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    Honestly, after 1.8, I hated the generation. Everything used to be nice and colorful before 1.8. And look awesome
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    Quote from Ninjawarriordude

    What do you mean by "soon"...

    Next five years or so.
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    I just want them not to be ugly. Pigmen would be nice Jeb.... *glares at notches old promises*
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    Fight the Internet Censorship Law!

    Sign up with Mozilla (FireFox) and help stop the congress form taking fan games, Let's Plays, and even pictures of video games and movies off the web! Sign up here!: Yes its SOPA

    A Freeware, game creating (indie?) group/team.
    I started this group to bring a bunch of games out of it, not only created by me, but by other people as well.

    Please help a gamer in need!: https://checkout.google.com/view/buy?o=shoppingcart&shoppingcart=932883388973715 The donations to him will help him get out of debt. He is thankful for every donation :smile.gif:



    No, we haven't spent all of our time on this, but here it is!:

    This is demo, so don't be like "THEY SPENT ALL THEIR TIME ON THIS!?", since we didn't. This is just the first to come out! So, without further adieu, go check out the topic!


    Hey there! Long time without news of games, or anything in general! i would like to notify you guys we AREN'T dead, but just at work :wink.gif: And in other news, we now will be recruiting Riggers (3D), Z-brusher's (3D), and Sculptris modelers (3D)!

    - Blockhappy, Head of Cubicle

    What we need:
    Spriter/Sprite Editor(3/??):
    Game Developers(3/??):
    Website guy(1/??):

    You don't get paid, unless its shareware, you will get money as by your game, or split it if you helped in the creation of it.

    Send an application over email, or PM. Email: [email protected]

    How much free time do you have?:

    What do you use to make games/sprites/sounds?:

    Where do you live (Country/state. Not anything personal. This is optional. This is so we can get release dates correct.):

    Show 1-10 Music/Game/Sprite files below:

    Steam Group: Cubicle Games (Only Parts of the team will be accepted.)

    Blockhappy(Dr. Cubicle): Owner! Creator! Game Dev! Spriter!
    Artlord(Kalem Masters): Art critic/patcher: Will do maintenance and gives feed back to the artists.
    AriochIsVengence: Weapon Spriter! And has nice colors!
    riperchetobg : Game developer! Likes Slimes!
    Frubban: Site editor! Likes ponies from certain popular cartoons!
    Augmentated Bird: StoryBoard Director! Likes Portals and the number 2!
    MiniRabidHobo : Spriter/Artist! Likes the letter R!
    CoderRyne : Java Game Developer! Nice guess!
    Boelens : OTHER Site Guy! Youtube Guy! Brony!
    Locknlol : Other OTHER OTHER site guy! Lock drops and lol's!
    0m3ga4- Music and Sprites guy!



    2nd Party Groups:

    NinjaCatStudios- Members:




    Mine M Quest- (In GAMMA) Forum Page


    Well, as said above this will basically run more like a company. Not like real company, but in how its run. Say 2-3 members would like to work on a game together, then they are a team that game. We might do some games that require all of us, but for the most part its individual teams working to produce games. I'm quite used to working alone, but this Company/Team will bring to work with others. And hopefully, you. Now don't be scared, you CAN make games by yourself, and I won't get on your case. But a requirement is to help the team also, thats why its a team/company.


    I've been getting this question a lot over different forums, so here it is:

    What we use (1/2): Everything, but right now were in desperate need of Java developers!

    What we use (2/2): We use Engine and examples (We always give credit.), or engines made by ourselves.

    What we make: Fan games, Brand new titles.

    That's all!

    - Blockhappy
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    [b]CURRENT APLHA- [b]2.1[/b]

    The newest project for Cubicle!

