About Me

About Me:

I finally got a new computer :D

Joking and sarcasm is a habit of mine; I'm not fishing for attention.

Most of my time on the forum is spent in the Off Topic section, but you'll probably see me elsewhere.

"If you post something funny, you'll get something funny,

If you post something serious, you will almost always get something funny."


Character Info:

The Bloody Ghost is considered to be a folk tale by many, but he is real. (who else would write this?) After being exiled from the Spirit Circle, a gathering place for ghosts, he is sentenced to wander the universe, though he does visit other ones occasionally. He floats around, looking for something fun to do, because, well, he doesn't have a whole lot better to do. Sometimes he does get wrapped up in a quest or adventure, but he is all for it. His head wound he recieved somehow as a ghost connects him to the physical world, meaning he can shift into elemental (physical) form. It isn't very easy, so he can't shift to avoid attacks, giant falling objects, jellyfish, etc. He can be serious when necessary, and is a good fighter. Look more closely, maybe you'll see him.


Playing minecraft, eating, posting in the forum, laughing at how everyone my age on the planet expects me to own the entire Call of Duty franchise, working on pixel art, listening to music, and hanging out with my "lame" friends.

Location Floating around

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