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    posted a message on [Forge] [1.6.4] Flesh Cupcakes-a better way to use that rotten flesh!
    Someone has been taking ideas from Pinkie Pie...
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][TC4 Addon] Thaumic Cheatery - For when you're tired of scanning things
    Oh praise you oh mighty one...how I SHUN starting Thaumcraft in a new world...SCANNING EVERYTHING. Oh you are majestic.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4/1.7.2][Forge] BluDecorations - Highly customizeable decorations!
    Holy...cow...this is amazing.
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    posted a message on Kingdoms of the Overworld Mod v1.6 [1.7.X/1.6.4] [SSP/SMP]
    I like the structures...and that's about it. Is the spawnings of mobs configurable? I might give it a download.
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    posted a message on Mods to make a Good Survival World Better
    Quote from iFicS

    BoP is a big mod, with lots of blocks for world gen. That's why it causes lag. Also, to add it you'd have to restart the map as BoP generation type.

    Better Dungeons is another dungeon pack with it's own mobs and loots.

    Alternatively, you could start over with FTB Magic Farm, which includes Hunger Overhaul.
    Better Dungeons, I had to reload some of my world, but I like it! They are slightly difficult but I have assorted magics on my side. Thanks!

    As for FTB, Agranian Skies (sp?) is pretty fun!
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    posted a message on Mods to make a Good Survival World Better
    Hey, I'm looking for some new mods for my Minecraft world. Anything that is well made with good ideas that aren't TOO overbearing would be nice. Nothing overpowered and ridiculous like OreSpawn mod. Also I do NOT want Biomes O' Plenty, lag city for some reason...and Ars Magica sadly crashes my world. Too lazy to fix! :3

    Mods in my World w/ small description -

    Grimoire of Gaia (Cute mob designs, adds a challenge. Also adds interesting items.)
    Crayfish's Furniture Mod (I like building houses and such, so I require good furniture. Jammy's is also good.)
    Nohero's More Health Mod (I like the reward of more health with high levels.)
    Damage Indicators (Gotta see my enemies health.)
    Usefulcraft (It's pretty useful.)
    Adavanced Thaumaturgy (Advanced stuff. I have a few Thaumcraft addons.)
    Artifacts (I like randomly buffed items.)
    Baby Animals Model Swapper (BABY ANIMALS THAT LOOK ADORABLES.)
    Backpack (Need to carry my crap around.)
    Barrels (BARRRRRRRELS!!!!!!!!!!)
    Better Anvil (Such improvements to the anvil much appreciate.)
    Bibliocraft (I NEED BOOKSHELVES.)
    Blood Magic (Blooooooooood.)
    Buildcraft (Just for minor things like pipes and engines.)
    Chicken's Mods (Core,NEI,Chunks,Enderstorage)
    Dartcraft (I like the rods.)
    Dungeon Pack (I like the dungeons.)
    Ellian Detector (I cheat when I am desperate, otherwise it is kept off.)
    Enchanting Plus (I hate randomizing 30 levels to get random enchants sooo...)
    Evil Craft (Bloooooooooooooooood.)
    Extra Utilities (Extra usefulness!)
    Forge Ore Dictionary Converter (This comes with forge right...?)
    Forbidden Magic (I leik to do the forbidden magics and be bad. Thaumcraft addon.)
    FpsPlus (Who doesn't like extra fps?)
    Hardcore Ender Expansion (BRING IT ENDERDRAGON! *Jumps off obsidian tower with swords and magics.)
    Hats (Fun to see animals with hats on, and I rather like wearing headphones.)
    Hat Stand (I like to look at my hats)
    Hunger Overhaul (I die when I starve, logic.)
    iChun Ulti (Core more for iChun's mods.)
    ID Fix (Useful.)
    Inifinibows (Infinity enchant doesn't require an arrow.)
    Inventory Tweaks (R. Sorted!)
    Iron Chest (I need the chest space!)
    Lucky Block (I'm up all night to get lucky...*Breaks block* ... *Lightning Creeper*)
    Modular Pots (I like potted assorted plants.)
    More Player Model (I barely use this but it's fun to change forms.)
    NetherX (More interesting Nether.)
    Open Blocks (Useful things. Elevator is a common favorite.)
    Optifine (I have a crap computer.)
    Pam's Harvest Craft (Adds a more interesting touch to the world with plenty of nature, also lots of food!)
    Reliquary (Swag.)
    Rotten Flesh to Leather (Self explanatory.)
    Ruins (More interesting world.)
    Show Durability (I need to see how much usage is left, the little color bar drives me nuts because useless.)
    Soul Shards (Make my own Enderman spawner by killing thousands of their species!)
    Tinker's Construct (Build my own tools. mDiyo is a genius and a great youtuber.)
    Thaumcraft (The main aspect of my world, magical.)
    Thaumic Exploration (Exploring more into Thaumcraft.)
    Thaumic Reliquary (Magic Swag.)
    Thaumic Tinkerer + KAMI (OP magics.)
    Twilight Forest (A wonderful world to live in and explore, very fantasy.)
    Useful Food (The magic foods give you great buffs.)
    WAILA (What the heck am I looking at...oh ok.)
    Witchery (More magic, and potions...and oooh familiars!)
    Zan's Minimap (It's a minimap.)