    Welcome snow! Welcome winter! Mine M Quest Christmas edition is here! Updates:
    (Small update: Made screen view as big as Gamma 1.0's, and made normal worlds easily accessible.)
    + Snow added!
    + Snow world as a selection added!
    + Present boxes added!
    + New graphics added!
    + World type select!
    + Take screenshots with F9!
    + Silver added!
    - Gold is more rare!
    + Now downloadable in a ZIP ! :smile.gif:

    The game is based off Nethack and is in no way inspired by Minecraft, nor any Minecraft clone.

    I also suggest you look at the instructions on the title screen, they'll be very helpful.

    [b]SCREENSHOTS-[/b](Only one at the moment, sorry!)

    Its Christmas time.... in the mine!


    UPDATE LOG:[/b]

    Gamma 2.1 [12-19-11]
    - Normal world is now accesible
    - Screen view enhanced to Gamma 1.0's view

    Gamma 2.0 [12-18-11]
    + Snow added!
    + Snow world as a selection added!
    + Present boxes added!
    + New graphics added!
    + World type select!
    + Take screenshots with F9!
    + Silver added!
    - Gold is more rare!

    Gamma 1.0
    - Initial release

    [b]Completion percent[/b]: [b]10%[/b]

    [b]Please[/b] give out ideas, and opinions about the game! Remember, its not NEAR completion!

    Thanks, Blockhappy
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    Quote from Brendan170

    No pics, No clicks!

    Oh hush. Not everything without pictures is trojan. I don't get why you got +'d either, your kind of comments are as good as spam comments half the time.
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    Quote from nleiknl

    Are you just ignorant or did something happen to your eyes... The multiplayer is for the wifi, so if you and a friend are connected to the same router, you can play together.

    Don't be a jerk, and try and help nicely.
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    Good luck, and go for it man. :smile.gif:
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    Here's my review based on how the game is NOW, and what they've done ect. Remember this is iOS edition.

    Rating criteria:
    10- Outstanding
    9- Amazing
    8- Great
    7- Good
    6- Okay
    5- Decent
    4- Meh
    3- Bad
    2- Awful
    1- Un-10


    The game is trying to follow up its parent game, Minecraft PC. Now it's not it right now, and it just has Creative. The gameplay is fun, and is like Minecraft Classic for PC. But one thing is in the way of it being very good- Controls. The controls are AWFUL. The jump button is awkwardly below the forward button, instead of being on the oposite side, which would be much easier. Now, if you look past the controls and odd block breaking, the gameplay is fun and can entertain you for a good while. And not to mention the mining- with you fist. And not to forget, the multiplayer! Its only really useful if you have a friend though, but come on, get a friend.


    A LOT of people criticize the graphics for Minecraft, and I don't know why. Its based off old games, and its good. Given, I like the texture packs more, but the standard ones are OKAY. And the blocks fit with the game, and it seems like a good throwback. But one thing I really like about Pocket edition IS the graphics. It puts it back to when Minecraft looked better, and the colors are good. Nothing really to say bad here, even the GUI is just like the PC edition.


    The sounds are just like Minecrafts sounds, nothing new. The sounds are good and clear, and the silence sometimes adds to the Ambience.


    It has high gameplay value if you master the controls and have friends for multiplayer. If you don't, theres still solid creative gameplay once again, if you master the controls.


    - GAMEPLAY: 7.0 - Its fun, but the controls damper it down.

    - GRAPHICS: 8.2 - Its graphics are good, and not bad quality at all for the iOS.

    - SOUND: 7.8 - The sound is solid, but its nothing special overall.

    - REPLAY VALUE: 8.0 - The replay value is good not GREAT, but good. But if you master the controls, its pretty fun.

    - FINAL SCORE: 7.9 - Its not a GREAT game yet, but its a work in progress. Its in the right direction, and if I was you I'd shell out the $7 if its gonna have survival.

    - IPAD VERSION SCORE: 8.0 - Much better controls, much better view, and overall its just better then the iPod version.
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    Next update will include:

    Present Boxes:

    New Graphics:
    Hard Stone
    Player (courtesy of NinjaCatStudios!)

    So get ready, the update is coming before Christmas as my gift from Cubicle to all of you!

    - Blockhappy
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