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I've actually been playing the game since November 2010 when the Nether was all the rage. Only much, much later did I decide to make my forum page.


Anyway, I'm from Quebec, which means I speak both French and English(although not every French Canadian is bilingual, and most of those who are aren't very fluent in English). I'm very laid-back and don't get mad at people very easily, although I can be socially awkward sometimes. Fortunately, people who get to know me well enough think I'm very funny. However, whenever I try to be funny I end up either making somebody pissed off or make them shriek and hide in a corner (usually it's the former). Sometimes I successfully write jokes of my own accord, and whenever those work it's always a big air fist of triumph for me.
Interests Drums, Upright Bass, Minecraft (obviously), Game Making

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