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    Quote from TheMasterCaver

    I wonder if the game (from the crash) is still running in the background; I've had some crashes while modding in MCP that leaves the game running even after the window is closed, only visible in Task Manager, and I have to manually end the process. Also, you can try deleting the "session.lock" file in the save folder; this file is used to ensure only one program can access a save. Restarting your computer may also fix the problem.

    That doesn't seem to be the problem, it happened about 5 days ago, and I restart my computer every night. I also deleted the session.lock file, but it didn't help. Any other ideas?

    EDIT: I fixed it, just copied and pasted ALL the level.dat files from a fresh world.
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    Hello, I have been playing on The Crack Pack modpack, and the other day, without warning, my game crashed while I was building, and when I opened the map up later, I found that the world no longer saves. Whenever I pause the game, or leave, it gives this error:
    WARNING] [Minecraft-Server] The save is being accessed from another location, aborting

    And the world changes don't save. My player data is fine though, my inventory changes when I use things, but the world is always reset to an older version whenever I leave and rejoin. http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xyoq8ebsjf9bfw/Crackpack!.7z Here is the link.
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    posted a message on SimpleCraft - Pure Vanilla Minecraft
    InGameName: bfan1012

    How long have you played Minecraft?: Over 2 years (Beta 1.5/1.6.6)

    How old are you?: 14

    Why do you want to join?: To see how a Mindcrack-like server is actually, since I cannot play the real one.

    Any other comments?: I'm better at redstone than I am for any other building.
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    posted a message on Should the arrow knockback be lowered?
    This is intended, to make the mobs harder: (Changelog)

    Made skeletons significantly harder to melee and
    • Scales to difficulty
    • They now shoot faster when their target is closer
    • They shoot players one block away
    They shoot faster on higher difficulties, and thus makes it harder. Shoot them.
    (If I recall ^)
    Quote from DracoVenenum

    I think knockback should be lowered.From any hitting.Just think real world and not MC for a while.Would a shot from an arrow knock u back 2-3 meters?

    Minecraft is NOT the real world, an arrow would not knock you back at all. And where is the fun in that. If it was a single kill shot (Like the real world), there wouldn't be a need for knockback.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2 / 1.5.1 / 1.4.7 / 1.3.2] Creating Mods - Modloader/Forge ~SCMowns [Src & Video]
    I get the feeling this has been requested many times already, but could you do a tutorial on how to render throwable (Or Thrown) items? Like a snowball or egg (As examples) I haven't seen those anywhere else yet, or most are outdated. Thanks
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    posted a message on Who are the worst Youtubers in your opinion?
    I also have to say the Yogs cast, I also watched them so much, I almost only watched them, but now, I never watch them, they seem to be doing less Minecraft for one thing, but I have found a ton of much better players that I enjoy even more. So, the Yogscast get's my vote.
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    posted a message on Brewing Help
    This could easily be found on the wiki... The title really throws you off as well, the name "Need brewing help?" Could be better, but still, this is public knowledge. No need to post it here.
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    posted a message on are trap doors really needed in mob farm?
    I think that mobs see signs as blocks, so I think they do help a little, although, if they fall into water, they should just jump in because they won't take damage from that short of a fall into water. So, I personally don't think that you need them, but you should test in a creative world maybe (if you haven't already).
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    posted a message on [Read the OP!] Minecraft.net down again?
    It would appear that it is down again, yes. But @mollstom hasn't tweeted yet, so I don't know if he knows yet. Hopefully it wont be an all day thing again.
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    Quote from Zero101

    Here's what I'm really waiting for in future updates. Hopefully in 1.5

    -More Bosses, the wither and enderdragon were pretty cool but maybe a few more would make it more fun! That would be nice.
    -Able to change your username That would be on the site.
    -Extra armor slots like a shield, ring, etc No. Already a mod
    -Add more armor types (Silver, platinum, and etc) No. Also about 10000000 mods that do this.
    -Make it possible to craft the same item with 2 different recipes Pointless.
    -Be able to stack more items, like boats and stuff Would be nice.
    -Be able to make ore farms, like coal,iron, gold, etc farm's How is that fair? That would remove the "mine" part of minecraft and take out most of the fun of the game.

    I don't think really anything you listed here would happen in-game. Also, Mod-API is unlikely. From what dinnerbone has said:

    New Lighting system.
    I couldn't guess what else they could add, we will have to see.
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    posted a message on DON'T PANIC -- Regarding "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"
    Microsoft Security essentials has always been terrible, I would suggest getting AVG free edition, it's one of the best you can get without having to pay.
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    posted a message on Interested in Knowing About (or Helping With) the Mod API?
    I will 100% be following this all the way through the process! Nerding out FTW!
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    posted a message on Is there any point to the Bat?
    As of yet, no. Just ambient animals right now. I'm sure that it will change, it might drop something for a Jump boost potion. You never know. (Off topic) Random, but I just got an idea for a new mod for 1.4. Can't wait!
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    posted a message on Anvil's to resource expensive?
    I think it should remain at the current cost. By the time you have that much iron, you should have a place to grind levels anyway. So I think that it work's out good. Because it is kind of pointless to make one if you don't have enchants to combine or the levels to do anything with them.
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    posted a message on GlowOre v2.4.0 (Minecraft 1.4.2) [150 Downloads!]
    I have uploaded a new version,
    Info in the OP.
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