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Well, I was born at about 11:47 AM on Saturday, May 1st, 1999. If you are a dumbass/ too stupid to figure out my CURRENT age, it's 14. I have ALWAYS shown an interest into video games, and I think i will until i dead. :3. I first play Super Mario Bros. 3 On my dad's nes... BEST. DAY. EVER. Then Super Mario World on the SNES, Great day..... and that's what i played until i was 8. I play SNES and NES until 2007. Wow. Then I got Nintendo DS, and.... man, Pokemon Diamond kept me up until 10:00 PM! (Long time for 8 year olds.) An, I recently got my Nintendo 3DS XL, fight me in pokemon, bro!
Interests GTA V, minecraft, Poniez :3, banana phones, almost ant person at my age likes.

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Minecraft BlueLineSniper Xbox BL4ZINGBULL3TS