
    if %i%==0 set TEN=%d%
    echo [%i%] %d%
    goto :EOF

    Instructions on how to set it up

    1. make a directory for the batch file and the java version of the minecraft launcher (not the windows munecraft launcher) which you've downloaded off the minecraft.net's web site
    2. download the MCL.bat file into that folder you've just created
    3.download Minecraft.jar (that's the generic minecraft launcher NOT the minecraft.jar which is the minecraft game
    4. Create another directory where your going to store all your versions of minecraft ( preferably not in %appdata%)
    5. edit the ML.batch file (in any text editor) and set/change the MCD variable to point to the directory you just created
    6. edit the XMXMEM and XMSMEM variables to what you require (eg: ive set mine both to 409m, and everything seems to be working fine so far for me)
    7 . look at the set JAVA line and edit it if necessary to where you have your JAVA.EXE installed (its setup by default with where JDK7 installs to)
    8. DON'T edit anything else
    9. if you already have some .minecraft directories already backed up copy them into another sub directory in the one you created to store them in. eg: mine is Versions. and in there i have other directories containing the .minecraft directories eg:Versions\1.7.3\.minecraft
    10. Run the batch file (unless youv'e already copied across some of your .minecraft directories you won't see any versions listed)
    11. type in any key that's not listed on the menu. It will launch the your default minecraft install
    12. quit out of minecraft and tell the batch file that you want to go back to the menu
    13. select [C] to make a backup of your .minecraft directory
    14. It will ask you for a name to call the directory its going to create to store the backup in, type in a descriptive name (no spaces) so that you know what version is in there .. and press enter eg: Moded1.8.1 or 1.8.1 or Standard1.8.1
    15. it now copies the .minecraft directory into your working repository for versions that will appear in the menu
    16. press any key and it'll go back to the menu where you'll sere the version you've just made listed on the screen :wink.gif:
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