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    posted a message on Are multiplayer servers safe?

    There is no "proper answer." When you're on the internet, running into terrible people is an inevitability. Even on well moderated servers, it's kind of impossible to stop a bully before they start bullying. Your only real option is to report it to a moderator and hope for the best. Basically the answer boils down to "are you willing to take the chance of having your day ruined by some 4Chan-dwelling troglodyte in exchange for the possibility of having your day made exponentially better by the simple joy of playing Minecraft with some good friends?"

    Or, ya know, private servers and realms, but then you'll have a far smaller Minecraft social pool.

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    posted a message on "Terracotta"
    Quote from Skelebling»

    Adminium? What is that now called?

    I somehow forgot that was an old fandom nickname and not the official name. Err on my end. Adminium is bedrock.
    Rest of my post still rings true, though.
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    posted a message on "Terracotta"

    Honestly, you could probably just keep calling it "stained clay" and everyone will still know what you're talking about. Kinda like how I could say "adminium," "sulfur," and "reeds," but people will still know what blocks & items I'm referring to.

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    posted a message on I can't join the 1.2 Beta on Windows 10

    It did the same thing for me. Here's what I did:

    -Bust open the store.

    -Click that person-shaped button to the immediate left of the search bar.

    -Click "Downloads and Updates."

    -Click "Get Updates."

    Any apps that have updates available to you will now download their updates, including Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Please add a Marketplace System in Java Edition (MCJE)
    Quote from ShelLuser»

    Sounds like a pretty bad idea to me. Because once implemented you can bet that they'd shut down the current support for skins and texturepacks which we currently have because otherwise no one would buy into this. And I'm obviously not a fan of that.

    I don't play PE so I have no idea what a skin or mashup pack is supposed to be, but would it make more sense to suggest support for those instead of the marketplace? ;)

    That's been implemented in the Win10 and Pocket Editions for a while now and they have yet to even consider taking out external resource pack and skin support. Even if they did, the fan outcry would pretty much force them to put it back in. People getting compensated for their work is not a bad thing.
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    posted a message on Bugged mouse controls?

    Bumping this because I'm having the exact same problem, but I'm using a laptop touchpad with right-handed settings.

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    posted a message on 77th Combine Season 3 - **CLOSED** - Look for the 1.2 aka Season 4 thread

    Introduction: I'm a PC gamer. I've been trying to get back into Minecraft for the past couple weeks by playing the Windows 10 Edition in an effort to be back in the swing of things in time for the crossplay update. I figure having a survival server to play on will enhance my experience tremendously. I'm kinda quiet, though I do try to be sociable when I can. My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is casually build. I also love the idea of creating high-end gear, but I've never really tried before (That's probably something I'll do with my time here if accepted). For the time being, I have plenty of time to play, but upcoming events in my life will probably make me less frequent. I take having leisure time rather seriously, so I'm unlikely to inexplicably vanish.

    Skills: Stumbling across cool things by accident, making small but detailed structures, finding a reference for every occasion, non-destructive pranks,

    Age: 19

    Gender: If it's all the same to you, I prefer to keep that to myself and people I'm close friends with. Call me whatever you like.

    Country: United States of America

    Gamertag: BlatantHedonist

    Magic Word: Avada Kedavra. (Okay, for realsies this time, it's Krosus.)

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