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    Out of Character Information

    IGN: IridiumFyre

    Do you wish to join our community Skype chat? If so, what is your Skype username? (This is optional)

    Have you read and agreed to both the rules and the lore of the server?: Yus.

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?: Powergaming is when you do not give another player the chance to react to something you have done.

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?: When you use OOC information to affect your IC decisions.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?: Roleplay is taking on the role of a character in a fantasy world.

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?: No-one!

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?: Only if both the players consent to it and if it is under the right circumstances.

    When are you allowed to speak out-of-character?: When you use brackets in local chat, or just when you use OOC chat.

    Do you have any previous RP experience, Minecraft or elsewhere? I had a character on the server.

    Character Information

    Name: Sarah Grainger

    Age: 27

    Class: Archer, and Swordsman.

    Physical description: Sarah is extremely beautiful, and she stands at 5' 8". She has long, straight blonde hair, and dark blue eyes. Her collarbone is very visible, and is quite defined. She has a curvy body and an angular face.

    Screen capture of your skin: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/3086008/medieval-maid/

    Biography (Minimum 225 words. Most very fleshed-out characters have around 300, but feel free to use even more than that if you wish. No clichés such as loved one being killed by robbers or the like: Sarah's father was Captain of the Guard in the small town she lived in, and he was fairly skilled at swordsmanship and archery. He taught her these skills when she was growing up. She gladly trained with him, and joined the guard when she was eligible, it was uncommon for a woman to join the guard, but she did anyways, and despite people not believing in her, she pulled ahead and brought the crime rate in the town to an all time low. With most of the burglars, murderers, and pickpockets in jail, she had nothing to do. She left town at age 23, in search of more adventure and excitement, and settled as a sellsword, she made lots of money through this, protecting people and travelling across the lands to help and assist people in need.. for a price of course. She ventured south, to do some work in Roland's Field, and overheard people in the inn speaking of a voyage to a new world. Sparking her curiosity she kept listening and heard they would leave in a month's time, so she kept doing work, keeping track of the time, and with a week left before the voyage set course, she made her way back to Roland's Field, hoping to become a part in this adventure, and hoping she could use her sword and bow to help people who would need it in the New World.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation): To help protect and settle the new lands, and maybe help explore and protect caravans.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality): She is very quick, and agile. She also is good at talking with people, and making friends. She is skilled with the bow and sword in combat, but has not mastered either of them. She is also a hard worker, and will always strive to be the best.

    Weaknesses (Balance out yours character's strengths with suitable weaknesses. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. I.E. Not knowing how to use a bow as a miner.): She can get angry easily, due to her short temper, and she can lash out at people, if she dislikes you.. it'll likely stay that way, due to her holding long grudges.

    What is your character's personality? (Optional; use this field to note character traits that you feel don't fit into either strengths or weaknesses if you wish):

    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation. Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat.)

    Due a recent accident, you wander the dark quiet streets of the town with a somewhat severe injury.

    *Blood continues to spill out of Sarah's leg profusely.*

    *Sarah grimaces, pain searing up her left leg, and she holds onto it with her left hand, using her other hand to prop herself on the wall as she stumbled along.*

    *A man walks across the alleyway in front of her, on one of the main roads.*

    "Wa-wait!" Sarah says weakly.

    *The man walks back and looks down the alley.*

    "Oh my dear! Are you alright?"

    *Sarah shakes her head no.*

    "Let me help you." He says as he walks towards her.

    *The man puts her arm over his shoulder and helps her along.*

    "Lucky for you, I'm a medical assistant, I should be able to treat this wound.." He mutters gravely, inspecting it and wondering how such a thing could happen.

    *** 1/2 Hour Later ***

    *The man pushes open the door to his home with his foot after unlocking it with his left hand.*

    "Sit." He mutters, as he heads into the kitchen for first aid.

    *He returns with a kit, and starts patching up her wounds.*

    "Th-thank you, this is awfully kind of you. How can I repay you?" Sarah asks bleakly.

    "No need for repayment, I couldn't just leave you there." The man says.

    *Sarah nods her head in acknowledgement before drifting off.*

    In a tavern, a stranger threatens you to fight him/her:

    *A man walks towards her, and she walks towards him, he has mead in hand, she does not, and neither of them are watching where they walk.*

    *The man looks forward too late, and they run into each other, his mead spilling on the floor.*

    "Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't me-" Sarah is abruptly cut off. "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COST ME." The man yells over the roar of the tavern.

    *The room goes silent, as everyone looks towards the commotion in the middle.*

    "I-I'm sorry, no need to get upset I can pay for that."

    "I SHOULD TEACH YOU SOME MANNERS!" The man screams at her.

    Sarah, starting to get angry retorts, "You can sure as hell bloody try."

    *The man swings at her, and she ducks under it, kicking his knee.*

    "HA!" He yells. "FEELS LIKE A FLY LANDED ON ME."

    *He swings again, this time connecting it with Sarah's face, and she falls backwards onto the floor.*

    *The man lifts up his leg to try and stomp on her, but she rolls out of his way and kicks his feet our from underneath him.*

    "I told you.. you could try." Sarah says before delivering a quick jab to his head, knocking him out.

    She then looks around the tavern and says, "Anyone else?", and then she leaves.

    Lore Questions

    List three causes for the fall of the Empiracle: Rebellion of the Mountain Clans, Vaerdeziios succesion from the Emperiacle and the Braxian vs Emperical war.

    Who is proposing an expedition to the western lands?: Overlord Rauric III of Braxia.

    Where was the expedition launched from?: Roland's Field.

    Questions or comments?:
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    posted a message on BlazeCraftv2 by Landyachtz69 and IridiumFyre
    EDIT: There will be a small city where we will hold battles every month, the fight will take place for approx. 2-3 hours, and there will be people who are BESIEGING the city and others who are defending it, each team will have a captain, with the exception of the attackers who will have 2.
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    posted a message on Cow's Semi-Vanilla Whitelist Server [24/7] [Magic] [More Loot] [No Griefing] [Community Based] [Everything Player Built] [Mature
    Minecraft username: IridiumFyre
    Age: 16 (1.23.98)
    Experience in Minecraft (How long you've played): Since Alpha. (3 years)
    Why do you want to join: The old server I used to play on is full of corrupt admins and mods.
    [Server Rules] 1.No Griefing. 2. No Scamming. 3.No Hacking of any kind. 4. No X-Ray of any kind. 5. No advertising. 6. No Spamming. 7. Be kind to other players. 8. Respect staff.
    Do you accept the server rules, and agree to follow them?: I do.
    How often do you play MC?: 3-4 hours a day.
    Can you build well in survival?: Yes, I am on a building team. (We get paid to build for people)
    What's your favorite block in MC?: Gonna have to say Quartz Pillars.
    Who is Notch?: The (Old) Developer of Minecraft, Jeb is the new one.
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    posted a message on BlazeCraftv2 by Landyachtz69 and IridiumFyre
    BlazeCraftv2 to be released soon! Hey guys, IridiumFyre here, and I am releasing a new server with my friend Landyachtz69, this server will feature a unique spawn that has a unique battlezone surrounding it, the IP will not yet be released as we are still working on the coding for the server and such, as well as the website, we WILL be looking for mature staff AFTER the first month of the server.

    Hope you guys enjoy this when it is released!


    List of plugins:
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