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    posted a message on ██►The Kingdoms: New Dawn◄██ - Open to the public again!
    This server is fantastic, best I've played.

    It's the only server I've managed to stick by for over a more than a month!

    If your into RP style servers, dark ages, kingdoms etc, check it out!
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    posted a message on World-Specific Stats?
    I was thinking about this yesterday when I installed 1.5

    Be great to have a world specific stat for SSP, as well as a general stat for your overall score. Maybe even an SMP specific stat?

    Be great to add. :biggrin.gif:

    I'm all for it!
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    posted a message on More Uses for Feather!
    Could be used as some form of Fishing bait?

    Other than that, the only thing I can think of it as a use would be one of them Feather hats. xD
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    posted a message on Gold can now become usefull.
    Quote from raptor777777 »
    Quote from Ygdrasel »
    And, just because I like being a broken record, gold is not meant to be useful, you damn nubs!

    Then why does it exist?

    Because gold is something you mine. Plus it nearly gets you excited when you actually find it > than you realize it's useless.

    I find it's only use is for SMP servers with economy mods setup.
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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Rain Mod
    Quote from Grassberger »
    I can work on this mod!

    Please do! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Portable 2.7.2 (+ Java Portable) · Minecraft on your USB · Now supports Macs!
    Thanks for creating this, it's one of the most helpful tools!

    I can create multiple Minecrafts to tests skins, mods, and other things that can break Minecraft. I currently run two copies, one the original in Appdata, and one that is linked to my Desktop with skins can custom mods for singleplayer.

    Once again thanks for making this!

    - Blind_Merc
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    posted a message on Metal heads of Minecraft
    Quote from Dusty »
    Quote from ihatesheep »
    Not sure if its metal but




    Bullet for my valentine

    And slayer

    Korns the 1 I aint sure about and bfmv

    BFMV is trash metal imo, their lead singer is a toolbox. As for the others, they`re all decent, dont like the new disturbed stuff, only the old, their fanbase got a little.... poser-y.

    Correct me if I`m wrong, but I haven`t seen Parkway drive yet.... HARO PWEASE

    It's not Trash Metal, hell it's not even metal, its under Core.

    Many great bands!

    Anyone know similar bands to Ministry, Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad, like a Thrash/Death Industrial Metal? I've been searching around for similar bands but haven't had much success in finding good any really good ones. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on MC.net Down? Again!
    Quote from saiek »
    Quote from Kent »
    Quote from blakethegrea1 »
    its just the sites down dont fret
    and seriously come on no one is attacking minecraft its been down before
    when i first started playing minecraft its was down every update

    Secret Friday Monday Update?

    hopefully not! i just got my server running with all the latest bukkit plugins i need. If a new update comes out that means they will all break T_T

    The only bad thing about server updates. =(

    if only Notch could find a way to support Mods whilst updating. Or by at least turning off automatic Updates..
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    posted a message on MC.net Down? Again!
    Quote from Shadowknight155 »
    Um, there are millions of threads like this, but none recent. So I will just say it again. Is Minecraft.Net Down, again? I cant connect to the website or load my game. If this post is older than 24 hours and you don't have a problem, could you just bump it for a mod to delete? I will delete if I can as well, if I remember. Are you having the same problem?

    There are lots of recent wants, look at the threads "Cant Loging" etc. :wink.gif:

    Someone said it could be a possible DDos attack, yet nothing is confirmed. I guess we play the waiting game.

    Have you tried closing the internet, loging in (Fail) > Play Offline? You'll only get single-player but it's better than no Minecraft. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Its a long shot, but Hear me out someone!
    I like the idea of having sort of like a Zombie Tower Defence within Minecraft as a mode. Could become very interesting.

    As for Guns, count me out. If they're ever placed within the game I will personally teach myself how to delete them.
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    posted a message on Sandstone Steps?
    Quote from Arcesious »
    If notch keeps this up he's going to have to make a bigger texture file for all of these blocks.

    Would be interesting to see how much bigger the texture file will turn into with his current plans to add more content in the future. :biggrin.gif:

    Didn't think this thread would get that much hits, and to those saying other materials such as Smooth-stone (In-particular) I completely agree to having those added in the future of Minecraft.

    A lot of great ideas! Keep sharing your opinions.
    - Blind_Merc
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    posted a message on [Stairs] Sandstone addition
    I made a post about this in the wrong section. -.-

    I agree, I'd like to see either stairs or half steps added. Replacing the texture pack I've come up with what they could be close to looking like:



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    posted a message on Sandstone Steps?
    Bump + More

    Possible look for Sandstone Half-steps:

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    posted a message on Sandstone Steps?
    Quote from yamgrenade »
    Good idea, but it should be in the suggestions segment.

    Ah dam, wrong thread -.-
    I shall wait in hope of a Mod moving the thread.

    Thanks. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Sandstone Steps?
    Who'd think it would be a good idea or a neat looking idea to add sandstone stairs, much like wood or cobble stone, or even more so, would you prefer to have sandstone half steps?

    Please feel free to give your opinions and thoughts about it!

    Possible Sandstone Stairs?:

    Thank-you for this input!
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