    Anybody got any suggestions? Please share your favorite mods! Thank you!
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    posted a message on Mods to make a Good Survival World Better
    Can anyone delete this post? My internet lagged on me...
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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct Suggestions
    Crossbows and Flails.
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    posted a message on [Forge][Recipe Mod] UsefulCraft [Official Release][1000+ Downloads!!!]
    The most useful mod ever, thank you. Gravel problems BEGONE.
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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls
    Quote from ja785y

    How about makeshift shears equivalent!
    in the form of a giant scissor blade. Maybe you have to make two separate pieces for it.
    a blue half and a red half. It should cut a larger area of leaves and shrubs then a normal shears
    maybe they should also slowly regenerate durability when not used or maybe just when a mob is killed.
    And if you kill an evil mob its should drop a red string.
    an evil alien red string that seeks to evolve humanity until its ready to devour the entirety of minecraft.
    the scissors should bear resemblance to these:

    Sry i just cant help the anime refs they take over
    however minus the ref makeshift shears would be cool i get tired of the iron ones.
    It's not a Kill la Kill mod...lol It adds monsters mainly.
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    posted a message on EvilCraft (Open Source) - v0.10.12
    Great mod. I love playing with blood...

    (Not srsly, I don't play in blood on normal day to day basis...)
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    posted a message on [32x, 16x] Coterie Craft - Default Revamped
    Hmmm I know you may not read this but let me take the time to say...since I first started playing Minecraft in 1.2.5 - Texture packs that were close to the original were my favorite. I used to use Faithful...and I still do, but Coterie has become my main "Resource Pack" now.
    It matches the many mods I use.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] (UPDATED 23-MAY-2014) Extradimensional Item Storage [Forge]
    Ooooh I love the little descriptions, my favorite is the Glowing Diamond. Grabbin this mod~

    Apparantly rolling a diamond in some glowstone dust makes it glow. Don't worry, its safe. I think. The radiation might be a problem though.

    I'll be sure to keep it on the far side of my hotbar! Stay away radiation...ohhh how about if you hold it for too long it causes nausea. It IS a radiating glowing diamond.
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    posted a message on NYVARLD - Over 100 New Structures!
    I want this but I am still on 1.6.4 *painful groan*

    This looks really cool.
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    posted a message on YAFM - Yet Another Food Mod (June 7, 2017)
    This + Useful Food Mod + Dartcraft = PLENTY OF FOOD.

    Heh heh. I thank you for this great mod, also nice icons.
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