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    posted a message on Vrist - Adventure Map [14w21b]
    You sir, are DEFINITELY getting a gameplay of this map from me :)
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    posted a message on CandyLand (Alpha) (WIP)
    Umm, can you give a better explanation for the mod before I download it?
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    posted a message on Electrical Age [Physics! Electric circuits & More!] Beta1.11_r51
    I'm intrigued, better go check this out then. :DOh yeah, I may do a mod review and be back when it is released. :)
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    posted a message on Good screen recorder for Mac?
    Quote from Keybounce

    QuickTime player is not bad, lousy, or anything like that. It does a great job of recording high quality video.

    The killer for me is the size -- it was recording 854x480 at something like 10 GB per hour.

    I do not have the disk space. And, iMovie is not a sufficient editor for me.

    I said something wrong. The lag was terrible! xD So I switched over to ScreenFlick and played Minecraft smoothly while recording. But damn, ScreenFlick's files are larger than Quicktime Player! D: And that kids, is one of the reasons why you want to render your videos before uploading them to YouTube.
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    posted a message on Looking For Minecraft Avatar Speedartist!
    'Ello there, mates! I'm BlueSilverDJx, a Minecraft YouTuber. So basically, I need someone to help me make my YouTube profile picture. I need a Minecraft speedartist to help me make a speedart of my skin, which is awesome! :D So in order to do so, I'm going to list a few things people who are reading this thread are supposed to do:
    - A shoutout from me for their YouTube channel & their speedart skills!
    - If there are no shadings or background on the speedart, your speedart automatically be declined.
    - IGN: DizzleBlitz

    Good luck, and happy mining!
    - frizz367
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    posted a message on New Recording Partners
    Hey, dood! Wanna record? Skype's BlueSilverDJx. :)
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    posted a message on Good screen recorder for Mac?
    Guys, nothing is complicated. The best screen recorder for me is: Quicktime Player. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Why the ­ would you recommend that lousy piece of ****­?" Well, there are a few reasons that contribute to my saying.

    1) It's free.
    2) You can choose to record fullscreen or a specific size on the screen.
    3) Absolutely no lag.
    4) Perfectly records audio smoothly.

    If you want HD, use a free rendering program for mac called "Handbrake":
    If you want to edit videos professionally, use "Adobe Premiere Pro" or other free/cheaper/better alternatives:
    If you want good thumbnails, use "Adobe Photoshop" or other free/cheaper/better alternatives:

    Basically, that's how I roll. Perfect recording with all videos 1080p, almost no lag difference and intros. Of course, nothing's free, unless it's illegal or it's really bad (excluding Quicktime Player).
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    posted a message on Looking For Minecraft YouTuber Partners Looking To Form a Group! :D
    Quote from UmadBro001

    Name: Ieuan Hutchinson
    Age: 13
    IGN: ieuanhutch
    YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube....5h7vJmQ9k3kOMew
    Are you in a network?: No

    Skype: ieuan.hutchinson1
    Why do you want to join us? (be detailed, people): I would like to join a group of people, to start doing videos. I want to expand my channel, so I think this would be a great chance for me.

    Not bad. I could help you with your profile pic and stuff, just let me know on Skype. :) )

    Quote from taylorfizzy1712

    Name: Taylor
    Age: 14, turning 15 in December
    IGN: BloodyHellTayla
    YouTube Channel Link: Click here I haven't started posting videos yet, but I'm almost 100% sure that if I start out with other people I'll feel comfortable recording alone
    Are you in a network?: No, once I start making regular videos I will apply to be in one.
    Skype: BloodyHellTayla
    Why do you want to join us? (be detailed, people): I want to join because I want a good group of people to record with and I think it would be lots of fun. By the way, I already have a mic and recording software and my videos (private on YouTube right now) are in 480P-720P.

    Accepted. :)

    Guys, our group needs 1 more member! :D So hurry up, I'm not running a happy factory!
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    posted a message on Looking For Minecraft YouTuber Partners Looking To Form a Group! :D
    Quote from LisaProf

    My name is Lisa,
    i'm 13 years old.
    IGN: LisaProf
    Youtube channel: i have a yt channel but i have no videos, i would like to start off togheter with someone else
    no network
    i will give you my Skype later ( don't want to put it were everybody can see it)
    I would love to join because i want to start off with yt and can't do that alone.

