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    posted a message on Minecraft snapshot end iluminati confirmed

    end has 3 letters...a triangle has 3 sides... and 2 planes can't knock down 3 towers. Loominaty confirmed.

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    posted a message on YOUR BIGGEST DREAM IN MC

    To start my own server...

    My server would be 100% vanilla with no lag, hacker-free and infinite block build height. The terrain would look epic and the terrain height can reach up to 10000 blocks so hills, plateaus, and mountains could reach up to heights higher then Mount Everest. Every biome is common around spawn.

    There will be absolutely no structures, nor any player placed blocks around spawn. You will just spawn in the wilderness at coordinates 0,0. There will be a 1000 block protected area around spawn. So you can pvp at spawn, but you cant mine. Once you travel out of that area, you are free to do what ever you want. Be carful though, because the difficulty is on hard.

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    posted a message on Flower Island and Ocean Monument!

    Just the look of this seed is amazing! Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful island I have ever seen! (sorry I can't provide a photo, I need a replier's help)

    You spawn on a different island, but the flower island is located at -350x 100z. This island contains a flower forest, a little sunflower plains, a beautiful waterfall, and an ocean monument right next to it!

    Seed: "-5704426477535756967"

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    posted a message on Special Command

    The only biomes that don't have any snowfall are deserts, savannahs and jungles. Every other biome will have snow when you get high enough up.

    Only with some sort of command would make that possible (which I don't know of).

    Mesa, forests, birch forests, roofed forests, mushroom island, plains, swampland, maybe more, also have no snowfall whatsoever.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from straightdigger»

    No mater how hard I think I can't come up with a single reason why would oceans stop you from having "infinite" height O_o

    Quote from earzo700»
    What would oceans stop? You do realize they don't go all the way down, right?

    You can't have a big enough rise without a big enough run. Unless you want almost completely vertical terrain. Take the longest perpendicular lines and put it on a 2d minecraft map (like amidst). Place it on any coordinate you like and no matter what, each 4 sides will always hit an ocean somewhere (well that's a no brainer, oceans are located in all directions) You can definitely have enormous heights that seem infinite, but they won't come close to reaching y= 30,000,000 like explained on the thread, But that only applies to default world types because oceans are flat. The landscape has to go along with one ocean to the other.
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    posted a message on UPDATED more physics for sand
    So my new sand-stone house will collapse because of new hardened sand with gravity?

    Btw, in a desert hardened sand is found underground, not on top.

    No Support.
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    posted a message on Fully Customizable Blocks - A creative step forward
    I'm way far from being a tech wiz, but by looking at this it almost seems like it would be possible way to customize biomes. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    posted a message on A new idea for bookshelves and book and quill.
    Naturally spawning bookshelves, such as in villages and strongholds, Will now have 1/15 chance of having a book and quill in it. You can obtain what is inside by right clicking on it. There will be a wooden noise on the bookshelf to indicate that you took the book and quill. If your inventory is full you cant grab it. Each book & quill will have a random story in it and there will be a total of 25 stories available. You can read them yourselves. Maybe they will influence you to write a book in Minecraft yourself!

    I had a awesome idea to where these stories could come from. Mojang could write the stories themselves, or they could throw a competition to all the Minecraftians! Any one could write their own story themselves, send it in, and if its good enough it will be elected to be implemented in the game! There will be 25 winners for each story! But the rules are, the stories have to do with Minecraft, and they have to be able to fit inside the book and quill.

    Let me know if this is a good idea!
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    posted a message on Lets face it - Ep.1: Mojang [Uncomfortable Topic!]
    Thats right! Give mojang some about their developing problems!

    Na im just kidding. But they do need to fix alot of things.
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    posted a message on Spider eyes used as fish bait
    I think it would add some fun and fair realism to fishing. Spider eyes also don't really have a use besides potions.

    The fishing rod will be crafted as originally. all you have to do is a put a fishing rod and a spider eye in the 2x2 crafting interface. It then becomes a "fishing rod with bait"

    A fishing rod alone will not catch fish any more, but a spider eye attached to it will make it have the same chance of catching a fish as originally.

    Fishing rods can only be enchanted alone, then you can attach a spider eye to it. Once you catch one fish, that spider eye will be gone.

    Since you would have a spider eye for every fish, we need to balance the purpose of having those resources. Normal fish will now fill 6 hunger points with a saturation of 9.6 (same as cooked mutton), and salmon will fill 8 hunger points with 12.8 saturation (same as cooked steak and cooked pork chop)
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