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    ", palatino, serif">Townies SMP[/p]

    ", palatino, serif">Townies SMP is all about creating your own town and joining together at spawn to create an embassy which represents your town in order to trade and sell. Your town can be just for you or for others, each town gets to have its own rules (as long as they don't conflict with the servers). We encourage each Townies SMP town to be themed so that they are all unique. But the main purpose of the server is to have fun and relive the enjoyment of minecraft.

    ", palatino, serif">Towns can sell plots to other players to establish embassies, shops or other buildings. Refer to the rules below for how to claim areas.

    • ", palatino, serif">Townies SMP is a whitelisted SMP (vanilla - no mods) for 18+ players
    • ", palatino, serif">Discord server available
    • ", palatino, serif">English speaking only

    [p]", palatino, serif">Apply below if you are looking to join a fun survival community.[/p]

    [p]", palatino, serif">APPLY BELOW - Please state:[/p]
    • ", palatino, serif">Age
    • ", palatino, serif">Location
    • ", palatino, serif">Minecraft skills (e.g. building, mining, redstone etc.)
    • ", palatino, serif">Can you speak on discord (Y/N?)
    • ", palatino, serif">[Optional] Refer a friend
    • ", palatino, serif">Why do you want to join?

    ", palatino, serif">Server Rules[/p] ", palatino, serif">Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick/ban.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">1. DON'T STEAL[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">This is the most important rule. Simply DO NOT touch or otherwise take anything that is not yours. [/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Failure to follow this rule will result in an INSTANT BAN from the server without an opportunity for appeal.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">2. DON’T GRIEF[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Do not grief other people’s builds.[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Do not alter the landscape (wilderness) if you don’t intend to build on it.[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Do not attack other players without their permission. Refer to Rule 9 for PVP rules.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">3. DON’T BE A JERK[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">The server chat is for all ages. That means no racism, sexism, foul language or other discriminatory comments.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Do not harass or troll other players on voice chat or in-game.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">No spam or advertising.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">You are encouraged to only speak English in the chat to avoid unnecessary conflicts.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">4. NO HACKS / NO CHEATING[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Do not use X-ray, block/item duplication hacks, fly-hacking or bug exploits.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">ASK FIRST if you are unsure about using any third-party tool that can potentially be considered cheating.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">5. CERTAIN GRINDERS ARE PROHIBITED[/p]

      [p]", palatino, serif">Grinders of these types are NOT ALLOWED under ANY circumstances:[/p]
        [p]", palatino, serif">Pigmen [/p]
        [p]", palatino, serif">Iron Golem[/p]
        [p]", palatino, serif">Endermen[/p]
        [p]", palatino, serif">Wither[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Local entity count on other mob grinders should not exceed 300.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">These rules exist to reduce lag and balance the barter economy.[/p]

    ", palatino, serif">Server Rules[/p] ", palatino, serif">These guidelines will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">5. TERRITORIAL RULES, BUILDING & LAND CLAIMS

      [p]", palatino, serif">Players may claim territory in the wilderness outside the boundaries of other territories and may enforce their own rules within them as long as they do not interfere with server rules.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Do not build within territory already occupied by other players without their permission.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Your territory should be out of (bow) firing range of existing claims (around 100-128 blocks). It can be claimed by using walls, signs, or other man-made boundaries.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">If building in a town with available building plots, please refer to that city's mayor for prices and city building guidelines.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Abandoned buildings can be removed by the territory's active owner once that player is inactive for 3 months, but try to contact the player beforehand. Leftover materials should still be made available to that player in case they were to return.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Avoid building too many Redstone and entity-heavy machines too close to each other. This will cause lag that affects the entire server, especially near spawn. Consider dividing cities into organized districts to avoid this.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">6. NETHER AND THE END RULES[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Nether belongs to no one. You are welcome to build and improve it as you see fit. However, please do not make changes to others' builds without their permission. Again, please label your things to avoid conflict.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">If you are unsure how to properly connect your portal to the Nether, ask for help. We want to work very hard to keep a robust transportation system and are happy to safely connect you to the closest main line for easy travel to and from spawn.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">You are discouraged from building above level Y=116 in the nether. These levels are reserved for the construction of the Nether Express, a carefully planned superhighway that cannot be rerouted to accommodate other builds. If you decide to build in this area and your build conflicts with the Nether Express, you will be relocated.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">Do NOT connect a line of any kind to a Nether Express tunnel. You may only connect directly to your nearest hub. Again, if you don't know how to do this, ask for help. Unauthorized connections will be removed as soon as they are discovered.[/p]
      [p]", palatino, serif">The End is very difficult to navigate unless you are well equipped. The Dragon may be summoned at any time by a player seeking to fight it. Do not venture into The End without understanding the risks involved.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">7. DO NOT BEG[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">This is a survival server. Do not ask for items spawns. [/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Teleports are used ony for legitimate moderator activities.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">8. DO NOT MASQUERADE AS A MODERATOR OR ADMIN[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Do not falsely claim to be admin, owner, or moderator.[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Do not threaten to ban other players from the server.[/p]
    ", palatino, serif">
    ", palatino, serif">9. PVP ONLY WITH CONSENT[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Spawn-killing is NOT allowed.[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">PVP is allowed for consented dueling and as a way for town groups to enforce their own territory rules.[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">The excessive, unwarranted usage of PvP will not be allowed to continue. Do not abuse this rule.[/p]
      ", palatino, serif">Upon death, the attacker must secure the belongings of the dead in a chest and leave them to be reclaimed.[/p]
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