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    Quote from Mineyo66»

    When will Optifine 1.8.7 be out?

    When they stop with the rapid release of onesy-twosy bugfixes crap. honestly, I think they do this to raise a middle finger to the modders.

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    [quote]Quote from xilefian »That is really bizarre because the Optifine capes have zero to do with Mojang and are not even visible for players who are not running Optifine, it goes through Optifine's own donation servers so this is a very strange move by Mojang.
    Just chalk it up to a move by Mojang because the kid exercised his right to say "no".
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    Quote from KillmurCS

    Uh Optifine IS updated to 1.5.1 actually.

    Uh ... last I checked it's not 100% done, therefore not updated. Period.

    Quote from sp614x

    Update to 1.5.1 is in progress: 99% done.
    Minecraft 1.5 reorganizes the texture handling so a lot of functionality has to be rewritten.
    - Source merge - √
    - Compiling - √
    - HD Fonts - √
    - Smooth Lighting - √
    - Smooth Lighting Level - √
    - Better Snow - √
    - Better Grass - √
    - Mipmaps - √
    - Antialiasing - Later
    - Anisotropic Filtering - Later
    - Connected Textures - √
    - Natural Textures - √
    - 3D Items - √
    - Optimization - √
    - ModLoader compatibility - √
    - Forge compatibility - √
    - Trapped Chest - √
    - Random Mobs - √
    - Separate HD fonts - TODO
    - Custom Sky - √
    - Animation options - TODO
    - Compass bug - TODO
    - Custom Animations - TODO
    - Memory Leak - ?
    - CTM for Walls - ?
    - Remove "Texture Packs" - TODO
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    How about making your own fork thread?
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    posted a message on My Minecraft is stuck in Beta 1.6.6 how do i get it to update?
    Delete .minecraft/bin
    Delete Minecraft.exe

    Download minecraft.exe from mojang website
    Run minecraft.exe to replace .minecraft/bin

    Play like a bawzzzz

    If you can't download minecraft.exe from mojang website, please pay for it first.
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    Quote from Zuzax

    I assume you mean "boat" not bot. No need for automation here.

    Anyway I tried a boat and there was nothing but the occasional barren smaller island for hundreds and hundreds (thousands?) of blocks. I loaded my inventory with several boats ('cuz they break) and weighted down my "W" key. Water everywhere. Sure, there might be a huge perfect continent somewhere out there, but I couldn't find it.

    I couldn't make a map because there's no cane in this world. Only grass/wheat, mushrooms, and the descendants of the one tree.

    ... So make like Kevin Costner.
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    Quote from HexZyle

    IRL, you wouldnt argue with someone in a debate contest if they screamed at the top of their voice till they went red in the face, they would just get booted out. On the internet, you don't get booted out, you just get ignored.

    Even though his point, though incorrectly delivered, is completely on-topic? Sounds like you'd make a perfect politician. Ignore anything that doesn't fit your world view.

    And as an aside, has anyone really noticed a common theme in the suggestion threads?

    "I don't like X ... let's make an optional toggle."

    Typical answers:
    "It's beta ... man up ... don't mess with my game ... you'll take away from the spirit of the game ... use a mod ... "
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    Quote from OneYankeeRebel

    Since 1.9 is here and 1.10 is soon to follow, and maybe 1.11-1.15 so maybe be patient and get one update to rule them all.

    Are you ****ing high?
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    Nice way to try and capitalize on ad.fly for something stupid. You sir ... must turn in all your diamonds.
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    *shrug* Build a mob grinder.
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