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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?

    In my opinion, the acacia logs look like they should be rocks, the emerald blocks remind me too much of Super Mario Bros. 3, the cobblestone is just "NO, YOU'RE NOT CHANGING COBBLESTONE, IT'S THE OLDEST BLOCK IN THE GAME," the cauldron looks great, the dandelions look a little weird, the bricks are fine, the obsidian is hideous, the diamonds are okay, I guess, the jungle doors look un-Minecraft, the crafting tables look great, most of the logs look great, the planks look awkward, and the iron blocks look absolutely astounding. The iron blocks underwent only such a slight change yet they look SO much better than before!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Bit Matrix With Stereo sound

    It's a Minecraft computer. I'm making a Minecraft computer and I plan to include lots of cool ideas for it such as:

    •ability to save and load 1-bit image data

    •bit matrix screen

    •full color, higher-resolution-than-the-bit-matrix base UI

    •ability to save and load text in a 1-block-per-letter form (I'm using blocks as unicode characters inside the text storage disk.

    •a few games

    •some full-color-again, higher-resolution-than-the-bit-matrix-again system programs

    •the ability to download structure files and add them as programs to the computer (once it's done you guys / girls / others can have a tutorial on how to make programs for it)

    •the ability to control redstone circuts by connecting them to little holes on the back (kind of like a more complicated, massive, wired version of the Google thingy but in Minecraft)

    •the ability to download and install structure files for system updates (Using a system update for a different version of my Redstone computer's hardware will probably break it, so be careful! About hardware upgrades, I plan to make a feature where you can generate a series of structure files using the computer so you can restore your data to a newer version of the hardware once you download the new map.)

    •the ability to save and load stereo noteblock sound data

    If you have any ideas, complaints, comments, compliments (Wait a second… Complaints and compliments are both comments!!) for my computer thing, you can do that if you want. :D

    Well, duh! That's why I created a thread about it!

    Oh, and don't ask me where you can download any of these things for it yet, because I said I'm still making it. IT'S NOT DONE YET!!! ( In fact, I wrote this thread several minutes before actually starting the project! :P )

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    posted a message on Could shulkers be used to make a MOBA?








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    posted a message on [1.7/1.8] All Data Tags explained! List of all Data Tags ingame (English/Deutsch)

    I agree, it's cumbersome having to watch videos about data tags.

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    posted a message on Various MCPE Seeds

    I tested out lots of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.1 seeds and put them all here. If you have your own special seeds, you can post them on this thread. By the way, to make this list easy to use, I will tell you the notation. The notation is:




    Anyway, on to the list of seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.1…

    •Swamp and roofed forest branching from plains riverbank: 373893

    •old-school looking forest with lava lake: crotch-odile

    •huge plains biome with huge cave system: ice plains pls

    •spawn under tree between forest and desert with lava lake and savannah fairly near: MARIOvsBOWSER

    •extreme hills, plains, and swamp: deeS

    •spawn in edge of ocean with desert on left and spruce forest on right: My World

    •spawn in forest with extreme hills behind you: dlroW yM

    •savannah, plains, and forest: ice flats biome?

    •plains, river, caves, and extreme hills with gravel overhang: Del33t

    •shark shaped island and swordfish shaped island: blank

    •triple survival island:nyan

    •spruce forest in front, ocean in back, you on beach: summon Creeper

    •forest, spruce forest, and plains divided by an X-shaped river: 1234567890

    •forest, savannah, pumpkin plains, and fairly big cave over river: -1234567890

    •check shaped river, plains, desert, lava lake, savannah, and forest: Not Flat

    •forest with circular caves, extreme hills, and iron, redstone, diamonds, and two gigantic caves under spawn: ?

    •fish shaped island spawn in check shaped river, forest with lake with two circular sand deposits, and plains with granite cave: Create New World

    •infinite version of an old world from 0.8.0 with FINALLY I FOUND A SNOW SEED, a village in the extreme hills biome, and iron, a small air pocket, and lava at bedrock under spawn: Notch

    •forest strip, extreme hills, savannah, plains, check-shaped river, and coal and a large cave under spawn: jeb_

    •extreme hills and forest with pumpkins: Herobrine

    •forest with lots of caves, K-shaped river, and floating islands: George&Harold

    •desolate islands: IFUNNY

    •plains village in desert at spawn, desert village near spawn with multiple desert temples near it also where Villagers ontop of houses and savannah nearby, forest spawn, desert has tons of caves, and coal, andesite, diorite, iron, gravel, dirt, lapis, and lava at bedrock under spawn: 1695763201

    •forest behind, plains with caves further behind, V-shaped river ahead, plains with lakes further ahead, and iron, andesite, coal, an underground lake, granite, and dirt under spawn: (a long time!)

