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    Subject: Making more Mods

    Hey everyone, my name is Rich, or as some of you know me, Blaze013. It has become apparent to frequent server users that there is more grieving and the mods we have are not sufficient to monitor the large population that this server has attracted. I believe that the admins should make more people mods, especially since we are seeing them alot less these days. I have some people in mind who would be excellent mods.
    These people are helpful, respectful, frequent users of the servers, and most of all, are anti-griefers. They help out new players find their way around, and talk to the mods about griefers. They guide others along the way and help teach others about the server and what is what. So, without further ado, these are the 3 players

    VIP: Ceryn

    Normal player(s): joramjozef, tank_beserk

    Those of you who have seen these people know that they are trustworthy. Please try to bring these 3 to the attention of the admins, and maybe we can start a poll of any qualified candidates.

    Thanks guys!
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