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    My name is Kennedy, or in MC, Blockers. I am currently a college student at Michigan State University, and am looking to start a side business running a Minecraft server. Fortunately, I do have some money to get me started. When the server starts to make money, I can start paying management. I am looking to start up a fully customized Skyblock server, so please keep that in mind. I am looking to get a basic management team together, along with builders to help start creating the builds on the server. I am going to list requirements I will be looking for in the categories below. I am looking for the following position(s):

    2-3 Developers

    - Have and are fully capable of designing plugins. doing configurations, and creating websites.

    - Willing to be fully committed to starting a serious project.

    - 16 and older.

    - Have previous work to prove credibility.

    Developers will be paid for their plugins, but expect more profit when the server makes profit.

    1 Manager

    - Fully capable of managing staff needs. This means taking care of staff needs, player needs, and server bugs.

    - Fully capable of stepping in as a "second in command". If there is a problem presented with the server, the manager must be able to help step in to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

    - Actively participates in the design of the server. Communicates with the team regularly.

    - 17 or older.

    Managers will not be paid initially unlike developers or builders, but when there is profit they will be paid.


    For Builders, I am looking to create a team of builders, or hire a building company. My budget is low, but I am willing to spend some money to get a spawn started for this server.

    Please keep ages 15 and older.

    If any of these positions interest you, please contact me via discord. It is currently late, but I live in the EST. Will be checking computer once I wake up in the morning.

    Discord: Blockers#3341

    Feel free to contact me with questions,


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