    •swamp, extreme hills, forest, cave and V-shaped river at spawn and gravel, coal, andesite, diorite, granite, dirt, iron, a huge cave system, another huge cave system with lava immediately visible, 2 more cave systems, gold, redstone, water, and obsidian under spawn: poopypants

    •spruce forest, oak and birch forest, plains with lots of caves, and granite, iron, gravel, dirt, and two cave systems under spawn: poopypanse

    •jungle and extreme hills with coal, granite, gravel, andesite, diorite, dirt, and iron under spawn: <FEATURES>

    •double survival island: <SEED>

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    posted a message on Any good 0.13.0 beta snow seeds?

    Don't try 1745 because if you try it your spawn is just three tiny islands with no trees with a large desert island in the distance.

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    posted a message on Any good 0.13.0 beta snow seeds?

    Me too! Maybe why I want a snow biome is that it's the holiday season and I played MineCraft PC 1.5, which was back when a lot more snowy biomes generated.

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    posted a message on How do i get rid of that annoying message in 1.9 that my resourcepack is outdated even though its finished

    Please tell me what I need to type into the file.

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    posted a message on How to put colored wool in superflat presets?

    Thanks for WHAT?!?! Still nobody has said how and this isn't even what I'm looking for.

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    posted a message on sky block (skyblock) best server


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    posted a message on New Minecrefy PE SkyBlock Server!! JOIN US We need Stuff to!!!

    What's the port this website is useless why do you not say what port it is?!?!

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    posted a message on how to install a map for minecraft pe easily without a computer!

    YOU'RE JUST STUPID STOP BEIN MEAN AND JUST GIVE US A LINK TO THE APP YOU CYBERBULLY! Okay, I am seriously overreacting, but PLLEEREAASE give us a link to actually download the ES File Explorer thingie.

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    posted a message on Things to do...

    I'm a bit bored, so I thought maybe you could post some ideas on what to do in Minecraft when you are bored. I'm going to go ahead and start the list:

    • face-off with an Iron Golem that is not yours

    •eat 128 Rotten Flesh and survive without any other food for 5 hours(I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!)

    •find a nametag

    •make JSON chat messages and signs that make no sense (J-SON = § and then one of these: 1234567890abcdeflo then the message)

    •build a giant tower out of glass

    •enchant a Dead Bush with Fortune(LOL! Noob city.)

    •build a minecart track that goes around and around and put Glowstone or TNT ontop of it in order to create an X-ray(It only works if you have walls touch the Glowstone.**)

    •push a Wither Skeleton and a Skeleton through a Nether Portal.

    •splash a Splash Potion Of Poison on a Zombie then give it full Diamond Armor and try to defeat it armed with no weapons of Armor

    •make a statue of Herobrine

    •collect five Boats made of each type of Wood.

    •make a party complete with Cakes

    •make a Marshmallow Tower(a tower in the Nether made out of Cobblestone from which you can more easily kill Ghasts)

    •catch Bats on a Fishing Rod and put them in an artificial habitat

    •create an Old world and make it Infinite—You'll be in for a big surprise with all the mixed-together chunks!

    •build a Snowman, let it walk around, harvest Snowballs, repeat, have Snowball Fight

    •get fifteen Bookshelves within line-of-sight of your Enchantment Table(That is actually just how to get Level 30 Enchantments. :D)

    •get one of each Mob Head

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    posted a message on MCPE Oldschool Seed

    I have just found one good one(only about a minute after creating this thread). As a bonus, you also spawn facing a sunrise that is just above the sea water. The Seed is simply(the word listed below is the actual thing to type in the Seed box):


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    posted a message on MCPE Oldschool Seed

    I searched all over the Internet for a Minecraft Pocket Edition seed for an Infinite world that would have an old-school type of setup. If you do find a seed like this, please post it, and here is what I really mean by an old-school infinite world:

    plains/forest spawn/extreme hills spawn point, stuff like that So what I mean is, a world that is sort of like a world you'd see on X360 Edition, except it is Infinite. Like just biomes and landscapes that are really old style on an Infinite world seed. I would really appreciate if you'd actually tell me the seed code, because on some websites they showcase everything about the seed except what the seed is. Also please make sure it is a seed for version 0.12.1, so make sure on the AppStore that your Minecraft is up-to-date. Also you may sometimes find me on some servers: HiveMC (PC Edition);


    LifeBoat SurvivalGames (PE);

    are the two main ones you will find me on occasionally if you want to.

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