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    MineCraft Name: Immunise
    Age: 16
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Interests: Minecraft, Skateboarding, Internet related things. Computer related things.
    in 100 words or less describe yourself and why you should be accepted.
    I beleive i should be accepted into this server, because I am an all-around nice guy, and I think I could bring alot of ideas to the server, and maintain a healthy community attitude, and also, this community seems decent enough, and friendly enough, for me to stay a while at.
    At least 2 links to pictures of your best work.
    Forgive the noobiness. I have a new Laptop, and this is all I have made.
    What Does OTK Stand For?: Order of the Key
    What is the Secret Answer?: The game. Actually, I have no idea.
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