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    posted a message on Nexus Wars - "An Only Good Alien's a dead Alien!" OPEN TO APPLICANTS /ALWAYS/

    Eight possible candidates! Slots still open!

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    posted a message on Nexus Wars - "An Only Good Alien's a dead Alien!" OPEN TO APPLICANTS /ALWAYS/

    Four possible candidates so far, but still room for more!

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    3076, AIC.

    The Coalition begins its second exploration of the greater galaxy as a whole. From it’s small beginnings on Terra, it has explored and expanded out to it’s galaxy, settling colonies, to creating entire sectors, all swearing fealty to the Council of the Nine. During these four thousand years of peace upon the dominion. Six hundred planets that each serve it’s purpose, defending, prospering, and feeling the Coalition’s gears to ensure it functions. Doing so requires constant expansion.

    They decided to begin exploring the Nox Auchemia system, a small, isolated system near the northern fringes of their empire. During the excavation of a local moon, one of the colony ships was struck down by an unidentified vessel. During the ensuing battle, none of the fifty ships in the colony formation were able to escape from the terror of this unknown menace.

    This is our first contact with the Auchis. Named after the designation, they appear to be incredibly hostile. They are tall, horrid creatures, with blue skin, which desires simply to devour the flesh of those you care the most about.

    The reason you have been called here today, cadets, is that we need as many hands as we can get to fight this alien threat. It doesn’t matter what debts of society you owe, if you’ve got the parts of a man, woman, old or new. If you can hold a gun, you’ve been called to duty. Training begins in six hours!

    Be ready to defend your homeland, soldier.

    - High Admiral Berrox speaking to the newest recruitment drive, to be shown to each group of soldiers once recruited.


    Howdy everyone! This is Nexus Wars, a large scale RPG system that will be ran on multiple platforms. You simply read the rules, pick the platform you find most comfortable, and you will be able to play out the entirety of the ongoing conflict between the Auchis and the Coalition.

    If you want to play, simply toss out a character sheet and ask to join. There’s no waiting list, or restriction to the number of people who can play. The more the merrier!


    Skills and Preset Character Sheet Above.

    The system takes a little bit to wrap your head around, but it’s quite simple once you understand it. You will start with stats and skills.

    Stats will infer the capabilities of your character, going from 0 to 5, giving you up to a +5 to any ability or skill that uses that stat. You can raise this bar by equipment or other means, in game, but for a base human, the max they may be is a 5.

    Skills are how well you can do a specific action, from shooting a pistol to driving. You will gain these as the game goes on, based on your performance and time using such action. Each skill is based around a stat, and to do a skill, you will roll a 1d20 + skill + stat. If that number is above the required rating to succeed, you will successfully do that action. If an action is to attack, once successful, you will roll the damage dice of the item, or action. By default, unarmed, and other attacks without a damage dice, causes 1d4 damage.

    Equipment is based around the items you can wear and use on your person. They will have a durability next to them, as well as ammunition, if it is an item with a number of charges, or ammunition within, then the damage dice of such an item. As an example;

    Assault Rifle (30/30) 4/4 <1d6 + 1>
    Name (ammo/max ammo) durability/max durability <damage dice>

    Armor, and other items that protect your character, will use durability as a health pool, that you may use instead of your health pool to tank attacks.

    Once an item runs out of durability, it will break, being unusable until repaired by someone with the adequate skill.

    If you have any other questions, please ask!


    If you would like to apply, post now! We’ll be waiting for at least four applicants, or, hopefully, even more before starting.

    As well, we’ll be having a discord to act as a hub, as well as being another way to play the game, if you find the idea interesting but dislike forums, or, would be interested in playing in both platforms! Either way, it is recommended you join it;


    If this tickles your fancy, do come join us! Otherwise, thanks for at least getting to this point! Have a wonderful day, either way.

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