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Look, my old bio that is so broken! Instead of erasing it and leaving it blank, I've decided to leave that pile of broken formatting for amusement purposes.The editor broke everything and I can't fix it. ono[p][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Oh, it seems that someone is curious about this little fluffball. Well, welcome to my page, O curious one.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]I am your local forum fluffball...and that's about it. I don't really have much to say about myself here. If you want to learn about who I am, then skulk through my posts. That'll get you started on learning about me, and yes, I'm making you do the work instead of just telling you. .w.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]One thing that I will say, however, is that I do not take kindly to blind friend requests on the XBox 360 (which is the forum on which you most-likely found me). If you want something, please message me either here or there. I receive multiple friend requests a week and turn down about 95% due to the first response being something that I label as, "...And you're an idiot."[/color]
[color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Don't be one of those idiots, please. If you want something, at least try to appear smart when you message me, ya know, with capital letters and punctuation? Yeah, that good stuff that takes an immense 2 extra seconds to type. If you at least try instead of just saying, "play minecraft w me," then I won't be such a grumpy little squawk. -w-[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]And if you're curious about some of the insanity that I create on the console, here's a list of my worlds. If any catch your eye and you want to see it, throw me a message![/color][/p]
[spoiler][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]An Old Friend -- My main survival created in TU6 in memory of my TU1 survival world, which was lost due to an old bug that is no longer present (gods be praised!). It uses the same seed as the original and has a few homages to it in the world.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]A New Friend -- It was going to be my secondary survival world using the Mass Effect textures. I had such grand ideas for what to build, but my old survival just kept pulling me back into it. All that's to show in this world in a large, 20x20 surface-to-Y=10 hole.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Tetrin's Plains -- My Superflat survival. It's currently in a state of "slightly" active. It houses some of the most efficient passive, aggressive, and neutral mob farms possible in the game...and a wheat farm that used to yield over 6,000 per harvest before 40% was converted into carrots and potatoes. My current project is making a river and forest biome, both of which are about half-way done.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The World of Peace -- A peaceful! Just a survival-ish world in which I go when I don't feel like hearing or dealing with the local stupid each night.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Cloudsdale -- A world in which I taught one of my friends how to play Minecraft. It has the bragging rights of being a TU2 (3?) world, having a mine track that earns the "On a Rail" achievement, and a stack of 64+ golden pickaxes...because yes. Oh, and yes, that is a My Little Pony name.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The Land of Learning -- Another world in which I taught a friend. It's a TU7 world, I believe, and doesn't have anything that's really noteworthy unless you like "plains villages" in deserts.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Waldenzia -- A co-op survival with one of my friends in the Skyrim pack. Nothing too special in this world. It has been dormant for quite a few months due to him going off to college and mostly playing on the One when he has time and Internet access. I did go in it for a few minutes just to escape the Nether (we last stopped after the portal was blown out. xwx).[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Azzyland -- Another co-op survival, but in the Fantasy pack instead. My other friend and I decided to take up residence in a ravine, which actually was pretty cool and fun. It's home to Insga, the sheep that pushed and killed two cows in the ravine and a Cave Spider spawner that's at the edge of the world, rending it unmineable.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]TBL Public Server -- Not actually a server! Well, it was supposed to be, but getting active pain is a pain in the tail. It's a world that has the entire sky covered in lapis blocks...and I kid you not, it took over 40 hours to singlewingedly make the thing. It provides me with the unique challenge of an eternal night (without host commands) and land-sky contrast like you've[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The Burnt Lands #1 -- The first map of my series in which participants must prove themselves worthy of my birds' time by cop-operating with a teammate or me if nobirdy else is available. To enter this map, please check my thread about the series.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The Burnt Lands #2 -- A full-map complete the monument in which the now-more-trusted player must...oh, spoilers, tee-hee! This map takes a good 6~10 hours to complete and has references to pop culture and other maps everywhere...and a story, too![/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The Burnt Lands #3 -- The uncompleted--but not dead!--third map of the series in which the player will learn truths and his role in the story of my birds.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The Burnt Lands Mini #1 -- A multi-layered maze constructed by Shazol. This along with the next two are not part of the main story, but will affect TBL #3, depending on if it was played or not.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The Burnt Lands Mini #2 -- A race/parkour map made by Auren. She was nice and made the jumps not stupidly hard as you see in some videos....[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]The Burnt Lands Mini #3 -- A map that tests the player's ability to be both resourceful and tactical as he fights through rooms of mobs. And no, it's not just a map that has more and more zombies and creepers each time.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Le Fight -- My one and only PvP map for up to four players, because seven just lags too much. It consists of 9 "biomes," each of which contains three chests. There are three rounds in it, one per dimension, so every if you lose once, you can turn it back around in the Nether! This map is built to have a quick-paced match as each area is a mere 50x50 in size, if not smaller (I forget. ono).[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]"New World" -- It used to kill you upon spawning, but apparently somewhere between TU17~22 changed that. Now you always spawn in the centre where you are greeted with Ghast screaming and signing telling you that you weren't invited.[/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Texture World -- A world with every block, item, painting, and so forth in it, updated accordingly. If you need anything viewed in any texture pack, I have them all![/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Boom! -- A world in which I blow up everything in each dimension. It's a good world to be in after a bad day. Kiss the sheep and ground good-bye![/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Death World -- For entertainment purposes only. It's a world mostly devoted to killing things against their will...because it's funny![/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Beat Stuff World -- A world made for hunters. It's a 40x8x40 room in the sky that will continually spawn all overworld mobs. You get some unbreakable "weapons," a chestplate, and some other things. You just keep going until you grow bored or succumb to too many arrows in the knee (too soon?). Oh, and there's a passive mob section if you'd rather kill without being killed. Take that, cows![/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Void World -- A world in the End. Once in, you cannot escape the End. This is my redstone experiment and landscape design testing world. do that stuff in a Superflat? Ha![/color][color=rgb(128, 0, 0)]Picture City -- This world was going to be a 3D pixel art world. Made in TU2, it is the same landscape as my original world (God rest its digital soul!), and I could tell you where pretty much everything from my world would be in it. It currently has a Zombrero, a Skeleton, a coal ore, and a gold ingot in it. I kind of want to go back to it, but have mixed feelings since it's been untouched for years.[/color][/spoiler]
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