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    Quote from paperCuT

    Because most forumers apparently have the attention span of a squirrel and cannot read so much as an opening sentence before skipping to the bottom of a thread

    It's funny because the squirrel is dead.
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    Quote from Daomich150

    Why? They really make awesome videos.

    Precisely. Emphasis on the plural. They frequently put out videos. We don't need to be notified every time they upload a new one. That's what subscribing is for. Additionally, they are three of the four Digital Diamonds that have been posted since October. All of which have been posted within the last three weeks. A label of which they hardly even qualify. To quote the explanation of Digital Diamonds:

    Digital Diamonds is an ongoing look at Minecraft-related videos that have been submitted to the Minecraft forum video section. We'll be selecting memorable videos and those resonating with the community to share with everyone on the front page.

    Considering the volume of videos they put out, none in particular stand out from the rest. Additionally, they are posted as Digital Diamonds when they were uploaded, not after they became popular, like all of the other Digital Diamonds. As a side note, the one other Digital Diamond posted in almost 3 months was one made by Curse. So it doesn't really count.

    A Digital Diamond is supposed to be something new, exciting, and creative. Let's Plays are overdone to begin with, although this group is quite good at what they do. But posting the same thing three times, with nothing in between is just excessive.
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    Playing in creative mode pretty much defeats the purpose of trying to survive...
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    The link doesn't work from the main page. You might want to fix that. Also, is it really that hard to just embed the video?
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    I made a Rube Goldberg machine to harvest reeds! I could've done just one reed, but Rube Goldberg machines are supposed to be obnoxious, not inefficient. The machine contains 14 unique components, in addition to the button, redstone, and pistons. I believe that my machine uses more unique mechanics to transport the signal than any other Rube Goldberg machine made in Minecraft. I don't know whether or not I have the most complex in terms of total components, including repeated devices. All of the components in order, are:
    1. Button
    2. Redstone torch "ladder" (Down)
    3. Waterfall
    4. Boat detector
    5. Chicken Dispenser
    6. Falling sand
    7. TNT cannon
    8. Water/cobblestone generator stairs
    9. Minecart rail
    10. Piston rail
    11. Boat elevator
    12. Melting ice
    13. Painting shooter
    14. Item detector
    15. Redstone torch "ladder" (up)
    16. Cobblestone generator/Piston
    17. Pistons
    18. Collector

    And yes, I still call them reeds.
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    Golden apples should make giant baby mobs!
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    You all know Inception. A dream within a dream. A world within a world. Now, imagine having a world within a world in Minecraft. A bed, rather than making it day, brings you to a dream world. In inception, Five minutes of real life is an hour in the dream world, so sleeping for one night (7 minutes) gives you a bit more than four Minecraft days (84 minutes) in the dream world. Dreams are made of places you've been, but not exactly, so the dream world draws on chunks of your other maps to build a familiar-yet-different place to explore. You can have a dream within a dream, but if you make four dreams within dreams, you fall into Limbo. You wash up on the shores of your subconscious, in an empty, largely uniform world (essentially how Minecraft used to be). The only way to escape any level of a dream world is to die. And when you die, you can never go back to the same exact dream.

    Oh, and watch out for a random train that comes out of nowhere, driven by your crazy wife who is trying to kill you.
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    I think homestar runner is quite good enough.
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    The creeper cake should use gunpowder instead of sugar.
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    Quote from aattss

    This is quite funny. btw you need a banner.

    But that might alert the enemy to this guide, which would reduce the advantage of the readers' armies!
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