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    posted a message on Plexo 95 - Skydventure 1.12.2 Modpack [2100+ Downloads] [Over 2 Years of Active Development]

    Plexo 95 - Minecraft 1.12.2 Modpack 《 [1700+ Downloads] [2+ Years Development]

    • Random Events, Magic, Tech and finally a Island with the Minecolonies Mod!

    • Bosses, Bestinary Collection, Traders to complete all your favorite Mods!

    • Automation, Plexo 95 includes every well known Tech Mods!

    • Massive CUSTOM Skyblock World and more...

    **If you wanna know more about our massive Modpack just watch some Videos about it!**
    Discord ► https://discord.gg/ZA7dvBH8w8
    Get Plexo on Curse! ► https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/plexo-95#c5
    Plexo 95 - Trailer ►

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    posted a message on PLEXO 95 | 1.12.2【Curseforge】【+1.8K Downloads】【Skyblock】【150+ Mods】

    Oh and every relevant information about Gameplay Features etc. are written down on the cursewebpage of Plexo 95!

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    posted a message on $$ Will pay someone (cashapp or paypal) to make me a custom 1.12 modpack (130-150 mods) $$

    Check this out for free mate: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/plexo-95 :D Hope you will have fun haha it has anything you wanted from your post!

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    posted a message on PLEXO 95 | 1.12.2【Curseforge】【+1.8K Downloads】【Skyblock】【150+ Mods】

    PLEXO 95,

    offers a Massive Custom Skyblock World That Combines


    and adds a MASSIVE unique World filled with

    Loot, Dungeons and much more!

    [Multiplayer + Singeplayer like in the good old Hexxit days]

    • The current mod list !
    • You are invited to the Discord server of the modpack

    Key Features:

    100+ Skyblock Isles with unique Design and handplaced Loot, Bosses (own loottable) & Traders.
    Thirst Bar
    Current Season is displayed on your UI on the top left
    Random Mob Events (20 Different)
    Automation (nearly any tech mod from Skyfactory & more)
    Implementation of Hexxit dungeons in my Skyblock Plexo 95 World
    Connected Capitals (teleport pads)
    You get a Waystone at the beginning so you can always teleport to the Main Capitals (Isles)
    Hexxit Armor
    Unique Music
    New Immersive Sounds
    Every Optimisation Mod ins included for a smooth Gameplay
    Staffs from Hexxit (essences)
    Every well known Dimension Mod is included and can be unlocked on Isles, you need to find out how to unlock them
    (Aether, Better Nether, Twilight Forest, Atum, AOA2 Teleporters can be found ond Plexo 95)
    The special thing about this Skyblock world is, you can escape from it! I created a unique Portal that teleports you to a normal Biomes O Plenty world, but you need to beat Lord Plexo and for that you need to get strong!
    Unique Enemys from AOA2, Ice and Fire and many more ( i dont want to spoiler ;) )
    Massive Endbosses which are big as a whole Plexo Isle
    Tinkers Smithy
    Buildcraft, Energy Converters, Mob Grind Utils and many similare Mods are included
    Over 20 starter Skyblocks to choose from to begin your adventure
    You can play this Modpack Online with your friends (I share the Server File on Curse) or Offline!
    and much much more this is just the tip of the iceberg...


    >>> CLICK ME <<<
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    posted a message on TEXXIT COMES TO THE SKY! | PLEXO 95 RELEASE

    More information on the official Curse webpage!

    >> https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/plexo-95 <<

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    posted a message on █ SKYBLOCK MODPACK 1.12.2 █ 180+ MODS █ 4.0 UPDATE █ PLEXO 95 █
    Hey Guys! Enjoy Plexo 95

    4.0 Finally adds a balanced version of PrjectE to make your automsation dreams come true!
    Final Boss Arena got reworked and it will be a much higher challange to beat Lord Plexo!
    Lots of Balance changes!
    Added New Isles and Teleporters!

    New Mods:

    ProjectE (Configured)


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    Welcome to Plexo 95, a fresh new Skyblock experience for mod enthusiasts!

    150 Highly Configured | Balanced Mods with an Extremly Detailed Skyblock Map!

    Plexo is a massiv handmade Skyblock world with lots of tech and magical items Bosses Traders and secret locations to explore it is no Problem to play offline or with your friends on a dedicated Server both is alot of fun!

    You begin your adventure as a clone and youre gonna choose your starter isle! Its your goal to get strong enough to be able slaying down Lord Plexo and other strong Bosses! Find a way in his secret castle! Every Isle is unique and got its own loot, monsters and secrets so be careful! Make your way through this world and promote oil or go fishing with your friends to gain coins! There is alot to do on Plexo! Over 150 Mods which are highly configured through config files for the best rpg feeling you can have in Minecraft!

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