    Accepted! :) I've got the same reason as you when I started, but I YOLO'd through it. Anyways, contact you soon like with the others Just give me your Skype and you're accepted. You can PM me at my YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/BlueSilverMC

    Feeling pretty good with the group size, soon I have to close this thread. If there are no responses in the next 5 days or so, consider this thread closed.
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    posted a message on Looking For Minecraft YouTuber Partners Looking To Form a Group! :D
    Sorry for not replying in a while, busy.
    Quote from JackPerson

    My name is Jack :)
    I'm 14
    My YouTube: www.youtube.com/jackpersonmc
    Not in a network, nope :P
    My skype is: jack.akelly2000
    I'd like to join because at the moment with my recordings, I only play with friends, not actually YouTubers, others that will also record. I need a few fellow YouTubers so we can grow together :D

    Good. I'll contact you in Skype and we can get started :)
    Quote from HotandHumid89

    My name is Jake
    IGN: HotandHumid89
    I'm 15
    My channel: https://www.youtube....yo_QeK1VXudvXkQ
    Network: Nope
    Skype: waterspoutlet69 (in all seriousness, I'm not to creative with names)
    I'd like to join because I've been wanting to get a group going but have had no luck for the past few years and I really want other people to record games with, it would make the recordings a lot more fun.

    Awesome! Will contact you, Jake. :)

    Quote from IrkesomeGaming

    Name: Brandon
    Age: 16
    IGN: Irked
    YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube..../IrkesomeGaming
    Are you in a network?: It says im with Machinima but im not. They Decided to add me For no reason and wont let me leave at the moment
    Skype: Irked123
    Why do you want to join us? (be detailed, people): I want to join because currently i have no one i can play minecraft with because all my friends say that the game is for idiots and so they wont play so i play by myself which is extremely boring. This is my reason for joining -To make New friends and have fun-

    Pretty good YouTube stats. I'll keep in mind that you are a good guy, and look forward to recording with ya sometime. :)

    Quote from MultiMoose37

    My Name is Dinston
    IGN: LevitatingSloth
    I'm 15
    My channel: It still in the progress I had to delete it
    Network: Nope
    Skype: adnan.alnaji (I named it after my grandad who passed away)
    I would really like to join because I used to do twitch sometimes with my friend and from then on people kept telling me im funny and should start playing minecraft I had no luck until I found you guys. I have already tried forming one but no one replied and I had no luck and I would love to meet new people, One huge reason is why I want to do it is to have fans that appreciate what im doing and Ive been told many times that I could do a youtube channel but I never wanted to do it by myself so here I am saying please let me join (I built myself a yoglabs which I do what they do but I call it the Dinlabs, I show cool mods and show different ways on how to play around with pistons which will be really cool as well created my own mod pack which I use in my survival called Dincraft which I would love to show to our subs I have a great personality I never get ed off and never like to cuss just to make myself look cool, I would really love us to be as famous as TeamCrafted and will like to start fresh with you guys and start developing to be one great channel.

    Holy crap, long but still, welcome to the team! :D
    Quote from ProCautionz

    Name: Justin
    IGN: ProCautionz
    YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube....oCautionzisinIc
    Are you in a network?:no
    Skype: ProCautionz
    Why do you want to join us? (be detailed, people): I have been looking for a group of people to grow with forever! I feel like this would be great for all of us! And I am great with other people, just shy at first.

    Accepted. :)
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    posted a message on Looking For Minecraft YouTuber Partners Looking To Form a Group! :D
    Hello fellow forum readers,

    if you have came across this post, judging by the title you would know what this post is about. I'm BlueSilverMC, also known as frizz367, DizzleBlitz or BlueSilverDJx. I am a Minecraft YouTuber looking for some young YouTubers to grow with me as we would progress to aspire and become as famous as Team Crafted one day. So, if you think you can do it, you may join. However, there are a few requirements:

    - Aged 10-17 years old
    - Subscriber count no longer than 100
    - Videos with at least 480p quality
    - Skype
    - Easily interact with other types of personalities

    If you fit these requirements, you will still need to fill out a short application:

    YouTube Channel Link:
    Are you in a network?:
    Why do you want to join us? (be detailed, people):

    Good luck to any people trying to apply for joining my group, and cya!
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    posted a message on Looking for 1 - 3 mates for a private Blood n Bones game
    Hey, I'm interested. I think we can play together :) Skype: BlueSilverDJx
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    posted a message on Voxel Realms Up and Coming Hub Server Looking for Builders
    Hello, I'm interested so here is my application.

    1) I am applying for Server Administrator.
    2) I am not a spoiled 7-year old, I can be mature and help out a lot.
    3) As I have said, I have been working as administrator for multiple servers.
    4) Varies, but commonly for around 4 hours per day. Yes, indeed. I have been through both moderator and administrator rank before, so I know what I am doing.
    5) DizzleBlitz.
    6) Elvin, not an A, a E for some reason.
    7) 11, hope you make exceptions. :)
    8) BlueSilverDJx.
    9) Sorry that I have no idea of knowing how to properly explain this, but my time is 24 hours faster than America.
    10) I want to be able to help the server by doing my role, and building a community of players for the server.
    11) Well, I had a Skype chat with the staff crew. I have shown my maturity by suggesting mature ideas in which would help the server, calmly and peacefully stopped arguments from 2 staff members. Sorry if this is not what you are looking for, but it's the best I could remember.
    12) I don't really know what to put here, except that I am a small YouTuber, and I am a peacemaker.

    Thanks for reading, and consider my application.
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